Advantages and disadvantages of cell phones for students

Advantages and disadvantages of cell phones for students

There are several advantages and disadvantages for the child during their school-age. Such as online study, offline study, use of technology, educational board, and many more. Similarly, there are other advantages and disadvantages for the child during school-age and that is the use of cell phones for students. In the growing technology, we can see that the cell phone is one of the most desired and essential elements for human life. It becomes one of the most integral parts of human life. Therefore, we mostly depend on the cell phone in our daily life. There are several advantages and disadvantages of cell phones for students. It also provides a huge impact on school-age children. According to the best school in howrah, the cell phone is provided with a different impression to the child and parents. Let’s discuss things in detail.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone for Students

Advantages of cell phone

Get an unlimited amount of information from the internet

One of the biggest advantages of the cell phone is that it provides a huge amount of information to the child. The internet will enhance your unlimited access to information that brings so much help in making projects and assignments. The amount of information is so big that it also clears all the doubts and provides the best solution.

Get updated

With the latest use of technology, our child is also using cell phones to make themselves updated from every corner. The advantages of the internet are that it also updates you from every corner of the world. The cell phone will make you updated with the latest world news, education news, business, politics, sport, and many more.

Makes your child independent

The best use of a cell phone is that it makes your child independent. It also resists you to take help from other students. The internet will provide the best solution to all the doubts for the students. It makes your child independent and provides strong concepts. Several tutorial videos and other knowledgeable videos will provide huge knowledge so that it does not require the help of others.  Every top cbse school in howrah suggest their parents provide online education that could improve the knowledge and makes your child not being dependent on others.

Improve knowledge

As we discussed above that the internet provides huge knowledge to the child. Therefore, it is the best platform that improves the knowledge of your child in different terms. Improvement of knowledge will update you from every side. This will upgrade your child’s future and knowledge. It also helps in scoring more marks with the best concept during the exam.

Disadvantages of cell phone

Waste a huge amount of time

Due to the excess use of cell phones, we waste a huge amount of time from our daily life. The cell phone is so attractive with its latest technology that it provides different services such as games, online video, chatting, and many more. Hence, every cbse board school in howrah restricts the use of cell phones during school premises. This provides a huge impact on the study and also affects the exam.

Makes you addicted

The excess use of cell phones will make you addicted to it. Therefore, it is very important to provide restrictions on the use of cell phones. We must let our children use cell phones for a limited time period. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of using cell phones all time.

Get sleepless night and health affected

It is true that cell phones provide a huge amount of resources and information that provides us with knowledge and also develops our child’s growth. However, it also affects our child’s health and the amount of sleep for our child. Therefore, make your child limit the use of cell phones for its healthy life and the best result.

Hence, these are some of the important things that show the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones for students. However, it is also important to provide the knowledge of using a cell phone to your child and ask them to cooperate. This will be the ultimate benefit for the child. Try to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that teaches the disciplinary method and best restriction overusing cell phones for children.