5 Tactics to Become a More Connected Parent

More Connected Parent

5 Tactics to Become a More Connected Parent

There are many parents who like to stay connected to their child and this is as natural as breathing for the parents. Most parents have this strong desire of loving and providing for their child. However, due to the busy schedules for people these days who seem to be completely inundated with social media, text messages, television channels, increased financial requirements and non conventional work schedules- there are a large number of parents literally struggling to connect to their child. Spending quality time with your child will always help you in becoming a more connected parent. The best CBSE school in Howrah always takes the best step forward when it comes to encouraging parents in to getting connected with their wards.

The Advantages of Staying Connected to a Child

It is always considered a very normal situation to be a little removed from involvement as this helps in making the child independent. But, it is necessary to understand that for children it is important to know that they have somebody to look for help whenever they face challenges in life. Becoming a more connected parent will help your child in becoming for self-confident about doing different things and even self-dependent. On the other hand, as a parent, it will help you in knowing your child in a better way.

What can be done to Become a More Connected Parent?

There are five tactics that can be used in trying to become a more connected parent and they are as follows:

Go for a Dinner that is Screen-Free

There are many families that spend the entire dinner time around the television set or playing with their mobile phones. You can always become a more connected parent by going for a strict screen-free policy for dinner. This might feel a little strange in the beginning but it will slowly become a routine and thus help the family in experiencing a more connected atmosphere.

Learn New Hobbies or Skills Together

This is another useful strategy that can help you in becoming a more connected parent. Whether it is learning to play golf of building model planes, shared experiences in life can help in creating better feelings of connectedness. Ensure that the pastime or the skill that you look forward to pursue is something that your child is happy and excited to try or learn.

Spend Time with Your Child

Spending quality time with your child will always help you in becoming a more connected parent. If you have more than two children try spending one-on-one time with each child as this allows you to connect in a more meaningful and deeper way.

Family Night should be Made a Weekly Event

A weekly family night is where you go for a movie with your entire family including the children, order some food and just relax with your children. As a parent, this will give you more time to stay connected to your child and will help you build that perfect bond with your child.

Show Interest in Your Child’s Passion

You can try and show interest in the things that your child loves to do as this can be one of the most rewarding ways of staying connected to your child.


There are many habits that you can try shifting each day for showing your child how valued he or she is. This will probably help you in becoming a more connected parent. You can always learn the best habits of establishing a healthy relationship with your child by taking some help from Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, one of the top CBSE schools in Howrah.