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Salient features of the lab:

Designed in such a way that it is suitable  for smooth working of 40 students at a time.

Spacious and ventilated

Ensured safety for both students as  well as teachers.

Fully equipped with high quality apparatus,  chemicals and amenities.

Designed as per latest CBSE  curriculum.

PHYSICS LABORATORY:  PHYSICS , formally called natural philosophy  is the science of energy and matter and the interaction of the two. It is necessary for the student to understand these phenomenon and their reasons. A well equipped lab is essential for such analysis, we has a well planned and spacious Physics Lab with features like

Spacious and well ventilated

Working condition for 40 students at a time

Well equipped with all needed apparatus

Designed as per latest  CBSE curriculum.

BIOLOGY LABORATORY: BIOLOGY is an open ended subject whose study is never complete unless the theory  taught in the class are put to test in the labs by doing experiments. We believe that studying Biology without experiments is same as learning to swim without water.

Salient features of lab:

Separate chambers for reagents and equipments

Neat and tidy environment for working of 40 students at a time

Sinks and water taps at apt places within the reach of every student.

Designed as per latest CBSE  curriculum.