Step to improve learning and other developmental activities

Step to improve learning and other developmental activities

With over 1.5 million schools, India is home to the second-largest school system in the world after China. It also boasts the largest youth population in the world with 600 million people being under the age of 25. The best school in howrah can reap the advantage of this demographic dividend and embark on a higher growth trajectory provided it raises the education attainment levels and equips its youth with requisite skills. School education marks the foundation of a child’s career. Hence the beginning to revamp education system needs to be made from elementary level itself. Since 90 percent of a child’s brain is fully formed by age five, the school education must nurture the child through various steps to improve learning and other developmental activities.

Step to improve learning and other developmental activities

According to the report of Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) that highlighted at least 25 percent of school children in the four-eight age-group do not have age-appropriate cognitive and skill capability, that could make learning skill at a very early stage. According to the report, only 16 percent of the children surveyed in Standard. I can read at the level expected of that grade; while 39 percent cannot even read a letter, 29 percent can identify letters, and only 15 percent can read a word. These statistics portray a dismal state of learning among children.

Effective teaching and learning method

If you want to improve your children’s growth then it is important to provide effective teaching and learning methods for a better academic future of your children. The faculty member focused a lot to engaged the attention of your children’s growth and skills. This is the ultimate time your child could gain knowledge and skill.

It is important to promote and approach students towards their growth and skill. Therefore, initiate a new approach to the teaching and learning method that could grab more attention. Hence, reward your students weekly by organizing quizzes and competitions for them. This whole process could give them an extra boost to learn new topics. Being parents, provide cbse school admission in howrah for best knowledge and skill.

Best use of technology

Provide the best use of technology by providing them a laptop or computer in class. Therefore, welcome their electronic gadgets in the classroom. These gadgets could promote the learning method and improve their learning. You can get the best school apps i.e. SMIL, for example, is an online platform with courses on a wealth of subjects and domains. Therefore, to make your child technology-friendly provide school admission in howrah.

Sudhir memorial institute liluahcbse school in howrah district recommends you the best learning apps that could bring your child grows to the next level. The above step to improve learning and other developmental activities are the most preferable choice to improve. And of course, you can be able to see the changes that bring up in your mind too. The faculty member of the institute struggle with projectors and other technology to make your child creative.

In order to develop such skill we offer homework, and invite your child to have a real conversation about what they’ve learned the next day. Tutorials are also highly recommended. Videos can help explain processes a lot easier, meaning that you can spend more time teaching students how to put a process into practice afterward.