How modern laboratory is important for the education system

How modern laboratory is important for the education system

Laboratory is consider as one of the most important section in the school and institutes. It provide various practical experience starting from the theory of physics, chemistry to biology. Computer laboratory is also one of the important section and 99% of the school including public and private schools are using it. It is also mandatory at the time of digitization. Therefore, Science and computer both are comes under the laboratory parts where teachers are providing real experience of electronics, chemicals and organ system. According to a sources, the list of cbse school in howrah have the best laboratory with advanced equipment and technology consider as the hi-tech laboratory school of all time. Today we will discuss how modern laboratory is important for the education system.

How modern laboratory is important for the education system

Importance of Laboratory in the school

Every school has the laboratory in their school. The importance of laboratory in the school can be derive from the real learning experience of several topics. Therefore, laboratory plays an important role to experiencing the new things for the students with the available resource. The real experience in the laboratory will help students to learn things in better way and also help in remembering for a long time.The combination of both laboratory and classroom makes school unique from others. The cbse school howrah emphasize the most modern laboratory equipements for the best experiments of all students.

Types of Laboratory

Generally, a school have four types of separated modern laboratory for each section.

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Computer Lab

Science Lab (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)

Science is one of the most vital subjects for every students starting from the beginning. It provides the most valuable lessons that anyone can link it with the real world for rest of their life. Science section has three different subjects that is Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Each subjects has its important role in the life of human beings that is directly connected to us. Each subjects has also its separated laboratory where students are experiencing different theories of different subjects.

The modern education system requires the most modern and hi-tech equipment for all the laboratories. It usually help students learning more better and achieving good marks in the future. Hence, all the private schools including the top school in howrah have the most modernize laboratories to provide best education for students.

One of the most important things about laboratories is to follow the safety measure. It is mandatory for each and every students to follow the safety measures and guidelines given by the laboratories teachers or assistant. Do not do any practical experience unless your faculty members will not guide you. Do not play with any chemicals and also not with the equipments of respected labs. Touching any equipments or chemicals with naked hands are strictly prohibited. No foods inside the labs. The science labs are very risky therefore take these things very seriously before step up to the labs.

Computer Labs

In the span of modern generation, we are completely depends on the Computer and Internet. We are almost blind and buried without the use of computer. It is one of the most important equipment that help us almost in every field. Starting from Schools, College, Banks, Hospital,Trade market, Malls, Private or Public offices of every domain needs computer for their work. Therefore, the knowledge of computer is very necessary for the students bright future and career. The knowledge of computer will also give them advanced career opportunity in the future.

Like Science Labs, the computer labs has also safety measurement. The students must follow the safety and guidelines given by the faculties and lab assistant of schools. Do not touch on any electronics wire that attached to computer, In case of any troubleshoot contact teacher or lab assistant, do not try to repair or install anythings in the computer, no foods inside the labs.

Hence, we understand how modern laboratory is important for the education system and also understand its valuation. It is the responsibilities of the students to well- maintained the laboratories and keep it safe. Also, the teachers must guide the students in each and every experiments. If you want your kids to experience the best education, knowledge, learning experience and best laboratories methods than provide cbse school admission in howrah. Everything is well shape, maintained and implies bright future for your kids.