Better Teaching for Better Future

Better Teaching for Better Future

What will make you a good teacher? There are no hard and fast rules that can guide you in being a good teacher in the school. Actually to be very frank the concept of the good teacher is not clear. Whom will you call a perfect teacher? The definition of the perfect teacher is not that easy to define. The teacher takes the active part of the parent in the best school in howrah. He/she acts as the guru (as referred in the historic period) who guides us to be a better person in life, delivers knowledge and thus teaches how to behave in certain situations in the mere future. Being a teacher, you need to focus on the little ones, their needs in the school, highlighting their abilities and thus driving the negativeness in a positive way. It is hard to state that what will make you the perfect teacher as a large part depends on how much you understand the little ones and how do you tackle them.

Good Teacher

Teachers of Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, the best school in howrah, focuses much on bringing out a good human from the little ones than just making only good results on the board. Though in the same attempt the students over here are making exceptional results in the boards and thus achieving their goals in the future.

Here are some of the tips that can help you to be a good teacher in the classroom;

Try to maintain a calm and natural voice

It is noted in some of the cases that teachers often try to maintain a strict voice in the classroom. The reason to justify the activity is that they think that the students will get afraid of them and will behave properly in the classroom. That’s totally not true. You are just drifting your listeners apart from yourself. They will dare to speak to you in any difficulty faced with the text.

Only speak once all the students are listening to you

This may seem to be quite difficult but you can surely do it. Hold on your temptation and wait to see that the students will make their friends stop talking in order to hear what you are trying to say.

Make your lesson interesting

No one likes to listen to a boring lecture, including me guys. Your students will start speaking only when they find out that what you are teaching is boring. Make your boring lesson interesting by adding some facts or interesting stories into it. You can also ask questions in between the lesson so that students do not drive with their thoughts.

Everyday learning is boring

So include some activities in your classroom. Skip your lesson one day and indulge your kids in some activities that may relate to the text you are teaching or any other affairs.

Praise your students

Is there anyone who does not like to be praised? I don’t think so. The same happens with the little ones. They do also like to be praised. ‘Well done’ or ‘good’ may seem to be a very small word but enhances the confidence level in the students.

It is hard to define how to be a good teacher or how to manage the students in the classroom. With time there is lot to be learnt in tackling the kids. In the best school in howrah, each and every effort are being made to engage the students more to their classroom lessons and the external activities.