Set Proper Strategies for Preparing your Time Table

Set Proper Strategies for Preparing your Time Table

Whether you are preparing for an exam or having a normal study, setting a proper schedule is very important for your best output. It is very important to implement some planning and strategies for your study. It helps in providing you with certain guidance on your goals and objective. Today, we will discuss how to set proper strategies for preparing your time table and also shows how to stick to it.

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Let’s understand the importance of your time table for your study plan

If we consider 100% of students in a classroom and make proper analytics then we can find different information. Such as 25% of the students never have any proper skills and strategies with their schedule. 30% of the students create a time table but never followed it. Rest 40% of the student is following the schedule but it is variant and not constant. Only 5% of the students have the ability to create and stick to their schedule. As result, they get success on exams. Of course, we can see only a few toppers in the classroom for that reason. Hence, we can see the differences of all the ratios and comparisons between 95% and 5%.

We need to be sound unique and different from others while getting successful. Therefore, the creation of a proper timetable is not just enough unless you implement it positively. Every top CBSE school in Howrah considers the methods of study plan for the best result.

Techniques to build a proper time table for your study plan

Look for Comfort Zone:

While you are making a schedule always look for your best comfort zone to fit. Understand the learning style. Get the perfect time zone to study. Either it is Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Night. Usually, the best comfort zone of study is Morning and Evening.

Set your Priorities:

We all have our goals and limitations. Hence, make sure to create proper visual learning, verbal learning, Aural learning, and many more. While making the schedule, set your work priorities to complete the task on time.

Make a proper diet chart:

Surely, a diet chart plays a significant role in giving you success during your exam. Make sure to eat healthy foods that energize your mind and body. The food would be the only things that will give you proper relaxation during the time being.

Have a good sleep:

Don’t make your sleep casual as it would impact your brain slowly and surely. Hence, make sure to have the proper amount of sleep at least 7-8 hours to make things effective. Sleeping will enhance the problem-solving method and also improve the concentration level of an individual.

Less use of Mobile Phone:

Excess use of anything is always dangerous to your life, goals, and career. Most of the persons are addicted to the phone and using it constantly while performing any task. Matter of fact, it distracts you every 2-3 minutes that would directly proportionate to your study and understanding. Hence, make sure to use your phone in emergencies or use it during breaks.

Allow to break yourself:

Studying for the whole day, starting from morning to night will not make you a topper or winner. Make sure to use your schedule effectively and don’t make any interruptions during study time. However, allow taking a break for yourself because it would refresh your mind and also improve your concentration for making the best plan and strategies further. Listen to songs, watch your favorite videos, listen to someone who can motivate you, and many more. That would be the success mantra of getting success.

Reward Yourself:

You don’t need someone to appreciate or reward your the whole time. Try to appreciate and reward yourself after the completion of a particular task. Such as eat your favorite chocolate, watch movies, walk out with friends, and many more. Hence, prepare a timetable of your daily routine and rule your routine for making the best future. However, it is good to listen and accept the appreciation and motivation from others but don’t make it a habit.

Hence, these are some of the basic points to understand how to set proper strategies for preparing your timetable and also show how to regulate on time. We also need to consider the proper school that has the ability to guide the students and ensure to provide success.

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