Important tricks and tips to prepare for your upcoming board exam

Important tricks and tips to prepare for your upcoming board exam

Education has faced a huge challenge during the time of pandemic lockdown. Students face lots of difficulties in continuing their education in such stressful conditions. Method of learning, the pattern of education, syllabus coverage, doubt sessions are some of the biggest challenges for them. The exam pattern of the CBSE board is based on an 80:20 pattern, of this 80 marks will be for the written exam and 20 marks will be for internal assessment—periodic tests, notebook submission, subject enhancement activities. All the questions will be from CBSE books and not from NCERT books. Hence, we need to provide the best tricks and tips that can assure them to prepare well for their upcoming board exams.

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To pass the exam, the student must score a minimum of 33% marks in both theory and practical.

Here are some of the examination tips and tricks that you can follow from the best school in Howrah:

Create a Time Table

Time Table is one of the most crucial things that give shape to your preparation. Always try to set proper rules and regulations with your schedule because it is good to be within the limit of everything. It is the symbol of good guidance and excellent preparation. The proper limitation will restrict your child from the distraction. It is a complete responsibility of the parents to provide certain guidance and approach them to follow the timetable. Some of the best school in Howrah use the methods of schedule to maintaining the proper and strategies of the board exam.

Practice Sample Papers

The daily practice of sample paper will increase the confidence level and also increase the speed of attending the maximum number of questions. The best educational institute will provide you with daily practice papers, study material, and some of the best tricks to crack the government exam. Therefore, practice at least 2 sample question papers on a daily basis to score good marks in the X exam. Get the best Sample paper from the top school in Howrah with proper research of the question series.

Practice Previous Year Question Paper

Practicing the previous year’s question will also improve the speed of the exam, improve the confidence level, and most importantly it gives an idea about the exam and question pattern.

Regulate work properly

Take rest for at least 20 minutes on each hour of interval. Get proper sleep, play sports, go to movies or parks to de-stress. Regulate all necessary work but under the proper limits.

Make a Group Study

Study in the group has several benefits. It is always fun to study with a group of friends. It also helps you to learn better with a different group of students. The group study will also help you to understand the concept and help in clearing doubts.

Create Self-Notes

A self-notes will help in giving a quick review to the students during the exams. The creation of your own notes will help you to understand better and save time and effort.

Stay calm

We all are aware of the importance of board exams. However, we know we can crack and score high in the exam. Still, we are facing some problems and tension that impact our exam. Therefore, try to stay calm and relax. Be positive with your preparation for the board exam.

Hence, these are some important tricks and tips to prepare for your board examination. These trips and tricks will provide the best result to the students in terms of applying. Hence, implement all these methods to have the best result.

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