Tips to improve the spelling of your child

Tips to improve the spelling of your child

English spelling is an important part that shows the skills and development of students. It also helps in improving the reading ability of students. English vocabulary section is also very important in developing spelling skills. Therefore, if you want to improve the spelling part then learning vocabulary is very important. Wrong spelling could give a bad impact on the school examination paper and therefore we need to go through different tips to improve the spelling of a child. According to the top cbse school in howrah, there is various way to improves the spelling of a child.  Like giving 5 words to learn with proper spelling, create some fun learning classes relates to the spelling and many more.  Make sure to create some fun activities that don’t make them bore. Let’s discuss some of the interesting tips to improve the spelling of a child.

Tips to improve the spelling of your child

Use of Scrabble board

Scrabble board game is very useful in learning spelling to your child. If you have a scrabble board than let your child write on it to improve the game.

Creative Writing

We all are aware of the writing method to improve the spelling of a child. Hence, let your child write anything to improve the spelling in their own way. This is also the best combination to improve Writing and spelling both at a time. Some of the best howrah cbse school making it to develop these skills on a daily basis.

Varies Voices

Let your child spell a word using different voices method. Like whisper voice, loud voice, singing voice, etc. This method is useful to understand how spelling can be discoverable properly. This is the best tips to improve the spelling of a child.

Write a Story

This is the easiest way to improve the spelling skill of your child. Also, let your child write a story he/she likes or ask them to write their activities during school, hobbies, the best place to trip, and many more. The ultimate focus is to find the improvement in the spelling of a word.

Puzzle Maker

Follow modern educational methods to develop the spelling of a child. Therefore, find the various tools in your Computer or mobile-based on Puzzle. It is an online puzzle maker that helps your child to learn the spelling through various crossword, word creation, double puzzle methods. These kinds of tools are very interesting and also helpful in improving the spelling of a child.

Spelling Typing

Typing spelling is a very useful learning method for long term purposes. Therefore, give your child a computer to type the word with proper spelling. You can also provide the paragraph of a book to type into the computer. This is also one of the interesting ways to learn to spell. The best school uses these kinds of methods to improve childhood education. Hence, Choose school admission in howrah because their learning skills is also featuring the best ways to improve the spelling of a child.

Sidewalk Chalk method

The advantages of sidewalk chalk will help your kids learn different spelling at times. Therefore, let your kids have a small notepad and ask them to write the most interesting things they seen on the road while walking. This is also the best way to improve the spelling of a child.

Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and practice spelling words outdoors. Grab the sidewalk chalk and have your kiddo write the spelling words on your driveway, patio, or sidewalk.

Hence, If you are interested in giving your child an extra boost in literacy development, Provide cbse school admission in howrah today. Our current online reading program also teaches in a unique combination of phonics, sight words, vocabulary, English fluency, and reading comprehension.