5 causes of poor academic performance of students

5 causes of poor academic performance of students

Poor academic performance of students causes several damages to the student in a major way. We heard it almost several times that students perform poorly during exams and that makes them more depressed and stress during academic sessions. Generally, students are performing poorly in some of the subjects like English, Maths, Science, and other subjects. These subjects usually put them in trouble and resist them to perform well during exams. Some of the students take this as a personal loss and damage themselves. Hence, let’s put the revolutionary changes among student those who are suffering from poor academic causes. There might be various factors for poor academic performance. Today we will discuss the 5 causes of poor academic performance of students in detail.

5 causes of poor academic performance of student

Poor Planning

One of the prime causes of poor academic results is poor planning. Poor planning can destroy the growth and development of a student. Therefore, always make effective planning before the academic exam to come out. However, making good planning is not the only way to achieve success but it is equally important to implement it in the future. In such cases, the faculty member of the top CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah bring excellent guidance and planning for the student’s future.

Environmental causes

The environmental factors are also one of the biggest reasons for the degradation of student academic performance. There are different types of environmental causes such as:

Family Environment

The family always plays a significant role in developing the growth and career of their child. Hence, it is very important to sustain the positivity inside the house and always create positivity for the best future. The negative environment damages the student’s mind and also put a major impact on child growth and development.

School Environment

Similarly, the school environment also plays an important role in shaping the child’s future with its several techniques. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the teachers to sustain the positivity and maintain the discipline around the classes. Make sure to motivate your student to perform best in the future. Such activities will also help students to become stronger.

Personal Environment

The personal environment is basically based on the mental environment. It is a mix of family and social environment. The impact basically depends on both of the environment equally. Therefore, try to be polite with your kids both personally and socially. This will surely bring positivity inside your kids.

Poor Techniques & Learning method

The poor techniques and learning methods come from the inefficient educational background, lack of guidance, and poor support. This makes a child incapable of reading, writing, and understanding topics. Therefore, to make it capable and easy for students, we must provide the best school and guidance for understanding the best technique and learning method for the best result in the future. The SMIL comes under the best school in Howrah that brings excellent techniques and learning methods for your child’s knowledge.

Less focus on weak points

Every student has some weakest point in their education journey. It can be a certain subject or topic that makes students weaker. This put a major impact on obtaining marks during exams. Therefore, the student must focus on the weakest point and make complete revisions on the particular subject to perform better in the future. The top CBSE school in Howrah provides special guidance on the weaker section by making doubt sessions for special purposes.

Health issues

Due to the excessive loading of study and hard work, our students face lots of pressure and stress in their daily lives. Such pressure brings anxieties and it affects majorly in the academic performance of your child. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide healthy meals to keep themselves fit both mentally and physically.

Hence, these are the major 5 causes of poor academic performance of students in detail. Therefore, we need to be very clean and clear with these problems and make sure to clear all these problems in practice. However, academic schools also play an important role in implementing methods of learning and guidance. Hence, get an opportunity to provide admission in CBSE school in Howrah that brings an excellent academic result for the student with their latest learning methods.