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Social Responsibility (Activities)

Importance of Social Responsibilities from best school in Howrah:  Our growth and development in future depends a lot on what we build today; and that includes development of students and its resource by building quality social responsibilities for education. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”, CBSE school Howrah determined and dedicated in developing social responsibilities of students through different curriculum activities or events like wise: Conducting and participating in school functions, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Acting and Performance, Protecting environment, Slogan Rally for an Awareness, Social events, social responsibility and personal development and many more.

Why take admission in SMIL CBSE school in Howrah ?

SMIL deeply analyse the importance of social activities and its positive effects in our child’s regular activities. Some of the important social responsibilities performed by “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” (SMIL) which define our academic are one the most cooperative and best CBSE school in Howrah.

City Police Events:

“Police” One portion of Safety, One portion of Security, and alternative portion of protective, last portion police investigation from criminal activities.A big and proud moment for our school which conduct one of the biggest events of the year “International Day against drug abuse and trafficking awareness” with Howrah City Police.

CBSE affiliated school Howrah

The main motive of conducting this social responsibilities events is to make aware to the citizen of our locality and society from preventing the use of drugs and consumption of drugs in quantity also this events is based on prevents Illicit Trafficking awareness.

Alcohol and Tobacco is one of the slow poison material ever existed, consumption of both can cause to risk of a human life or loss of a human life at a time.

Mean while our city police and the students of Best CBSE school conduct a very special day for all the citizen of our society and gives a wonderful message that convert into a Memorable Day for Anti-Drugs People.

Doctor’s Day:

Another most significant part of our life is Medical. We conduct another important social responsibility that is Doctor Day.

CBSE affiliated school in Howrah

We celebrate Doctor Day on 1st of July, on the Birth and Death Anniversary of most famous physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy and We pay lots of honor and tribute to that legend for his ultimate efforts and care towards citizen of India.

Doctor also known as God play a significant role in our lives no matter what’s your age, how rich are you? or your cultural background. We all need Doctors and medicine if we fall in sick. They always help us when we fallen ill or sick.

Howrah CBSE school  conduct the social events on the Doctors Day to pay tribute to all the Doctor of the global for working unconditionally 24 X 7 hours for us also thanks for recovering our disease and honor for giving back someone precious life.

World Population Day:

We deeply analysed the importance of Social Responsibilities activities.

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” a school in Howrah inaugurated the attention Rally on eleventh July, 2019 in across the city to mark the globe Population Day celebrations with nice enthusiasm with nice enthusiasm. It was a campaign in order to raise awareness about global population issues.

Our main moto of organising this campaign is to make citizens to understand that “Excess of anything is bad”, which also impact the Population. Our Little students embrace the organizing activities in a cultural and intensive manner. Well deserves activities had been delivered by the students of SMIL such as: spreading messages in aspects of ill-effects of increasing population through placards, slogan, painting, writing, small skit were held.

SMIL CBSE School on Kerala Flood fund relief:

Kerala Known as God’s own country is under the natural calamities and unprecedented flood havoc. This natural calamity cause natural disaster in Kerala and mesmerised the life of Kerala People in major way. The city has distracted from its beautiful place and tuned down into hell.

CBSE affiliated school Howrah

Government, NGO, and millions of individual relief funds are came together for the great city and their human.  “SMILbest school in Howrah also play an important part by participating in social responsibilities for collecting Donations and other activities for Kerala Relief Funds.

Our School takes a crucial part in a student’s life in develop social responsibility in them. SMIL is the top 10 best CBSE School in Howrah because we do not miss any opportunity to serve the society in any possible way. Our students gets educated with all the social responsibility they have towards the society , the environment , the mankind or any  living, non- living creature present in the society. We do organize several activities students can help the needy group of the society. Activity such as book & food distribution in the Orphanage, Cloth distribution in the old age home, planting trees in roadside and many more.

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