How social downward comparison affects our child

How social downward comparison affects our child

Social downward comparison is a term that makes the social comparison of one person to another person. This type of comparison is very unhealthy in the personal life of a person. Generally, we saw parents comparing their children with other children, classmates, and friends. There are several ways a parent can compare their children such as Scoring good marks, discipline, well behaviour, and many more. Such comparison affects the mind and status of your child in person. Hence, it is not good to compare your child in broad. It is because it might affect them personally in their education and growth.  There are several cbse school in howrah district that provide complete guidelines to the parents and students in terms of downward social comparison. In this blog, we will discuss how social downward comparison affects our child broadly in education, growth, and development.

How social downward comparison affects our child

Decrease confident level

The social downward comparison is one inferior term that demonstrates the loss of everything. Usually, the parents and other people start comparing anything with everything. They hardly analyze the strength and weakest part of anything. As a result, our child starts suffering in such cases and it also decreases the confidence level of a child. Generally, our child expects great support and understanding from their parents. Therefore, we must provide them with valuable support to improve their confidence level.

Increase frustration

Anything can lead to the zone of frustration once it is repeatedly and unwillingly happening. Therefore, keep doing a social downward comparison with your child that can lead to the birth of frustration. Introducing a school in howrah that is strictly prohibited to compare the growth and development of other children with your child. These are the prime cause of leading frustration.

Provide serious impact on society

It is very important to protect our society from different unwanted things. Therefore, we need to do various things that can protect us from such causes. If we noticed social downward comparison then we can see that it provides a huge negative impact on our child’s mind. It can leads to the death of a person for growing depression. Hence, stop comparing and start supporting and give faith to your child. Some of the top cbse school in howrah strictly against such comparison. It also provides the guideline for safety measurements for their child’s life.

Why social downward comparisons aren’t always good in society?

In general, our parents show some comparison to their child for the betterment, growth, and proper development. The prime reason can be easily be understood but it is also noticed that repeated comparison can affect the mind of their child. Therefore, provide better guidelines and supportive nature for their best development.

Hence, these are some of the major causes that describes how social downward comparison affects our child broadly in education, growth, and development. It is also to notice that school plays a great role and put a positive impact on the growth of their child. Therefore, it is best to pick admission in cbse school in howrah that provides the best guideline for their child’s growth and development.