6 Useful Teaching Tips to Keep Your Students Engaged

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6 Useful Teaching Tips to Keep Your Students Engaged

Teaching is an art, and usually we find teachers resorting to the traditional method of classroom lectures; which can bore the students. Eventually the students resort to day dreaming, bird watching from the class, counting the minutes to the bell and so on. This is when you being a teacher, can use some effective methods, to keep the child interested rather than the usual shouting and punishments in class. There is a CBSE school Howrah namely Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah has adopted innovative teaching methods to impart knowledge to its students.

Some of these tips from CBSE school Howrah, can help you keep your students engaged in class, as they learn the day’s lesson.

Firstly, be honest, friendly and firm. No student wants an Adolf Hitler as their teacher, but rather a person on whom they can rely upon for help. See that the work assigned is to their level, simple addition cannot be given to class eight students it will bore them easily, or give them problems on permutations and combinations it will make them lose interest. Rather give them topics such as problems on mensuration, time and speed, and Pythagoras Theorem.

Secondly, connect what you teach with real life. This is especially applied in the case of teaching socially deprived children. For a playschool teacher, always teach them each alphabet with an example of an object in real life. For example instead of teach D for dinosaur, teach them D for dog. Teach them things which they can relate to their culture. You cannot teach Indian children about Halloween because that is celebrated in western countries not in India. Link their routines with learning. For example the concept of body parts can also taught by discussing daily routine activities such as washing hands, bathing, and brushing of teeth.

Thirdly, give them choices. Allow them to form groups, and choose a topic to work on. This will keep their interest, bring out their leadership skills, and help them to understand the concept of team work, as they work for the same topic.  Let them work at their own pace.

Fourthly, use methods of audio-visual learning. Nothing is better than audio-visual learning, as this captures the attention of students. This can be from movies to even puppet shows, and small skits. Play school students can be taught morals and manners, by narrating story with flash cards. For primary to middle school children, puppet shows can be arranged to teach them about health and hygiene, such as importance to keep your environment clean.

Fifthly, learn and use their interests and fascinations. If a student in your class is interested in cars the Physics teacher can use this and tell about how simple machines and levers are important in the case of making and repairs of cars.

Last but not the least; do not use the same teaching method everyday. Once the students get used to the teaching method they will get tired and resort to methods of portraying their disinterest in the topic. Therefore, best way is to mix up your teaching methods.

Using these six tips, a teacher will not only have the attention of his students, but will also be able to keep them engaged in their work. Because to learn something, needs proper concentration, which can never be gained by disinterest in the subject in CBSE school Howrah.