Children Bad habits and remedies to solve with them

Children Bad habits and remedies to solve with them

Almost all children have at least one bad habits that annoying their parents. Such habits like head rolling, thumb or finger sucking, nail-biting, breath-holding, teeth grinding, nose picking, hair twirling, hair pulling, and headbanging are so common among young children that we tend to ignore these mostly. We can find various children bad habits and remedies to solve with them under the best observation. However, when you want to change these bad behaviours in your child, you should first try to recognize why your child is doing it on a regular basis. Children usually do these things either to grab attention or when they are either stressed or unhappy, frustrated. Children find these habits calming and soothing. Sometimes it happens when you are not providing them with the most suitable school for them. Therefore, provide them with the best english medium school in howrah with its great environment strategy.

Children Bad habits and remedies to solve with them

None of these habits is life-threatening or indicative of any serious health problem. But it looks bad and undisciplined socially. Most children forget these when they grow and these habits are no longer part of their adult lives. However, managing the ‘bad’ behaviours can be difficult.

Here are the tips that you can follow to use your children bad habits and remedies.

Ignore their activities

The first rule is to ignore whatever your child is doing. Remember these are not permanent and things will terminate in the future.

Praise Your Child

All of us feel good when we are praised for something good we did. Similarly, you must praise your child for good behaviour. For example, when you notice your child is engaged in activities other than the ones mentioned above, praise him/her. You can say something like, “I noticed you did not suck your thumb today. That’s good.” Or you also say, “What a good day it has been today. You did not roll your head like other days.” Every best cbse school howrah must maintain this activity and appraise them frequently.

Have Patience

Making your child quit bad habits is not a matter of joke. They once make it as a hobby is very difficult to remove. It is always impossible unless you use a harsh method to solve it. You need to have patience and wait for the child to realize that he/she may be doing wrong by biting nails or sucking fingers or picking the nose. It is the responsibility of both parents and teachers cbse board school in howrah to take care of such an instance. For instance, if your child sucks thumb all day and you have no way to get him out of the habit, tell him it’s gross and others will hesitate to shake hands with him. Over time, he will realize his folly and will give it up completely.

Do Not Give Attention

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes it is not just a habit but some children do these stuff just to grab attention into them. Therefore, the best thing is to ignore their habits at certain times. Giving them any attention, even if it’s negative, may actually encourage them to repeat the behaviour or pick up another bad habit.

Engage Your Child in Other Activities

Another way you can keep your child away from these habits is to get them engaged in some activities like giving them a toy, taking them to a park or even leaving them to play with other kids in the neighbourhood or building. When children are engaged in playful activities, they will not have the thoughts of doing any bad habits or behaviour.

Imparting a sense of right behaviour in the early years will go a long way in tackling the problem. As a parent, you need to have patience and trust in your child.

Every cbse affiliated schools in howrah advice their parents to follow the above steps for children bad habits and remedies to solve with them. You have to go easy with kids and don’t get so worked up about their behaviour. They are just kids and most things they are doing now are something you probably did as a child too. Remind them and talk to them about the ill-effect of these habits.