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The significant of education and its benefit is to build the better environment and provide the various benefit for the best education. Here are the role of Education and its Benefit in Best CBSE English Medium School in howrah.

Role of Education in English Medium School:

One of the most important role to be play in Education is that, If you are well Educated and have complete resource of education then you can simply find a regular library at your home itself and you will be known as literate all across.

Improvised the various knowledge from various sources with the use of Internet, Books, Magazine, Literature etc. Make good use of Education by having top English medium school, Best library, Best Laboratory technique for Science and Computer, Benefit of having Smart classes by using LED technique, E-learning process with the help of Mobile Application, Availability of online Classes, sports, transport facilities.

A better education also provide a good Co-curriculum activities and Social Responsibilities. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”  determined and dedicated in developing social responsibilities of students through different curriculum activities likewise: Dancing, Singing, Music, Social Events, Sports etc.

English Medium School

These are the listed terms for having a quality of education in one child but these are incomplete without having a proper faculty member in one best academy. The faculty member is the only person who plays a significant role in student life. They provide good education and knowledge that we implement in future to become a successful person. We are always grateful for such guidance in our life.

One good CBSE Educational Institution will not only let you understand the role of education but also focus of all this social development programs remains a responsibilities through education and helping nurturing principles, capabilities and values of our School..

Such analysesis the basic part of life which let you become a success, help you in become a great leader, good reader and listener and a better empower.

Education is not just limited to learning and measurable skills. Our past educational system was based on the “average” measurements and standardization of education. Children were prepared to be bookish and let them memorize some information before examinations take place. But, Modern education system is a way develop with its latest learning method and techniques of teaching. Also, syllabus become compress and reliable in compare to 10 years back. The Education Board subject to feature lots of Practical & Viva which lead student to learn more easily.

Although the benefit of education in children implies in core subjects like mathematics, literature, or science, It is the responsibility of one Best CBSE English Medium School in Howrah and faculties to show how to learn core subjects, How children should be taught core subjects.

The supreme benefit of having a good education is one can become a good and responsible citizen in future. They can acquire the entire literature and knowledge to become a powerful and successful person the World.

The biggest benefit of Education is to improvised mental development and it encourage the development of psychological, social and emotional growth.

An Overall education process gives motivation to children to learn about a subject and it’s usage in future. The benefit of Education is that depth which can lead children to learn naturally and creatively.

The Benefit of Education encourage your children to make connections between Real-Talk and Real-Problem based on subjects, They solved the queries using their creative skills and educational knowledge.

The purpose of Schools is to build the better environment and provide the various facilities for better education. Here are the list of school facilities from the top cbse school in howrah.

Libraries: One of the most important areas of top cbse school in howrah is a library because what you cannot find on the website and other resources, you can simply find within the walls of a library. Impressive Books, Fiction & Non-fiction, newspaper, magazine, Comics, Literatures etc. The number of books Inspired students in studying and make full use of libraries. The more interesting books will increase the volume of students and love for the books. Make good use of Internet facilities for research and Projects. Recruit a highly qualified person as a librarian who has a depth knowledge of books. A library should looks Hi-Tech in order to make I ease for the students.

school facilities

Computer Lab:The importance of the computers and its feature is increasing rapidly. Students are learning computers at an alarming rate, their minds are open to the computer technologies hardware and software. Top cbse schools in howrah have modern generations of computers with Internet connectivity. The computers have hi-graphics and unlimited features which make a Hi- technology Lab. These influence students to learn computers more and more.

Modern Classroom: The innovation of the technology also update the education systems across India. Every Best CBSE Schools are Installed LED or Projectors in order to make a smart class. These features increase the motive of Educations in India.

E-Learning: The utilisation of E-learning facilities in school are well adopt by the top CBSE school in howrah. The students can easily be able to access the study material of particular classes and managed to perform in schools.

Teachers & Co-teachers: This is the most unique and prime features of our school having one Prime teacher and Co-teacher for each and every subjects. This features also implies to the Libraries,  Laboratory, Computer lab. This features is mainly to resist the back benchers gossiping and to avoid the bad activities in the middle of the classes.

Science Lab: The top cbse school in howrah provides the best lab equipment for the safety of the students. The entire experiments should be performed under the guidance of a trained Lab Assistant / teacher to ensure the lab safety regulations in the school. We have 3 basic lab sections: Physics / Chemistry / Biology.

Kindergarten Activities:The kindergarten has well built with a wide-room and variant features for kids. The kids can study, play and do others activities. It has a long play area fully covered as per the safety measurements of kids. These features will increase the interest of young kids in education.

