CBSE affiliated schools can no longer indulge in commercial activities

CBSE affiliated schools can no longer indulge in commercial activities

Based on the suggestions provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education advisory, the Delhi High Court has given the direction to the CBSE Affiliated schools in howrah such schools should not engage in any commercial activities inside the school premises. Acting on complaints of parents that the schools are forcing them to buy different items from school premises. Such items are stationery, books, and uniforms from selective shops or counters opened in the schools the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has circulated an advisory to all the schools affiliated under it not to indulge in such commercial activities. The affiliation of schools which involves in such activities must cancel. Get admission in CBSE school in Howrah for the best achievement in the future.

This is an instruction with the term and condition publish by CBSE to its CBSE Affiliated schools in howrah. The involvement of such activities must stop like purchasing uniforms, books, copies, stationery items, uniforms, notebooks, etc. The educational board must stick to the provision of affiliation to flow the law.

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An announcement from Delhi High-Court

The Delhi High court has directed CBSE that the recently circular on April 19, 2017, must follow by every school. During the hearing of PIL, The High Court’s has broadcast the order publicly, later it filed by a social worker. A social worker, who flow direction in order to stop the schools from utilizing their premises to run commercial activities. However, the system of the educational board has not put any powerful impact that most of the CBSE Affiliated school in howrah and other vendors still indulge in various commercial activities. Some of the parents had made a complaint against such harassment. The cbse school in howrah district welcomes the hearing passed by Delhi High-Court and soon apply the rule against it before school admission in Howrah.

Let’s break the chain

According to the issued circular, the educational institutes are there for the sole purpose of providing quality education & should not be used for any commercial activities. Let’s break the chain in order to assure a major step towards ensuring good education in howrah best cbse school & maintaining the sanctity, as well as, the integrity of the Indian educational system.

CBSE welcome the Government for the purpose of education

An authority, at Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, one of the cbse affiliated schools in howrah ready to proceed for CBSE school admission in howrah, also believes that schools should be present for the purpose of education & they unanimously support the High Court’s decision. The CBSE has also said that all the schools are required to follow directions regarding the use of NCERT textbooks. It has reports and complaints regarding the pressure given by schools on children and parents to buy textbooks than NCERT. CBSE has drawn that the educational institutions are not commercial establishments and their sole purpose is to provide quality education. Therefore, the top cbse school in howrah are strictly stopping such monopoly techniques. The parents are instructed not to buy textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, etc from within the premise or from other vendors only.


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