Easy Tips To Make Life Less Stressful For Students

Easy Tips To Make Life Less Stressful For Students

It has been proven by modern science itself through surveys that students often perform better in school, as well as, life in general, when they are in less stressful situations. Authorities at Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, one of the best CBSE schools in Howrah, believes that students should be guided in order to lead less stressful lives. So here’s a few tips regarding how to do that-

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Psych yourself up each & every day

The best CBSE schools in Howrah, suggest you could wake up each morning with a bad attitude. The result will be simple- each morning will turn into a bad day. On the other hand, you could crank up some energetic tunes, eat a breakfast of champions, and can even make your school day epic. If you decide that your school day will be fun, it highly likely that it will be so.

•Have a “get up” song which you can listen to each morning before going to school. You can even set an alarm on your phone or clock radio to play one particular song. It should be the first thing that you hear in the morning. It can be the tune that gives you energy and makes your start of the day a happy one. You don’t need that annoying buzzer.
•Do try to eat a good breakfast each day. So that you can make sure that you have the energy to get through the entire day. Put your focus on a balanced diet like healthy fruits and whole grains. Please avoid overly processed and sugary items like Pop Tarts or a sugar-bombed cereal. Eat an apple instead. It has been written even in the ancient Hindu texts that the food we eat results in the behaviour that we make. The behaviour that we make results in the way the world behaves back at us.

Personalize your school stuff

If personalizing makes you happier and more comfortable with your environment, then try decorating your backpack, binder, notebook, locker, and other supplies necessary for school. You can use stickers, glitter pens, your favorite band’s emblem, or other stuff. It can make your school things a little more fun to carry around with you.

Wear clothes that make you feel good

Trends go in and out. It’s really hard to say what are the coolest clothes at any given time. Remember that enjoying best CBSE schools doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the latest and the greatest mall wear. Try wearing the clothes that you feel comfortable. Remember the clothes that allow you to cut loose are the ones that will make school fun for you.
•Try planning out your school clothes the night before. This way you can make sure you have everything that you’ll need, clean and ready, for the next morning. You can even learn to do laundry yourself. So that you won’t have to worry or depend on anyone else about whether or not your favorite shirt is clean.

Student do let yourself daydream every now and then

Let’s be frank about it- sometimes school is going to be boring. You will have to sit through lectures. A few dull hours of waiting is always there. It’s ok to day-dream sometimes. Use your imagination to make it more fun.

•For example like, try imagining a story being written with you as both writer and protagonist. You are a secret agent, who is sent to school to report back on the activities of these local youth. It’s your story. So go ahead & try to find some way to add a little spice to the dullness that is school & life in general.