Benefits of Morning School

Morning School is an integral part of the school’s schedule. It gives special benefits to the students in the educational journey. It also helps in inculcating moral values in students. Morning school is important for a child’s development. The best CBSE school howrah regularly conducts morning assembly for students to instil discipline in them. Some… Continue reading Benefits of Morning School

Step of memorization techniques for students

We all are similar to attending classes, making notes and study. However, making notes is not just the ultimate goal of it. We need to get involved with our learning techniques as well. Therefore, Memorizing techniques for students is mandatory in every exam. The english medium school in howrah always notes the state of mind… Continue reading Step of memorization techniques for students

Power of Mental Health in Education

Education is the most valuable and experimental learning. Our journey of education starts from Pre-School to Toddlers, Matriculation, Intermediate and finally comes to end in Graduation and Post-graduation. We learn different things at a different level that gives us a true lesson of Education. This implies to the empowerment in many ways. Education has the… Continue reading Power of Mental Health in Education

Understand and Guidance of a Teenage Brain

According to the recent research of the teenager’s human brain, shocking evidence provides by parents. Such evidence possibly explains the irrational, illogical and impulsive behaviour of teenagers. Due to advanced technology, the medical can scan the live teenage brain to do research about the curiosity and perplexing creatures of a teenage brain. The purpose of… Continue reading Understand and Guidance of a Teenage Brain

Importance of Wellness Programs

It is a dynamic process of getting change and implies growth among students. Those who attend arts, music, drama, voice and visual arts bring some important messages in society. There are several educational boards are stepping up to bring these changes. The cbse schools are also taking initiative action by spreading wellness programs into physical… Continue reading Importance of Wellness Programs

Hygenic Tricks to Avoid Unhealthy Eating Habits

Hunger is a natural physical sensation, but can be difficult to measure in a massive community. Food insecurity provides a preferred method for weighing food deprivation. The relationship between food insecurity and health care needs lies in the core concept of Hunger. Food insecurity is a condition in which regular access to sufficient food is… Continue reading Hygenic Tricks to Avoid Unhealthy Eating Habits


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