5 Ways to Ensure Your Kid Doesn’t Bully Other Kids

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5 Ways to Ensure Your Kid Doesn’t Bully Other Kids

If children are taught not to support any kind of bullying, this unhealthy thing can actually be avoided. As parents, you need to constantly and consciously imbibe great values in your children and these include non-violence, loving behavior and companionship. Setting examples right within your house can actually help in avoiding circumstances when your child bullies another child.

As one of the top CBSE affiliated school in Howrah, here we have discussed some points regarding this issues of children.

The Main Cause behind a Child Bullying another Child

The lack of values in children can be the main cause behind these children bullying the other children. Children should be taught about the importance of values and principles. This will ultimately help them in avoiding the habit of bullying other children in school or at home.

How to Deal

There are different methods of bully-proofing your child and preventing him or her from bullying the other children. The methods have been explained below:

Acknowledge Emotions

Most of the times children tend to get angry with their parents because things do not work out for them. Here, it is necessary for parents to acknowledge the feelings of their child and directing their child towards dealing with such emotion. By acknowledging the emotions of your child you will be diverting his negative feelings and transforming them into positive feelings.

Prioritize Playtime

Right from a very young age you must encourage your child to play with the other children coming from different age groups, religion, color, race and ethnic backgrounds. This helps in developing the social skills of the child. This will also avoid the child from bullying children who behave or look differently.

Inculcate Non-Education Related Values in your Child

Children always have this burden of performing well at studies but parents generally forget to inculcate non-education related values in their children. You must always assign age appropriate and simple tasks to your child at home and treat him or her like a young adult instead of a child. This way you will be making your child responsible for his or her actions.

Allow your Child to Speak

Two-way communication between children and parents is very important. You must always allow your child to speak out his or her thoughts giving your child the assurance that his or her feelings matter. You must give your child the platform to vent out and speak out his doubts and thoughts. This might not turn out to be fruitful initially but slowly and steadily it will help in guiding your child to be polite, fair and honest.

Intervene Only if Required

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to take some drastic steps. You must always protect your child and not allow him or her to deal with different problems all alone. Most of the times, children might have problems in getting rid of their bullying tendencies. As a parent, it is important for you to know the right time to intervene and look out for help by informing the school authorities, the teachers and the other parents. Counseling is also an important measure that you can apply in this situation.

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