Co-Scholastic Activities

Overall performance of a candidate is based on the achievement in the Scholastic Areas as well as Co-Scholastic Areas and Co-Curricular Activities. Balanced and integrated emphasis on scholastic and co-scholastic areas is essential for enriching and enhancing learning experiences of students. Co Scholastic is an important area of assessing students personality development and need to be given equal importance by the school in Howrah.

Planning of co-scholastic activities carried out in the beginning of the academic year so that as per the schedule, each child gets to learn and improve his / her skills in non academic domains. Each month a planner, specifying activities / attitude and values / skills to be honed is circulated by the School in Howrah. Board has instructed to allot periods for co-scholastic areas while preparing Curriculum framework. Weekly one period is allotted for work education, art education, co-curricular activities, health and physical education.

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Assessment of co scholastic activity in school in Howrah is done systematically and methodologically which includes:

Identifying  qualities.

Specifying  behaviors/ indicators of the concerned area/ skills.

Collection of evidence related to the concerned behavior / indicator through observation and other techniques.

Recording of the  evidences.

Analysis of the recorded evidences.

Finally reporting and awarding grades.

Co scholastic areas consists of 4 parts and students are assessed on a 5 points grading scales.

  1. Life skills : consisting of thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills.
  2. Work education.
  3. Visual and performing arts.
  4. Attitudes and Values : attitude towards teachers, schoolmates, school programs and environment. Value system refers to the frame work which must be developed right through primary to secondary levels.

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