Benefits of Outdoor Play for Preschoolers

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Benefits of Outdoor Play for Preschoolers

Presently it has been noticed in every household that children do not like to go outside. Generally, they like to play inside with their gaming consoles. They keep themselves engaged by watching cartoons on TV.

It is very much important to make them experience the outside world properly. TV or video games are not the only way to play or have fun. Especially the preschoolers must learn the habit of playing outside. Or else they would know the outer world only in a limited way.

For their healthy growth and all round development, kids must play outside. The prime responsibility of the parents is to look after whether their kids are playing outside or not.

In many schools there is a practice of decreasing recess time in a view to give more academic training. On the contrary, several researches say that children who go outside scores more marks than kids who don’t get involved in outdoor games. Research also specifies that children who only stay at house will never be active. Due to sitting back at home, their obesity rate also grows rapidly.

Playing with sandboxes, painting outdoors, collecting leaves will let the kids know about practical skills. This process will not only provide lot of amusement but also make them active.

Spending time at outside helps to make the kid social, mentally fit, physically active and academically brilliant.

It is never late to make your child play outside:-

If your child does not play outside, then it is the right time to stand up and fold your sleeves. Take initiatives by adopting several measures such as- make them a map to find treasures, plant a flower garden to look after by them. Or you can go for a hike. Have a swimming session with your child. It will not only provide physical fitness but also you can spend a quality time with him.

Do you know?

Having contact with nature can reduce stress and lead to fewer sickness. Kids, who help in gardening in school or home, have healthier habits of eating food and they pay more attention in scientific learning. It is also noticed in the research that children who are involved with nature can be mentally alert and play better with other peer member.

What study says?

According to a study, playing in a natural environment improves co-ordination. An active child gives better concentration, and shows improved result in academics. It also helps in gaining more knowledge and developing better understanding. It also makes a child physically strong and improves the communication, self confidence, self reliance and social skills.

Important benefits-

Some other important benefits of playing outside the classroom are- It builds respect for other living being of nature, helps to excel leadership quality, reduces anxiety, increases vocabulary and it also improves listening skills in a child

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