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One of the most difficult role of becoming a teacher is learning how to Inspire or motivate your students in every aspects of Life. It is also one of the most important responsibilities of a teachers apart from just teaching. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” (SMIL) one of the best CBSE school in howrah plays an important role in Motivating students. The teachers of SMIL play a big role in inspiring like Education, Co curriculum activities, Co Scholastic activities, Sports or Moral Values etc.. The motivational activities are not just limited to those activities but it also inspired in many growing activities like Personality Development or Growing sectors also inspired to depressed students in a successive way.

There are various risk factors lying in between the Motivational activities. If you can’t be able to deliberate the proper motivational speech students will not retain or participate in your Motivational activities. There are various reasons a students may be unmotivated. For e.g: Poor Speech, Lack of content, Students not finding interest in subjects. In order to avoid such circumstances a teacher should implement such motivational activities which entertain students in a major way and search the weakness of students where they actually lack behind.


Here are 4 effective ways to Motivating your students about learning:

Explain Briefly:Some Students are very intelligent and brilliant in every task they perform and some of them are not intelligent and poor in every task, don’t understand the lesson or the assignment. Teachers should focus and spend more time explaining the weak topics, using a creative and interesting method to it.


Encourage Students:Students are always expecting more from teachers like approval and positive reinforcement, and are more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if they feel their work is being appreciated and valued at best. We should encourage open communication and free thinking with our students so they can speak freely and give innovative and creative ideas. Be a Great Motivator. We proud to announce that some list of cbse school in howrah Praise their students wisely. Recognize their talent and contribution for each and every activities they perform. This praise for students can lead a long way to success.


Care:Sometime an extra concern and a better care inspire other. Faculty Members of “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” cbse school of howrah Showing a better care and concern that helps in motivating students to learn. This valuable things makes and lets them know that the teacher is appreciable and reliable.


Get them Involved in activities: We remember the classis classes of 80’s-90’s . We appreciate the learning techniques of that era also but with the innovation of technology, the learning system of the “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” has changed. Like the structure of our class changed that makes it best english medium school in howrah. Techniques of teaching through games and discussions instead of speech, lectures, debate class, visual aids, Study with Flowchart & diagrams and videos. You can even show a motivational movie that attracts students with different scene, entertaining method that effectively motivate with certain topic or theme. Your physical classroom should never be boring “never ever”, Use different entertaining activities that mention above or one can use posters of different topic,projects and decorate seasonal themes for your classroom, and create a calm environment.

Every parent along with students are quite curious and wonder about his/her Admission procedure. Some of them are nervous or some of them are not. Putting these major issues in image “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” best howrah school for admission find a conclusion with the admission form should be standardized so that it will be easy for the parents to read and fill it accordingly without any difficulty. Online form filling process of “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” subject to simplification for the parents and students.

Admission guide howrah school

Sudhir Memorial Institute LiluahBest school in howrah provides facility to customize school admission form. Our form Includesfew sections.

-Visit our School for Enquiry, fill up the Enquiry form and collect the Application Form 16th September 2019 onwards.

-Submit the Application form along with required documents mentioned below.

-An interview will be scheduled with the parent along with the child. That will notify to the parents Via Email/ SMS/Phone Call

-Once the interview done with parents and children one confirmed notification will be deliver to School.


Our school has an options to define date of birth criteria. It is useful for Juniors admissions in Nursery / KG where there is guidelines for date of birth during selection of the students. Form can be customized instantly and admission process will be activated in a short span of time.Let’s find out the details below.


  1. Admission Procedure:
  • The list of selected candidates will be Notifiedat the Registrar Office and on the School website of “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”.
  • The Admission procedure will notify to the parents of the selected candidates along with the fee slip. It is mandatory for the parents to be present and complete the admission formalities.
  • it is mandatory to submit the Original Transfer Certificate from the last school attended.
  • Fees once paid at the time of admission is non refundable, except the Caution Money in case of withdrawal.



