Effects of video games have on kids

Effects of video games have on kids

Video game is an important part of the students and children. During the school-age students find it as one of the important hobbies in their life. The prime purpose to discover the video game is to provide entertainment to everyone, especially children. Nowadays the gaming department is so developing with the implementation of the latest technology that it becomes one of the most important and addictive parts of the children’s life. According to the recent data, some of the cbse affiliated schools in howrah have presented the effects of video games have on kids. The effects can be both Positive and Negative. Let’s understand the proper effects of video games on children.

Effects of video games have on Kids

The video games generally come with different genders. For Boys Mission Games, Racing Games and for Girls Grooming, makeup and other games are invented. Now let’s understand its effects.

Positive Impacts of Video Games

There are several positive impacts of video games that can be observed in the child.


The video games provide huge relaxation and entertainment to the child. It removes all the junk and toxic material from the daily activities of a student’s life. Hence, it is good to provide a limited amount of access to playing video games. This brain of the students will get refresh and that will also help them in the study. It also helps in improving the concentration level of your child. Some of the listed howrah best cbse school also suggest a little amount of relaxation is requires for the child’s best development.

Make better decision-maker

The positive impact of a video game is that it also helps in making your child a better decision-maker. The ideas and creativity of the games are making your child implement a quick decision to stay in the games. Hence, they need to take quick decisions to continue the games. The formation of quick decisions and quick action helps in improving the brain skills of your child.

Career Opportunity

The video game has thousands of career opportunities. Parents are also approaching their children to the gaming career by the graph of its development. Today the video games industries are massive in number and its job. Nowadays video games are also been develop with various techniques that help in making career opportunities to the child. Hence, the knowledge of graphic designing, coding, software, and hardware can make video games as one of its profession.

According to the cbse school in howrah district, the gaming industry is making huge progress and therefore it provides a great opportunity to initiates it as a career prospect.

Negative Impacts of Video Games

There are several negative impacts of video games are also that can be observed in the child.

Kills time

Video game is one of the most entertaining and attractive things to the children. It kills plenty of times while in the middle of playing. According to the sources, Boys spend more than 14 hours a week playing video games and Girls spend almost 6 hours a week playing video games. People from all over the world spend more than 5 billion hours playing video games. It also effects in study and other work and also effects the daily routine.

Make addicted

Video games make children addicted to higher levels. The latest pattern of the games that includes story, graphics, design, technology, the higher resolution makes children very attractive towards the gaming part. Some of the children are so addicted that they stop eating, study, and self-grooming of them properly.

Change in behavior

Video games can also change the attributes and behavior of a child for various reasons. One of the prime reasons is the nature of the games. If a child playing some aggressive game that leads to death than it can make huge impacts on the brain of the children. Therefore, always being choosy with the nature of games. It is the responsibility of the parents to decide the nature of the games from the beginning.

Hence, these are some of the positive and negative effects of video games have on kids. Therefore, always be aware of these facts of the video games and try to be choosy with the games to develop your child’s growth and skill. It is also important to provide cbse school admission in howrah that provide the best guidance to the study and helps in developing the skills.