Strategies to Score More Marks in 10th and 12th Board Exam

Strategies to Score More Marks in 10th and 12th Board Exam

We all know the examination is the most vital part of the student lives. Scoring good percentages is also one of the critical challenges for the students. The students have mixed reaction between excitement and nervousness during the exam. The maximum marks like 70%, 80%, 90%, 95% plus depend on the complete hard work of the students, with hard work some smart techniques of preparation are also needed. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” CBSE board school in howrah guiding our students on how to scoring more marks in CBSE examination. Get an opportunity to join the admission in cbse school in howrah that guide your child to achieve more marks as student.

CBSE board school in Howrah

Compare yourself with the previous percentage

Create two formats. One with Past and Second with Present. Keep your past percentage and accordingly overtake the percentage in the present.

Make sure to overtake your present marks every time in comparison to past marks. This is how you can build the confidence of your study, knowledge and exam. If you will follow this strategy then by the time of Board exam you will be enough experience to crack the entire record of your own.

Stick to NCERT

We would like to suggest to the entire students of CBSE School to follow one book and that is NCERT. This book has enough content to give the basic and depth knowledge of any topics or subjects. A student of CBSE can easily complete the entire syllabus of board exam through this book. If we follow a number of books we can drag into the confusing knowledge at any time. To obtain the best mark in the CBSE exam we suggest one book and one solution.

Drag out a weaker point

Every student has its strong sections and weakest section. To get into the deeper part of the success one must go through its weakest section and must work into it and fix the problem. You must create your note for your weaker subjects or topic. Make notes of every detail information and that’s in your word. The notes are very helpful when nearest to exams. You can simply look up and revise your weaker subjects before exams in a short period. Once you resolve your weaker section, you can drag yourself to the way of success with the rest of your strong knowledge.“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” CBSE board school in howrah always look after the student’s weaker point and help to resolve it before board exam.

Audio & Video Lesson

This is one of the most unique ways of preparation you will experience if you join the cbse school admission in howrah. This kind of preparation is moving towards smart technology and advanced preparation. Audio and video mode of preparation are going to be trends in upcoming times. We can get millions of information and data through the audio and video process. Make good use of mobile phones and websites like Google, YouTube and educational apps. You can get a glance at data from such websites and apps. This techniques resolve your weaker sections if you have any. Thus follow this technique and get the highest marks in the exam.

Mock test

CBSE question papers or CBSE sample paper are the two most significant part that decides their result. This is the final stage where you will put your entire efforts after your hard work for CBSE board exam. Hence, join into the school admission in Howrah to give as much as tests as you can that increase your speed, knowledge and confidence for your exam.

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