How digital media affects the academic performance

How digital media affects the academic performance

Digital media is one of the important things that provide the best innovation, growth, and development to the organization. Similarly, it also provides the benefit to the individual person in terms of Students or Employees. The prime disadvantages of digital media are that it affects the academic performance of the student in several ways. Due to the rising of technology, our children start investing their crucial time on laptops, mobile, etc. The sleepless night, tiredness, fatigue, anxieties, and many more are the example of digital media. Therefore, it is very important to restrict our child from digital media for proper growth and development. There are several school in howrah provides an excellent guideline to fix the schedule for the best academic performance. In this blog, we will discuss how digital media affects the academic performance of the students.

How digital media affects the academic performance

Affects on study

The prime effect of digital media is that it provides an effect on the study of our child. It is involved with several things that provide a huge impact on our child. Technology involvement is the prime thing involved with games, applications, and many more. All these things eventually distract our child from the study. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the parents to set a limited amount of time with their mobile. Several CBSE affiliated schools in howrah provide guidelines to our parents on how to limit the digital media for the betterment of our child.

More importance to the digital world

We all know that Digital media is very important to all of us. Therefore, we keep involve ourselves in the digital world day after day. However, it provides several impacts to our child in a different way. Such impacts are bad results and poor academic performance. It also pauses the real world of an individual. We stop giving importance to our society, family, and nature while using the digital world. Hence, we need to forecast our child’s life in such terms and conditions that give the real value to our society, family, and outer world.

Health effects

The major impacts of digital media are that it provides huge impacts on the health of an individual. By the excess use of the digital media a sleepless night, fatigue, and anxiety could exist in our child. Such digital worlds are as Laptop, mobile, tablets, and other gadgets. Hence, do not get enough involvement with the digital technology that might affect the academic performance of our child.

Lack of concentration

Digital media contains different applications, games, and fun activities. It is the major way to distract the future of our child. The daily use of electronic gadgets will make them addict and bound them to get involved with such things. Therefore, it impacts the concentration power of the student. As result, it provides negative impacts on the scorecards and annual academic reports. The only way to get away from this problem is to not make your child involve with the phone. The list of the top 10 school in howrah implements the method of limitation and other restrictions for the best growth and benefit of the students in their classroom.

Hence, these are some of the important things that show how digital media affects the academic performance of the students. Hence, pick up the admission in CBSE school in howrah that provides excellent guidelines to your child for the best academic performance, growth, and development to our child.