Medical Insurance

Claim Process

Claim processing is subjected to Policy Terms and Condition of Insurance .

The claim guideline will not only expedite the claim processing but will also contribute to satisfactory output.

Group Health Insurance

TPA: Family Health Plan (TPA) Ltd (L.No.13)

1. Cashless facilities is available in the Network Hospital of Apollo Munich .

2. Beneficiary is requested to submit a copy of Insurance ID card and a Photo ID Proof to the hospital at the time of visit to the hospital.

3. For Cashless status and support please contact Mr. Shib Sankar Rout (8336967057)


1. The reimbursement claim should be submitted within 15 days from the Date of Discharge.

2. Please Refer the Annexure A for list of standard document to be submitted for Reimbursement (Annexure A attached).

3. GHI Claim Document should be submitted to: Mr. Shib Sankar Rout (8336967057). Family Health Plan (TPA) Ltd| | 16/2 Lake View Road 1st Floor| Near Lake Kalibari | Kolkata 700029 |West Bengal

4. GPA Claim Document should be submitted to: Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd. 9 Elgin Road Kolkata – 700 020, West Bengal, INDIA. ***

5. TAT for claim process: Subjected to complete document and information received, claim will be processed in 15 working day

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For assistance please contact

FHPL Contact Point

Level 1: Mr.Shib Sankar Rout (8336967057) [email protected]

Level 2: Mr. Arnab Ray (9231001008) [email protected]

Escalation Point

Subir Chowdhury
[email protected]

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