Age Criteria:

Class Age Date as on:-
Toddlers If the child is 2 + 31st March 2020
Infant If the child is 2 + 31st March 2020
Infant-I If the child is 3 + 31st March 2020
Infant-II If the child is 4 + 31st March 2020
Class-I If the child is 5 + 31st March 2020
Class-II If the child is 6 + 31st March 2020
Class-III If the child is 7 + 31st March 2020
Class-IV If the child is 8 + 31st March 2020
Class-V If the child is 9 + 31st March 2020
Class-VI If the child is 10 + 31st March 2020
Class-VII If the child is 11 + 31st March 2020
Class-VIII If the child is 12 + 31st March 2020
Class-IX If the child is 13 + 31st March 2020
Class-X If the child is 14 + 31st March 2020
Class-XI If the child is 15 + 31st March 2020
Class-XII If the child is 16 + 31st March 2020


Documents Required for Admission:

  1. Three copy photo of student (Passport/Stamp size)
  1. Birth Certificate Photocopy
  1. Both Parents Photo-id Card Photocopy
  1. Both parent one copy photo each
  1. Address proof photocopy
  1. Vaccination/Immunization card photo copy (Only for infant, Prep-1, Prep-2)
  1. Mock Test/Pre Board result photocopy (Only for class 11)
  1. One Photocopy of Transfer Certificate

This is to announce the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has done big changes in educational systems of Class 10th & 12th. The Date Sheet and Exam pattern and questions pattern are going to be change in coming CBSE board school exam 2020. As, per new exam pattern, The CBSE is make implement to the School based / Internal assessment. The focus of Objective Question paper would be higher compare to the last year. Also, CBSE would like to hike the registration and examination fees for students in coming Board Exam.

CBSE board school

Hints of changes in Practical Exams date sheet which will be earlier by this year. The practical examination would likely to be conduct in December, 2019. According to the Recent Exam Pattern shared by class 10th, 12th, of the CBSE board school exam, 20 marks dedicated to the objective type or Multiple Choice Questions. The precise marks allocated to 1 mark for each and every questions in practical exam.

However, the official notification is yet to be announced from CBSE Board.

Based on NCERT most of the subjects, for Class 10 students, like Maths, Science, Physical Education etc. have a partition of 80+20 marks.Where 80 Marks contain questions and 20 Marks contain Practical. There will be no external examiners for Class 10th Practical exam.

However, for Class 12 students, there will be two types of partition – One with 70+30 partition and others subjects with 80+20 Partition . Where 80 Marks contain questions and 20 Marks contain Practical. There will be external examiners for Class 12th Practical exam. External Examiners will be appointed for the practical exams on every respective school. However, the board is yet to decide officially whether external examiners would be appointed by this year or will the exams be assessed internally, though last year the assessment was done externally.

Still after having all sources information we are still waiting for the CBSE to declared officially and implement in such changes for the better prevention in Educational System.

for more information cbse.nic.in

The education system is the most integral part of India. Our Education system consists of primary, secondary, and senior secondary grades. A proper education allows children to not just learn and prepare for the future, but also lays the foundation for a great career ahead.

There are Several Schools are having quality of educational Board in Howrah like: CBSE, ICSE & State Board etc… But CBSE School is the only board that tied up with Public & Private Schools provides quality of education with moral values to children to help in growing educational career. Hence Best school in Howrah can be found all over the place with its best advantages.

CBSE School

CBSE Schools provide education matching to the global standard and also aim to provide quality education to the aspirants in their educational journey. Few important things that has been listed CBSE as the most important educational Board in India.

Coordination between Teacher & Students: school in Howrah has the responsibilities to teach the child in a number of ways to help understand the subjects. It’s teacher who makes learning more interesting with their learning techniques and give students a great impacts on their studious journey. One best successful future of students is based on one best teacher’s with their learning techniques. So it’s very important to count the coordination between teacher’s and student’s in aspects of getting successful education in future.


