How to Promote Physical Fitness in Child at School?

Child physical fitness is an important part of growing up. Physical fitness is very much important for them from their beginning life. Not only does, being fit physically help to improve physical activity but it also helps to improve mental concentration and al

Roles and Objectives of CBSE Affiliates School in India

CBSE School brings the best and influential educational policies for children. It is the most popular educational board in India among parents. This School always influences to bring the growth and development of your child and therefore it becomes the most preferable educational board in India. The CBSE School also helps in developing the curriculum… Continue reading Roles and Objectives of CBSE Affiliates School in India

Importance of Science Among Students

Science is the most valuable subjects in the field of education. Science features different knowledge under different subjects. The Importance of Science is that it includes 3 most important subjects like Physics, chemistry, and biology. These three entities are unified and referred to as science. The entire universe can also come in between of this… Continue reading Importance of Science Among Students

Benefits of Morning School

Morning School is an integral part of the school’s schedule. It gives special benefits to the students in the educational journey. It also helps in inculcating moral values in students. Morning school is important for a child’s development. The best CBSE school howrah regularly conducts morning assembly for students to instil discipline in them. Some… Continue reading Benefits of Morning School

Why to change from WB to CBSE or ICSE to CBSE Board

Education and schooling are getting the change with the modern era and culture. The educational pattern is getting modern from its traditional time. The child becomes so active and smart that the learning ability of children has also changed. Though the educational boards have a similar quality, the syllabus has improved to a great level.… Continue reading Why to change from WB to CBSE or ICSE to CBSE Board

History of Halloween Celebrations

Halloween has been celebrated for hundreds of years, but what are the reasons or reasons behind this celebration. In order to find out just why this day is celebrated each year, let’s start with where Halloween came from and who started these celebrations of Halloween. It is to be said that Halloween began by the… Continue reading History of Halloween Celebrations

Importance of CBSE School

The educational system in the CBSE board is the most significant terms. It’s Education system consists of primary, secondary, and senior secondary grades. The proper education under cbse board school in howrah allows children to not just learn and prepare for the future but also lays the foundation for a great career ahead. The importance… Continue reading Importance of CBSE School

Guidance for School Admission in Howrah

Every parent along with students are quite curious and wonder about his / her procedure of CBSE school admission in Howrah. Some of them are nervous or some of them are not. Putting these major issues in the image “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” best Howrah school for admission find a conclusion with the admission form… Continue reading Guidance for School Admission in Howrah

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