3 Best Reasons to Choose CBSE School After Class 10th

3 Best Reasons to Choose CBSE School After Class 10th

This is one of the most confusing stages for parents to choose the best educational board and also the best school after class 10th. The educational board plays a significant role in shaping the career of the students. Choosing subjects, techniques of learning methods, providing better facilities, expert teachers, sound environment and so many others decide the future of the students. There are plenty of benefits of why CBSE after 10th? Starting from quality of education to the priority of success everything implies in the best CBSE School in Howrah.

Most of the students commit mistakes by making the change with educational Boards after 10th. The usual problems they might be facing like changing school patterns, choosing subjects, modes of education, learning method, etc. therefore a student should not change the board after class 10th and must continue with CBSE Board after the 10th.

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Let’s discuss some of the 3 best reasons to choose CBSE School after 10th and its quality.

Flexible Timing

Unlike other boards, the CBSE board has flexible school timing such as Morning School and Afternoon School. The students have an option of choosing the most desirable timing compatible with their schedule of Tuition and extra curriculum classes (Gymnastic, Karate, Sports, drawing, dancing, singing, etc.). Usually, students go for the Morning classes because they get plenty of timing for the tuition and other activities in the evening. Also, they can do self-study in the middle, complete homework.

CBSE Syllabus

The syllabus of the CBSE plays a significant role in order to expand the success of the students. The syllabus of the CBSE is formulating in such a way that it provides help to the Engineering and Medical students for preparing IIT-JEE/NEET in the future. The combination of Physics/Chemistry/Biology is proving huge benefits and strengthen the basic concepts of the students for the preparation of IIT-JEE/NEET. According to the recent online data, out of 9700 students, 5500 belonged to the CBSE board. Therefore, CBSE has achieved 56% Success in making IIT’s. If anyone wants to go into the field to the technical course then CBSE is the right platform from the beginning.

Now let’s come to Commerce part. The syllabus of commerce is equivalent to the syllabus of “Chartered Accountant” or “Company Secretary” (CA/CS) at the beginning part. Therefore, the basic concepts help the students in clearing the CA/CS in the future.

Choice of Subject

The choice of the subjects of the CBSE Board after class 10th is split into three sections.

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts

Science Section

In the Science section, the students have mandatory subjects like Physics/Chemistry and English. Whereas they will get an option to select subjects between Biology and Mathematics.  The students who want to go with math will choose to do engineering and students who want to go with Biology will go for Medical like Doctor/M.B.B.S. Get the best details of science education from English medium school in Howrah.

Commerce Section

The commerce stream has various range of career opportunities in the future. It has two mains subjects to study i.e. Business studies and accountancy. Rest subjects are optional in between Math, Economics, Political Science, etc. However, the choice of subjects is varied from place to place and school to school. The subjects of Commerce will lead students in BBA, B.COM, BBM, CA, CS, etc.

Arts Section

Arts has different creative opportunities for students in the future. The arts will expand the student career in broadway. It generally refers to Human Resources (H.R). Arts have different creative courses to complete in the future. In comparison to the above two-stream Arts are less tough and have fewer competitors.

Finally, we came to know the 3 best reasons to choose CBSE after the 10th. However, it is the choice of the students where they would like to move either in Science/Commerce/Arts. Contact for the CBSE School admission in Howrah for the best success in the future. CBSE admire and respect all the stream and CBSE faculty member take all the responsibility to enrich the success to the students at a higher rate.