The Importance of School Facilities in Improving Student Performance

The Importance of School Facilities in Improving Student Performance

The purpose of Schools is to build a better environment and provide the various facilities for better education. Here is the list of school facilities from the top cbse school in howrah.


One of the most important areas of top cbse school in howrah is a library because what you cannot find on the website and other resources, you can simply find within the walls of a library. Impressive Books, Fiction & Non-fiction, newspaper, magazine, Comics, Literatures etc. The number of books Inspired students in studying and make full use of libraries. The more interesting books will increase the volume of students and love for books. Make good use of Internet facilities for research and Projects. Recruit a highly qualified person as a librarian who has depth knowledge of books. A library should look Hi-Tech to make I ease for the students.

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Computer Lab

The importance of computers and their feature is increasing rapidly. Students are learning computers at an alarming rate, their minds are open to the computer technologies hardware and software. top cbse schools in howrah have modern generations of computers with Internet connectivity. The computers have hi-graphics and unlimited features which make a Hi- technology Lab. These influence students to learn computers more and more.

Modern Classroom

The innovation of technology also updates the education systems across India. Best cbse Schools are Installed LED or projectors to make a smart class. These features increase the motive of educations in India.


The utilisation of E-learning facilities in the school is well adopted by the top cbse school in howrah. The students can easily be able to access the study material of particular classes and managed to perform in schools.

Teachers & Co-teachers

This is the most unique and prime features of our school having one prime teacher and Co-teacher for each subject. This features also implies to the Libraries,  Laboratory, Computer lab. This feature is mainly to resist the backbenchers gossiping and to avoid bad activities in the middle of the classes.

Science Lab

The top cbse school in howrah provides the best lab equipment for the safety of the students. The entire experiments should be performed under the guidance of a trained Lab Assistant/teacher to ensure the lab safety regulations in the school. We have 3 basic lab sections: Physics / Chemistry / Biology.

Kindergarten Activities

The kindergarten has well built with wide-room and variant features for kids. The kids can study, play and do other activities. It has a long play area fully covered as per the safety measurements of kids. These features will increase the interest of young kids in education.


The top cbse school in howrah is Inborn in organizing sports activities and co-curricular activities in their schools. A school is a place which creates a different format of sports for its students. These will increase the skills of students in their schools. The following organising sports are Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Race tracks, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, yoga, Gymnastics, table tennis Etc. It helps to develop various facets of the personality development of the students. Also, it enables the personality development and physical fitness of the students.


We have the latest and modernize techniques of Auditorium. Each month we organized many important events based on studies, non-studies, Scientific, technical events.

Overall development: Apart from studies, our school also initiates the overall development of one student in Dancing, Acting, Organizing events, Anchoring, Sports etc. We also focus on organizing some events which spread a valuable message to the students in developing self-esteem upon them.

Medical Room

Our schools have the at most priorities about the health of each one of the students. We facilitate the top medical facilities in terms of any unavoidable circumstances. We have well-equipped health unit members associated with “Apollo”.


We have wide transport facilities in school across Kolkata/Howrah. It provides door-to-door pick-up and drops facilities. Our transport has fully safe and well responsible for the child.


Top cbse school in howrah has its mobile app to communicate with their students and parents. The mobile app has full access to students and parents. The students can get the detail information about school classes, faculties, schedules and many more. The parents can also regulate the features from App like attendance, Classes information, extra curriculum activities and faculty members etc. This will lead to discipline of students for its educational future.