Tips to help struggling readers

Tips to help struggling readers

Reading is an important part of education. It provides us knowledge by understanding the depth of the word. Reading provides us various significance and therefore, it is important to be a good reader in school. Most of the children find reading is a boring thing and therefore they did not come closer to it. It is to understand that it slowly kills their reading skill and vocabulary knowledge. Therefore, try to implement things interesting that children find reading as an interesting thing to start. In several cbse affiliated schools in howrah, the method of reading is so different that it makes children proficient in reading. In this article, we will discuss the tips to help struggling readers with proper methods and implementation.

Tips to help struggling readers

There are several ways to improve the reading skill of a child:

Daily Reading

To improve the reading skill of a child, daily reading is an important part of it. Set a target of reading 2-3 pages of the book. By the habit of daily reading, the child can improve in understanding words and vocab. Therefore, try to make your child reading on a daily basis to become a dedicated reader. The cbse school howrah targeted to provide daily reading habits to every student for at least 2-3 minutes. These habits will help them from struggling in reading and improve their skill.

Read Newspaper

A newspaper is the ultimate way to improve the reading of a child. A newspaper gives you the power of a word that helps in improving reading skills. Daily reading will give your child the utmost new word that improves the vocabulary. The practice of daily reading will also improve the speaking power and fluency of English. Therefore, let your child read the newspaper and ask them to write 5 new unique words from the headline or article.

Let them read their favorite book

Sometimes your child finds boring in reading a study book and therefore their reading skills stop improving. In such cases, get your child their favorite books like Comics, Sport Magazine, Funny books, Storybooks, and others. It is not harmful to read those books sometimes and also remember that your ultimate aim is to improve the reading skill of your child. These books also make things easier to improve reading skills because it mostly attracts the child. A school in Howrah approach their students to improve their reading skill by providing such types of an interesting book. Therefore, get cbse school admission in howrah to improve the reading skill of your child.

Provide gifts and rewards

A small gift and rewards could possibly put a smile on the face of your child. This is the best method to improve reading skills. Give your child a valuable offer of chocolate, burger, gifts, etc. in case of improvement. This would definitely encourage your child to read more and more to get more gifts and special treatment.

Hence, these are some important tips to help struggling readers of the child. It is also important to understand a good teacher and school could possibly change the structure of your child’s growth. It helps in improving skills, personality development, knowledge, and intelligence. Therefore, choose to pick the top cbse school in howrah that improves the reading habit of your child.