Infrastructure: A good CBSE school is always carrying a sound Infrastructure in School that composed of Best Roads, Land, Buildings, Inside and outside School Premises, Electricity and telecommunications (Internet Connectivity or Broadband / Wi-Fi) and water supply management. The Best CBSE schools in Howrah featured all these essential qualities that installed inside / outside their School.


Syllabus Level: CBSE is NCERT recognized and is entrusted with the task of creating syllabus for secondary and senior secondary schooling levels. NCERT is carried it’s syllabus in such a way that could be easily readable , accessible to the aspirants of CBSE, It is one of the most popular featured of Best CBSE school in Howrah.


Social Responsibilities:  We left the day’s where we supposed to kept the students in an isolation. Today’s generation is change and accordingly student’s needs to be aware more than just their academics, so they become responsible citizen of India in future. A Best English Medium school in Howrah always in mode of investing its time in community service. Education is a tool not just limit to personal growth but for social enhancement.


Minimum amount of Fee Structure:Gone are the time where the most expensive things to expend were medicine, Land and Building, Now is on Education.  In growing cities like Kolkata/Howrah CBSE English Medium is the most preferable school for all the existing Parent’s because of it’s Low mode of fee structure which ease the education to the different level.  One Howrah CBSE school always follow a nominal school fee structure and is needed to be accurate, perfect as per the school guidelines and regulations.


Parent’s Involve / Guardian Meeting:Parents and Teachers are two most important sets of school when it comes to learning method for their child. It is parents who always guide their children’s in terms of Social and Moral education. Parents play an important role in getting an impact which enhances a personal growth in future. In lot of cases, what parents say to their child leaves a strong impression. So it is very important for school to get interact with parent’s time-to-time and update about their child’s growth and development for best future.

The Importance of Robotics in Future is quite significant in Educational culture. It plays an important role to inflate in future. Some of the listed top school in Howrah, Introduced the Robotics terms in schools to improvised the skills and knowledge of a students. We SMIL briefly focus on the future skills of students. In order to discover the uniqueness we implies different techniques and skills for the development of students which result best in future for the students, Also let them become more creative in future.

Finding the best result of Robotics in Schools could be:

One can be a creative thinker, Engaged in social work, Prepare for the technology and update it accordingly, Get the ideas of programming skills in order to complete these bots of work, Great team work, and Fun and Incredible thoughts.

Rapidly advancing technology is a way of life today. We are in the middle of a technological renaissance and being technologically educated or updated is the need of the hour.Keeping that in mind a seminar was conducted on 17th January,2019 in One of the Top school in Howrah organized by MACTRON, a Robotics training institute from Howrah. The term ‘Robotics’ in itself being interesting naturally dragged the curiosity of the students.The speaker initiated the discussion with a warm interactive session. Surprising us with their previous knowledge on ‘Robotics’ few of the students responded very spontaneously. Concepts of Artificial intelligence(AI) & Machine Language seemed greek to the students while the speaker threw light on those. The students were shown VDO clippings of robots working in factories, medical surgeries, food processing,expeditions of NASA etc.

Top School Robotics

Altogether it was an interesting session which kept the students captivated throughout. Apparently it seemed that their overwhelming responses made it interesting for the organizers as well. In their feedback the students mentioned that they keenly anticipate that such informative sessions would be conducted in the school in the near future.

The world is progressing at a rapid pace and it is essential to embrace the thought of a progressive education program now. This is essential to keep pace with the developments all around and to keep the methodology of teaching updated and innovative. There is a complete restructuring of the methods of teaching for which the idle example is the top CBSE school in Howrah.

