Is Career Counselling needed at School Levels?

Is Career Counselling needed at School Levels?

What is the best time to look for a career counselor? It wouldn’t be too surprising if some say; career counselors are needed to be consulted for changing the career. That’s partly not untrue. Top CBSE Schools in Howrah, Career counselors are mainly consulted when one get exhausted with their stream and do like change their career. That’s truly needed and do appreciate on that. What is to be noted is that, why a change in career needed?

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Just a few seconds is needed to sit and think whether any mistakes were made in the past in choosing the career option. In most of the cases, it is been seen that the stem of such mistakes lies in the school from where a stream is chosen. In most of the cases, students prefer to choose streams that are preferred by their folks and friends irrespective of the fact whether they can handle the stream later on not. Studies show that students who go for a career irrespective of their skills often face failure in the future. It is not always true that one student stream of interest can be fruitful for the other.

More often it is noted that from the very childhood the parents decide which career their ward are likely to carry on in the future. Suppose, if someone is interested in arts and asked to take science then what will be the result? He/she will not be able to perform well in science and result is the career failure.  It is been recommended to have a career counselor in the school level. Top 10 English Medium School in Howrah is taking special care to educate their wards and guide them in choosing the right career option.

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Some do also prefer to go for a psychometric test unknowingly of the fact that this test only highlights the weakness and the strength of the student and does not help anyway in choosing the right career. Psychometric test, sometimes, creates great confusion as the student who is good in drawing and does have an interest in economics, can’t decide which course to pick from this test.  Top 10 English Medium CBSE Schools in Howrah career counselling comes handy in these cases as it can fully guide which course to pick for getting success in the future. It highlights the advantages and the disadvantages of choosing the career thus guiding in the right way.

In the recent years, different school boards had made it compulsory to have counselors in schools thus helping the high school goers in picking the right career option for them. Often noted, students welcome discussions that are encircled with the betterment of their future. The career counselor helps in picking the right career by identifying the potential in oneself.

Through surveys, it is noted that top CBSE Schools Howrah has already taken their efforts in establishing a career counselling cell in their school so as to help their students in picking the right career option. It is strongly felt that in the mere future, through this effort, students will be able to take the correct career decisions.