The Methods of Motivating Students

The Methods of Motivating Students

One of the most difficult roles of becoming a teacher is learning how to Inspire or motivating students in every aspect of life. It is also one of the most important responsibilities of a teacher apart from just teaching. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” (SMIL) one of the best howrah CBSE school plays an important role in motivating students. The teachers of SMIL play a big role in inspiring like Education, Co-curriculum activities, Co-Scholastic activities, Moral Values etc. The motivational activities are not just limited to those activities but it also inspired in many growing activities like Personality Development or Growing sectors also inspired to depressed students in a successive way.

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There are various risk factors lying in between the motivational activities. If you can’t able to deliberate the proper motivational speech students will not retain or participate in your Motivational activities. There are various reasons a student may be unmotivated. For e.g: Poor Speech, Lack of content, Students not finding interest in subjects. In order to avoid such circumstances, a teacher should implement such motivational activities which entertain students in a major way and search the weakness of students where they actually lack behind. Here are 4 effective ways to motivate your students about learning:

Explain Briefly

Some students are very intelligent and brilliant in every task they perform. Some of them are not intelligent and poor in every task, don’t understand the lesson or the assignment. Teachers should focus and spend more time explaining the weak topics, using a creative and interesting method to it.

Encourage Students

Students are always expecting more from teachers like approval and positive reinforcement, and are more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if they feel their work is being appreciated and valued at best. We should encourage open communication and free thinking with our students so they can speak freely and give innovative ideas. Be a Great Motivator. We are proud to announce that some list of cbse school in howrah Praise their students wisely. Recognize their talent and contribution to each and every activity they perform. This praise for students can lead a long way to success.


Sometimes an extra concern and better care inspire others. Faculty Members of “SMIL” cbse school of howrah Showing better care and concern that helps in motivating students to learn. These valuable things make and let them know that the teacher is appreciable and reliable.

Involve in Activities

We remember the classic classes of ’80s-’90s. We appreciate the learning techniques of that era also but with the innovation of technology, the learning system of the “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” has changed. Like the structure of our class changed that makes it the best english medium school in howrah. Techniques of teaching through games and discussions instead of speech, lectures, debate class, visual aids, Study with Flowchart & diagrams and videos. You can even show a motivational movie that attracts students with a different scene, an entertaining method that effectively motivates with a certain topic or theme. Your physical classroom should never be boring “never ever”, Use different entertaining activities that mention above or one can use posters of different topic, projects and decorate seasonal themes for your classroom, and create a calm environment.