CBSE schools in howrah

The need for choosing an excellent English medium school can be summarized as follows:

  • It is vital to know English: English the main lingua franca worldwide and it is the language of the computer, Artificial intelligence, machine learning and many m It can be a huge bottleneck for a successful carrier if there is a lack of fluency in English.
  • Early introduction to English is helpful: Students can feel comfortable in English only when they are introduced to English in their early life. The ability to learn languages goes down as we grow older and this is the reason why you should choose the best school in Howrah.
  • No worry for committing mistakes at a young age: Students in their formative years can learn English quickly as they have no inhibitions for making mistakes which many often accompany the older stage.

How to choose the best school? Now the important question of narrowing down your choice for choosing a quality school for inculcating an all round developments in students arises.  You should follow the exemplary standard set by the English medium school in Howrah, to understand this.

It maintains a channel of honest and regular communications:  It is expected that leadership in a top school maintains a cross flow of information among parents-teachers-students to have absolute transparency. There will be little room for rumors and gossips and the parents will remain updated about the latest information of the school.

Display the importance of teamwork: The top CBSE school in Howrah always displays unique teamwork among the faculties and this fosters a team spirit among the students also. That you can’t do it alone is understood by the students and the importance of interdependence to attain perfections in work is promoted here.

top CBSE school culture

It promotes gender equality and diverse culture: You will find a good mix of students from different ethnicity and gender in a good school which accentuates the cultural mix. Both the girls and boys are allowed to participate equally in all the events and no discrimination for gender is made. Students can understand different cultures also when they interact with students of different regions and cultures.

There is a good mix of new teachers and experienced veterans: When you look at the best school in Howrah you will notice an excellent blend of veterans and young teachers.  New teachers are essential to incorporate new ideas and innovative thinking along with knowledge of the latest features of education. At the same time, the veterans control the steering for implementation of the program and manage the administration effectively.  A unique blend of these two generations is also important to maintain harmony and discipline in a well managed top school.


School days are the best part for anyone’s life and that life is the main growing period for all of us. There we start to learn new things, we have to adjust with new environments, we meet with our new friends in CBSE School in Howrah district and especially we get the special guidance of our teachers. There has some differences in between smart classroom and normal classroom because you can use the gadgets like teaching screens, laptops in the open classroom which facility you can’t get in the normal schools.

Best CBSE School in Howrah

There has some CBSE affiliated school in Howrah . These schools have some special appeal of its own. Now the question is that why parents want to do admission in these schools?

  • Here students can learn spoken English very well and which is mandatory for growing themselves. Because English is the global language. This helps them to give confidence on their mind and make smarter to communicate with anyone.
  • Here students can get easy access for online information like they become familiar with the general knowledge, current affairs. As a smart class incorporates various gadgets with internet connection such as mobiles, tabs and laptops, students can easily access online information. Both teachers and students can have access to online resources to learn and these are the most essential things for today’s life.
  • They don’t need to carry so many text books because as they have smart gadgets so that they can easily go through the internet and get the proper information and do their study online.
  • These schools are dynamic perspective to learning.
  • Here teachers are very friendly; they maintain a nice coordination with their students that is why students don’t feel shy to ask any questions regarding the topics and all.
  • Apart from these, their study is not like that rat race that they have to do their study and perform very well by hook or by crook. They do their study very easily and maintain their proper study time. They try to memorize every topic logically or practically, they are not limited with their bookish knowledge. These are the specialties they have and that are why CBSE affiliated school in Howrah is totally different than other CBSE affiliated school another places.

What are the processes of CBSE school admission in Howrah?

There have some procedures they are following like

  • One exam will be held on any prospective date.
  • There will be several topics like Math’s, English, General Knowledge, computer, current affairs etc. Whoever will perform very well he or she will get chance.
  • It doesn’t mean that there has some opportunity for taking the admission from the backdoor.

CBSE School in HOWRAH takes the cream students who are eligible for this and disserve their rankings.

These are the best features and characteristics for CBSE School in Howrah district. These schools are really trustworthy enough to providing good teaching on every subject in the school itself. That is why no need to go for tuition every day and they don’t take any home tutors also. They become smarter when they completed their 10th or 12th class from these schools and can adjust in any circumstances in any place.

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