Advantages and Disadvantages of competition among students

Advantages and Disadvantages of competition among students

Competition is the most unwanted challenges that come into the life of a student. Being topper and getting better marks against other become the most competitive things among students. The depth of education is rising its level with a huge syllabus, projects, and assignments. It usually increases the burden, stress, and anxiety among students. Therefore, we need to provide the best guidance to the child in order to reduce the stress and anxiety among students. Nowadays, there are several advantages and disadvantages of competition among students. Some of the best cbse affiliated schools in howrah provide an excellent guideline to our child for the best growth and development. The prime reason behind the guideline is to make a balance between the competition’s unavoidable circumstances. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best advantages and disadvantages of competition among students.

Advantages and Disadvantages of competition among students

Advantages of Competition

Prepare kids for the future real-life situation

The biggest advantages that involving with the competition is that it prepare the kids with the real-life scenario. The real-life situation is providing different knowledge apart from education. Such as it involves creating the best decision-making process, approaching for involvement in different curriculum activities. This thing also helps in developing your child’s skills, growth, and development. Hence, these practices will lead your child to become successful in various competitions.

Increase the confident level of the students

Involving in different competitions such as study, curriculum activities, exams, competitive exams such as (JEE & NEET) is providing different knowledge and success to the students. Therefore, it is important to provide the best teaching guideline to the students for a better future. The best guideline will increase the confidence level of the students in several ways. You will find the ultimate competitive guidance in the best school in howrah that provides extra classes and counseling methods to graph your child’s best career in the future.

Learn new skills and development

The competitive market will always provide you the various experiences that will help in influencing student skills and development. This competition will always help in making your child a career among the brightest one. Therefore, make your child involve the competition that makes them engage in creating the future also developing skills and development.

Disadvantages of Competition

Too much of Social Pressure

Everything is involved with various advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, Competition has also carried disadvantages. The competition is usually carrying social pressure among society. Due to the excess of competition, the student fails to achieve their success in pressure. As result, some of the students take their life away. Therefore, parents need to support their children and restricts them with limited competition. Even if they failed to succeed, support your child, and motivate them for the next goal.

Influence Depression

The huge competition leads to depression among students. We need to understand that every student is not as genius as others. Every student has its own skills and preferences and we must influence them according to their knowledge. The depression may cost the life of the students and sometimes they lost control and it leads to the wrong decision in their life. Hence, do not give any pressure to your child and also give them the freedom to choose their own skill. This might lead them to successful people in the future.

Reduce Enthusiasm

The failure in a competition like exams, projects, and study always reduces confidence and enthusiasm in the life of a student. We shall not let them happen and therefore, we must provide good guidance, school, and parental support to reduce the stress. There are several schools that provide relevant guidance to the students in terms of achieving success in the competition. Hence, choose to provide admission in cbse school in howrah for the best education and guidance in a competitive market.

Hence, these are some important steps that provide advantages and disadvantages of competition among students. If we provide good guidance and support to our child then all these disadvantages will be prohibited from their life. Hence, find the top 10 school in howrah for your child and promote them to one of the best schools for their development.