How to deal physically and mentally during Covid-19

How to deal physically and mentally during Covid-19

There are more than millions of people are getting affected by the most dangerous COVID-19 Virus. This virus makes the entire situation mesmerize all across the world.  Therefore, most of the country is under the lockdown process from the last several months. The reason behind the lockdown is to decrease the number of Covid-19 infected people and also decrease the power of Covid-19. It has now become the new monster of the town for all of us. Hence, it is important to guide our children making some precautions from the virus. Try to avoid visit outside unless it is not very important and maintain proper social distance with the people. All the cbse school in howrah has decided to continue their classes through Online for the safety measurement. In this blog, we will decide on how to deal physically and mentally during Covid-19.

How to deal physically and mentally during Covid-19

Some of the major steps of Physical fitness:

Regular Exercise

In this situation of Covid-19, people need to be very fit and healthy. The prime reason for strong physical fitness is to prevent the Covid-19 to attack in your body. Hence, always wake up in the morning and do regular exercise to maintain your physical fitness properly.  There are several benefits if daily exercise is that it increases your energy, helps in digesting, increases your food, and refreshes your mind from toxic material.

Stay Clean

Nowadays it is very important to stay clean and maintain proper hygiene inside or outside the home. Always clean your hand while using outside material. Make proper use of Sanitizers on regular kinds of stuff. If you are visiting outside then try to carry pocket sanitizers with yourself. These certain things help in resisting Covid-19 at your door.

Increase Immune System

The prime treatment to stop Covid-19 in your body by increasing the Immune system in the human body. There are several techniques to increase the immune system in the human body by drinking Warm water, proper food, and Ayurvedic tea. Hence, follow these steps to increase the immune system. 

Stay at Home

The whole country is under the process of lockdown due to the Coronavirus. Therefore, people are trying to stay at home for safety measurement. It is good to stay at home as much as you can and don’t travel outside unless no emergency. Due to the Covid-19, the list of cbse schools in howrah has decided to conduct the online classes at home.

Maintain Social Distance

Try to maintain a minimum of 6ft. to 8ft. social distance to avoid the Covid-19. This is very important to maintain when you are outside and also wear proper masks.

Some of the major steps of Mental fitness:

While we are maintaining physical fitness, it is also important to maintain mental fitness. The mental fitness will make you awake and energize from the Covid-19. It also helps in diverting the unnecessary thinking of knocking your mind. Some of the top cbse schools in howrah also provide some interesting tasks for their students at home for some fun purposes.

Watch Television

Watching television is one of the entertainment approaches that keep you awake and mentally fit. Hence, watch your favorite shows like Movies, Sports, Cartoon, Discovery on your television channel.

Read Books

Many people love to read books, newspapers, magazines to spend their time. Hence, keep reading your favorite books, newspaper, and magazines that refresh your mind instantly.

Play Indoor games

Indoor games are very interesting and subject to entertain peoples in various ways. This is the most important way to become mentally fit. Play several indoor games like Carrom, Cards, Ludo, etc. with your family member and enjoy the moments.

Spend time with family

Before Covid-19 we have hardly any time to interact properly with our child. This lockdown is the best time for both the parents and children to come closer to each other. This is the best way to spend quality time together and ensure your family safety at first.

Hence, these are some of the important steps on how to deal physically and mentally during Covid-19. We request you to follow these physical and mental steps that make you safe and secure from Covid-19. Also, choose to provide cbse school admission in howrah that conducts the best online regular classes for the child’s best future.