Evolution of the Education System: From Clay Tablets to Digital Board

Evolution of the Education System: From Clay Tablets to Digital Board

The education system has evolved gradually with the rise of its importance. The system evaluates several facts, importance, and the best decision-making process. Therefore, the rise of education has developed gradually with its importance. There are several benefits of education in our society. However, it is also important to know “how rapidly the education system developed?”. Mainly, we humans are the basic reason behind these changes in the evolution of education. According to the knowledge, the evolution of the education system initiates from the Clay Tablets and rise to the Digital Board all over the World. The entire World is applying this biggest change in the evolution of education with various technology. The education system has raised from a traditional to a modern level. Let’s discuss the evolution of the education system from Clay Tablets to Digital Board all over the World.

Evolution of Education System From Clay Tablets to Digital Board

The education system in the Classroom initiate from the School Board in the World. The school is incomplete without its board. It is the mediator that provides knowledge, education, information, and study notes to the students. During the journey of education, we see several changes that appeared among us. CBSE school Howrah brings the best changes and upgrades the methods of education based on technology. Hence, let’s discuss all the details regarding the future of the board.

Clay Tablet

Clay Tablet is the first and ancient board that preserved to secure data and information. The design of the board is based on such a manner that one can easily erase an error or anything with the help of water and write it down. This board is introduced in India around the 11th Century.

Wooden Slate

The wooden slate was earlier introduced in America and Europe during the 18th Century. Usually, this slate was very helpful and useful for the students for education. Usually, during such days teachers provide their education with the help of Slate. One can able to write and remove anything very easily. However, it was very costly at the beginning and difficult for students to afford.


BlackBoard is an up-gradation of wooden slate. It slightly changes the evolution of education and slowly moves towards a modern educational approach. BlackBoard and Wooden Slate are made of the same elements but it’s different in Shape and Size (Vertical and Horizontal). As this board is big in size, therefore it helps major children to acquire knowledge during classes. The blackboard is vertical in size and the wooden slate is horizontal. It was first discovered by James Pillans during the 19th Century. Every educational institute has uses Blackboard across the world and also in India.

Green Board

Another next change in education and its board is the Green Board. It is the new innovation of education that brings the best motivation to the students for learning and developing. The green board is easier for eyes to see and also looked clean while writing. It is introduced in the late 1960s. It is the real mode of modern education across the globe including India.

White Board

Another great adventure for education is Whiteboard. Whiteboard is coming under the advanced learning process. Therefore, all most every School/College/Institute avails the feature of Whiteboard for better education and learning process. It was early discovered in the 1990s across global. Every best CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah having Whiteboard in their classes that making learning effective.

Digital Board

Digital board is the biggest revolutionary changes in the education system in the World. It provides almost all the functions with the most advanced learning functions. Every school that allows the digital board in India is step-up towards the Smart learning process. We can see the digital board in every top 10 school in Howrah for its best knowledge. It runs with the help of software and provides a variant of information to the students at the best formation.

Hence, we discussed the evolution of education, learning pattern, and changes in education. We describe the evolution of the education system from Clay Tablets to Digital Board all over the World and in India. We expect a better and advanced change with the help of technology. Hence, we shall welcome all such changes that bring better development for our child. However, a digital board is not sufficient to make your student productive unless there are any good faculties for it. Therefore, provide admission in CBSE school in Howrah that brings top educators for your child’s education.