CBSE Consulting on Registration and LOC for Class 11 & Class 12

CBSE Consulting on Registration and LOC for Class 11 & Class 12

A subject code is three or four letters/numbers that introduce the department of subjects for the course. Departments of the subject may have more than one subject code, this will be useful for the management system in India. The subject code for every department or program has been established by CBSE Department. The code of the subjects will be notified by the registrar office.

CBSE Registration LOC

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been notified to the CBSE schools to resist the error on subject code during the registration process for Class XI and filling list of Candidates for Class XII.

Filling incorrect subject code will misguiding the students during the date of examination. Hence, it is very important to prescribe the correct subject code for correct syllabus so that, correct subject code question paper(s) are provided to the candidates on the date of examination.

During the event, if any listed CBSE school has already submitted the registration list and List of Candidate (LOC), then correction to subject code required kindly contact the regional office for the correction in LOC and Registration list by 15th October 2019.

Hence, all schools are kindly requested to ensure the correct code for the subjects. Also, the Board of CBSE has provided the list of Subject Code for the following Subject / Department:

Class XI Session 2019-20

Class XII Session 2019-20

065 – Informatics Practice (NEW)

065- Informatics Practice (NEW)


265 – Informatics Practice (OLD)

083 – Computer Science (NEW)

083- Computer Science (NEW)


283 – Computer Science (OLD)


Being a responsible member of the central board of secondary education (CBSE) “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” is the best CBSE school in Howrah, agree with the advisory method with CBSE board and suppose to maintain the curriculum program for ensuring correct subject code during the registration process for class XI and LOC for class XII.