Types of Learning System

Every child is born with a special ability and skills to learn new things in their life. Each one learns according to their school learning process in different CBSE school. Every child has different skills gaining process, which is easy to learn for one but may not be for others. To balance such a process… Continue reading Types of Learning System

Internet Safety for Kids

This is the generation where the kids from infant to college are the genius about the phone, media player or technology that they use the most and you’ll hear so many electronics instruments like iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartwatch etc. So internet safety for kids is essential. Brand awareness and demand for such products among the… Continue reading Internet Safety for Kids

Ancient Wisdom For Today’s Students

Authorities at Sudhir Memorial Institute, one of the best schools in howrah, believes that in today’s modern world, students should be imbibed in the ancient wisdom of India in order to succeed in today’s world of rat race. Hence, the following is some of that vast sea of wisdom that has been passed down by… Continue reading Ancient Wisdom For Today’s Students


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