Mega Health Check-up Camp in SMIL

Mega Health Check-up Camp in SMIL

School Health Check-up Camp is a comprehensive ‘Health Check-up Routine’ programs that organisedfor the maintenance and improvement of the health of students / parents, it also helps school by storing students health record digitally and keep the health of the students updated. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” English medium school in Howrah is organising a Mega Health Check-up Camp. It has started from 24th September to 27th September in associated with ILS Hospital, Howrah. This campus is organised inside the school premises. The School organised the medical camp for the betterment of Healthy India and Fit India movement. We concrete the health camp to make unhealthy free School for students.

Health Check up Camp

SMIL organised such camp annually and it is still in On-going process.

How and why we conduct the Annual Health Check-up Routine?

We conduct the health check-up by our most experienced doctors inside school premises. We also provide the communication of one-to-one consultation with the doctors and students / parents after the medical check-up. Our experienced doctors and assistant make full body check-up for students / parents. We provide the best physician for the check-up and provide the complete Health Check-up Camp under screening and clinical exams. Our Health Check-up Camp plan is conducted inside school premises. The health camp is applicable from Toddlers to Class VIII. In order to keep your child germs free, give admission in English medium school in Howrah.

After the completion of entire check-upLab assistant will hand over the reports to each students along with their parents. Thus it is very important for parents to stay till the final reports of the health check-up. It is mandatory for each and every student to present in the health campus as it is school affiliated programme. We update the health of the students periodically.

What is the Significant of School Health Report?

“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” English medium school in Howrah provides the detailed health report of students after complete Health Check-up Camp. This report elaborate the overall performance of health including list of students suffering various disease or deformity, it also provide the details of the serious disease and proper guidance that caught under the examination process.

How to maintain the record of students? Why is to so Important?

Our school keepthe track of important medical records from Health Check-up Camp Routine; with our Institute health record software schools/students/parents can get student’s health information and update it accordingly in one place. We maintain this service 24×7 from their data. We have a special branch for doing this service. We keep the records manually through data-entry process from health check-up camp. By the help of the software our students and parents can access the web 24X7 by account ID and password provide to them.

India, with about 430 million children has the world’s largest child population andthus it is our responsibilities towards each and every child to make them healthy. Once the great man “ Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ” Sir Said – “Let us sacrifice our present so that our children can have a better future.” Meanwhile, it is the responsibilities of the parents also to give child a good lesson of health and keep them healthy and clean.