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Founders statement

We believe a good school is all about its teachers co operation, guidance and friendly environment although the discipline needs to be strict, a good school is one which takes care of its pupils in a manner that ensure them to get a bright future for dealing with life. The learning module is based on technique of thinking, questioning and reasoning. It is the good sign of a school to transmit the knowledge for various fields and also necessary to nourish and appreciate the idea and imagination of its pupils. According to us a good cbse school in howrah needs to focus not only on academic skills but also on physical development, mental growth, emotions and sensitivity. We think child should be filled with all rounded personalities rather than just academic knowledge. A school should take care whether its pupils have the feelings of caring, sharing, compromising, mercy and other such qualities or not, which would enable them to become a good human being in their future. In addition the basic things like give respect to their parents, teachers, seniors; basic manners & etiquettes; kindness; children must learn from their school. A school should assess their students on their daily performance basis so that we can see their each and every day development. We believe teaching of a good school should innovatively structured so that each child’s personality can develop and self confidence can grow. As Nelson Mandela told, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”; so for us, a good school can change the life and future of its students.

The  genesis SUDHIR MEMORIAL INSTITUTE LILUAH remains in the year 2011 when a group of young dynamic mind came together with the dream of imparting complete holistic education. There moto was to give modern education to general classes among their reach and within their stride.

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