Steps to provide lockdown drills knowledge for child

Steps to provide lockdown drills knowledge for child

As the new monster enters into the town, we came into the pandemic situation of Covid-19. There are several losses comes together such as All the Schools, Colleges, Companies, and different organization was shutdown. The situations are coming slowly into the normal position with several precautions, terms, and conditions. As of now, the government has decided to re-open the schools, colleges, shopping malls, and companies with its regular time zone. But it is also to notice that we must maintain proper social distancing and mask for everyone to implement for safety. The faculty members of several cbse affiliated schools in howrah are decided to provide proper knowledge and training for lockdown drills. This is almost like a fire drills training process held in every school. In this blog, we will discuss the important steps to provide lockdown drills knowledge for children.

Steps to provide lockdown drills knowledge for child

What are Schools can do about child safety?

It should be the prime responsibility of the schools and their authorities to provide proper safety and guidelines for the child. The situation must be evaluated to the parents for making sure that they will have all the elements needed to protect kids in the event of a dangerous emergency. If they don’t have a plan, they should work to have one put in place immediately. This is how their development must begin.

Some of the important steps schools must take to ensure school safety and security:
  • Establish one main big entrance for having more space.
  • The faculty members and other staff must know how to greet and challenge strangers?
  • Take proper measurements to restrict and control access inside the school premises.
  • The schools must provide proper sanitization, immediate masks, and must be hygienic toilets and other infrastructure. All the top school in howrah must take the proper measurements in terms of safety for its students.
  • Make sure to provide proper floor plans into the school in case of emergency gathering social distance must be measurable.
  • Elect boards for special tasks in school security, emergency planning, and school violence prevention measures.

What Parents can do about child safety?

It is also the prime responsibility of the parents to provide lockdown knowledge and other safety measurements to children for their safety and security. Children always used to be attentive to their parent’s word and most of them follow outside publicly. There are several ways a parent can give their child knowledge about the lockdown. However, the parents must take proper guidance and knowledge from the authorities of howrah cbse school.

Educate them about Covid-19 and lockdown

It is very important to provide proper knowledge about the virus called Covid-19. It is a disease that can be spread from person to person. Therefore, in such a case, we need to stay at home for our safety and precaution. Due to the rising of Covid-19, the government has announced to lock down the entire state for minimizing its effects. The prime reason behind the lockdown is to measure the effects of Covid-19.

Take proper actions and strategies

We must teach our children to take proper action and strategies for future prospects. In case, if your child visits outside in the future and sees some unwanted situation that could raise Corona, then they must take some strict action against it. Such as take proper distance, do not get mixed up in gathering, use mask, and interact as low as you can.

Hence, these are some of the important steps to provide lockdown drills knowledge for children. If we assure to provide valid knowledge to our child then our future will be safe and secure and never will face such a monster in the future. Some of the best schools is going to provide ultimate security to our child for proper safety and measurement. Hence, pick up the admission in cbse school in howrah that provides valuable trust among parents for their child safety.