Ten Tips for Improving Teachers & Student Relations

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Ten Tips for Improving Teachers & Student Relations

Teacher and student relationship is the most respectful and powerful relationship in our life.  After our parents, teacher plays an essential and efficient role in our lives. So, it’s very important for the teachers to cope up with their students and play an important role by teaching them the laws of universe, to make them understand what is right or wrong, to make them sensible and analysis things wisely. So, following are the few points about teacher and students relationship in top CBSE schools in howrah that make you understand how you can become a most trustworthy person to your students.

  • Get to know the students by name as quickly as possible-

Before the mid break (summer vacation) try to learn the names of every students along with knowing their interests, hobbies, passion etc. It will give you an easy access to know about them and the students too will also appreciate the fact.

  • Use positive comments when appropriate-

Appreciate all the little things your student is trying to do. Encourage them and guide them. Approach them with positive comments and try to make them believe and recognize their potential.

  • Be passion and enthusiastic while teaching

While teaching, if you enthusiastic about your content or subjects, then students will surely going to gain interest in your content which will lead to a great and energetic teaching sessions. Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, believes that through this process students can learn and memorize their chapter more easily.

  • Try to avoid to use of threats and punishments-

Students make mistakes and that’s a valid point. Being a good teacher, you need to control the situation more professionally. You can use time-out procedure rather giving them punishment. This will make you understand what they want and you can figure it out.

  • Have a positive attitude while teaching-

Everyone had their own personal life and have their own personal problems, but before you enter into the class, make sure that you left all your personal problems outside the classroom. Make sure that your students may not face any trouble regarding your mood swings or about your personal life. It gives a negative impact to the student which can also make you their hated teacher.

  • Treat them with respect-

You can’t earn respect, unless you know how to give respect. Students learn what they see from their elder ones. So, teacher should treat every student equally. Top CBSE Schools in Howrah believe that every student should be treated equally and wisely.  You need to manage both student and situation carefully.

  • To know about some personal things about students

It is necessary to know what your students like in extra-curricular activities apart from studying. Go and visit when your students while they are playing, participate in that game and talk to them about their interests and passions, even if you two don’t share the same interests. Encourage them.

  • Adopt story telling into lessons-

Students always love to learn lessons, if they are taught by employing the method of interesting story telling. It helps the students to relate and they visualize things and gets connect with the circumstances more easily.

  • Provide structure-

Teacher should provide structure to the student. This gives the students a healthy and positive attitude towards the classroom.

  • Conduct a values analysis discussion about some current events or topic

Before proceeding in this activity, you need to maintain and follow some rules. When you approach them with the topic, make sure that everyone are listening, paying proper attention and everyone should give their personal opinion.