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Halloween has been celebrated for hundreds of years, but what are the reasons or reasons behind this celebration. In order to find out just why this day is celebrated each year, let’s start with where Halloween came from and who started these celebrations of Halloween.

It is to be said that Halloween began by the Celtics during the 5th century. It was started by these ancient people as a means of celebrating the New Year which started on November 1. The night before the New Year began, October 31, was considered a sacred night because it was said the dead and the alive could cross boundaries into each other’s world. This holiday was named as Samhain, also called as the new year of Celtics. This holiday officially declared the end of the summer season and the harvest season. This also marked the beginning of winter, which was view as the start of hard and dangerous weather.

Halloween Celebrations

The priests for the Celtics called Druids were responsible for holding ceremonies that made sacrificial offerings to the deities for purposes of keeping the bad weather to a minimal. During these celebratory celebrations, the Druid priest would start large bonfires and offered up sacrifices of animals in order to assure themselves of pleasing the gods and having good weather. During this period of celebrating people would dress out in costumes made from animal skins and heads. People would use this time to become fortune tellers and try to predict the future of those who sought to know. While these ceremonies were religious in nature, people still took on the superstitious traditions that followed along with these ceremonies.

Over the course of years, Halloween has come under the influence of many more cultures that added their own identity to this day. When the Romans came into power they took this holiday of the Celtics and incorporated two of their own festivals into this one. These two festivals known as Feral is and Pomona were held in October and became infused into the already traditions of the Celts. Pomona the goddess of fruit and trees was one of the gods to whom the Romans prayed for bountiful fruit and trees. It is said that the symbol for Pomona is the apple and the tradition of bobbing for apples was started because of this. The Catholics also added their own infusion into this day of festivities and sacrifice. This day called “All Saints Day” or “All Hollows Day” was on November! and is said to honour the Catholic saints. There are many influences from different cultures that brought us to what Halloween is today.

Today people still celebrate Halloween by wearing costumes and having parties with games like bobbing for apples and having the best costume contest. Halloween does not have the same ritualistic religious ceremony that it started as those many years ago.

“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” best school in Howrah celebrate Halloween among students widely and wishes may all the bad things could make over good things. Although the reasons have changed today, the reason has to be because people enjoy dressing up in scary costumes and partying this ghoulish night away.

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This is the generation where the kids from Infant to college is the genius about the phone, media player or technology that they use the most and you’ll hear so many electronics Instruments like iPhone, iPod, iPad, smart watch etc. So Internet Safety for Kids is essential. Brand awareness and demand for such products among the kids has become higher. What most parents should keep in mind is that if appropriate safety checks aren’t put in place, Kids can breach the safety zone. Mobile phones or use of computer are wonderful devices that could be an unwanted gateway to your child. Hence it’s your responsibilities and duties to keep your child safety from Internet Zone.

internet safety for kids

  1. Give Knowledge to your kids about Internet Safety:

When it comes to Internet Safety, kids are often one of your family’s concern points. While using phone or computers, teach your kids about suspicious activity through online and encourage them to ask for help from parents if something seems unwanted. Install security software that will keep your kids away from clicking unwanted Links or wrong sites.

  1. Password Management System:

Passwords are the primary things which play a major role to keep away your child from unwanted videos. It also protects you from hackers and keep it safe at your devices. This is to notice that many people re-use the same password for multiple time in multiple accounts, and alsouse easy passwords that are easy to remember, but keeping the easy password could be risky for you because your child can track it smartly. Hence keep a password unique with special characters for your accounts. This method will be safe for your kid’s safety.

  1. Keep Social Network Cyber free:

There’s a major chance that while you are in your house using social networking sites. But you suspicious something unwanted with your mobile or computer like hidden text from unknown accounts which can also lead cybercrime. Here Internet Safety for Kids is important. Hence, it is also important to keep your social networking accounts free from cybercrime and keep close eyes frequently on your social sites and accounts. This activities will also keep your child away from cyber crime and will not hamper their inner skills.

  1. Contact Help-Desk:

It is always important to install the best Internet service which gives the best service as well as protection to your social networking sites. One best security software programs keeps away the unwanted sites in your devices and accounts. It also offer 24×7 technical support. If you have notice any suspicious things online, call for help. It removes all unwanted malware, spyware, or ransomware attack.

  1. Secure Device in Public Wi-Fi:

Most of us are unaware of public Wi-Fi. We feel very relaxing while using public Wi-Fi. This is to mention that public Wi-Fi could be that danger which could be harms your mobile devices by putting unwanted software or malware functions. Kids may be unaware about hackers and cybercrimes, but it is parent responsibilities to teach their child about using of Wi-Fi in public place like in malls or coffee shops. Teach them to use a VPN, Use Anti-Virus, HTTPs, and Keep Firewall Enable when connecting to any public Wi-Fi.

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah“, a CBSE school in Howrah always tries to educate its students about internet safety for kids.


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This is to announce the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has done a big changes in educational systems of Class 10th& 12thquestion papers. A school in howrah is ready to accept the new challenge. According to a statement, the board has decided to reduce the number of descriptive questions in the Class 10 board exam. Students appearing in the CBSE board exams in 2020 will face an easier paper.

In a recent tweet, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) , said that compere to last year the number of subjective questions is reduced inmany subjects of Class 10 and 12 question papers. Lesser number of descriptive questions imply that the paper will less lengthy and time-takingin compare to the previous year questions paper.

school in howrah

The number of questions has been reduced for subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Home Science, and Sanskrit.

Overall, this summery explains certain celebration across some cbse board school in howrah. Students are quite happy as the burden of studies are reduce to 10-20% approx. Under the proposed changes, CBSE question papers for class 10th will have at least 25% objective questions obviously a huge one. Subjective questions will comprise 75% of the paper but their number will be reduceto previous pattern that lead students to get more time to think and write answers creatively.Furthermore, CBSE officially added that they are moving away from the current practice of designing lengthy papers as it require a lot of time to solve,such significant changes in the length of the exam paper will reduce the exam stress among the students. Students will now be more focus on solving the given questions by applying the creative knowledge that they have gained in certain specific time rather than focusing on writing out answers anyway that they have memorized within the given time zone.

This changes can brings certain positivity and development in one individual. Students can invest their time into other fields to explore their skills like, Sports, Drama, Research etc..

“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” A school in howrah is ready to accept the new challenge based on CBSE new changes also would like to bring some new activities in order to develop the skills and curriculum activities of one Individual. In almost 5 years of Journey, We produce thousand of toppers and Brilliant students. This numbers of the ratio are increasing in the proportional manner because every faculty member putting an extra effort to grow our students curriculum activities.

Our successful journey inspire by Every Students and Teachers for their great dedication that made SMIL as Best cbse board school in howrah is extra co-curricular activities, Social responsibilities, co-scholastic activities. These important events and activities on a daily basis made each and every student a well responsible towards its Social, Cultural and Educational values.


Lastly, We are proud to announce the changes on behalf of CBSE and also glad to accept the new system that initiates for class 10th and 12th educational system. Also would like to wish students of class 10th and 12th may you get all the success in coming years and also in future.




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