Sports: The top cbse school in howrah is Inborn in organizing sports activities and co-curricular activities in their Schools. A School is the place whichcreates different format of sports for their students. These will increase the skills of students in their schools. The following organising sports are: Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Race tracks, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, yoga, Gymnastics, table tennis Etc. It helps to develop various facets of the personality development of the students. Also it enable the personality development and physical fitness of the students.

Auditorium:We have the most latest and modernize techniques of Auditorium. Each month we organized many important events based on studies, non-studies, Scientific, technical events.

Overall development: Apart from studies, our school also initiates the overall development of one students in Dancing, Acting, Organizing events, Anchoring, Sports etc. We also focus on organizing some events which spread the valuable message to the students in developing self-esteem upon them.

Medical Room: Our schools have the at most priorities about the health of each one of the students. We facilitates the top medical facilities in terms of any unavoidable circumstances. We have well equipped health unit members associated with “Apollo”.

Transport: We have the wide transport facilities in school across Kolkata/Howrah. It provide door-to-door pick-up and drop facilities. Our transport has fully safe and well responsible towards child.

Apps: Top cbse school in howrah has its own Mobile App in order to communicate with their Students and Parents. The Mobile App has full access of students and parents. The students can get the detail information about school classes, faculties, schedules and many more. The parents can also regulate the features from App like attendance, Classes information, extra curriculum activities and faculty members etc. This will lead todiscipline of Students for its Educational Future.

Every child is born with a special ability and skills to learn new things in their life. Each one learns according to their school learning process in different CBSE school. Every child has different skills gaining process, which is easy to learn for one but may not be for others. In order to balance such process we should give some time to understand our child learning method. Some of them learn fast and some of them slow. Parents should inspire and guide them to get the best leaning process in types of learning.

Types of Learning

Visual Learning System: The process of visual learning system is comes under the uses of variant pictures and images. By the help of those visual images your child can learns at its best. Likewise, your child may like to read poem, text books, or diagrams, which is difficult to understand but with the help of those image they can learn easily. Visual learning is a prime learning system that used frequently in CBSE Board School in Howrah. If your child is best in visual learning, your child can draw or write what they are learning in details. This types of learning is very much entertaining.

Audio Learning System: The process of Audio learning system is comes under the uses of variant Audio sounds, listening Speeches, reading poems and many more.This is the most unique way of learning system by reading out in best schools which opens the brain of students. The idea of reading and watching is the best combination of one leaning method. One can read and see the image that will build the creativity.

Verbal Learning System: The process of Verbal learning system is comes under the uses of various curriculum activities. Writing or speaking and many more are comes under the verbal learning system.The proper reading and writing will lead to success in future. It will help your child by participating in many GD, quiz competition, anchoring function, and different curriculum activities. The verbal techniques are similar to the audio learners. This technique will give your child differentlearning system. As a part of parents, one should teach the lesson of your child or complete their homework by applying different learning system.

Physical Learning System: The process of physical learning system is comes under the uses of various curriculum activities, physical activities. By the help of the physical learning system your child can learns can improve the body language for different activities under CBSE Board School in Howrah. Physical learning system comes under the uses of hands in delivering speech, body function while reading, formulation of hands while talking, applying good sense. It develop the brains in a major way that formulate the productivity of success in future.

Social Learning System: The process of sociallearning system is comes under the uses of different Group activities like projects, discussion in different activities, group work. The social leaning system can grow your child brain more actively by the different study method like group studies. In research by the expert, it is to be said that group studies functions students brains and help them in understanding their problems more accurately in compare to single studies.

Hence, we learn the different types of learning system which can build your child growth and help them in learning in a different way. Also, with the best learning method it is also important to provide one best cbse board school for better educational guidance for your child.

Best CBSE school in Howrah are trying out different learning strategies to give the best teaching experience.

Despite the best teaching method you provide to keep them engaged throughout the classroom is still a challenging subject.

In today’s blog, we bring you few important steps that you can apply to make engage your students to their learning methods personally.

CBSE School in Howrah


Warm up Classes:

A good warm up classes can give the positive enthusiasm to students who grasp the lessons. So it’s good to startthe day with fun and warm up session. One of the Interesting activities is to let them writea story, short games, free hand dancing, Hand-Clapping etc. These are the most interesting activities, which gives the best energy to students for rest of the day.

Quick Writing:

When you finished a particular class in CBSE School in Howrah, you can ask them for a quick story writing about the Particular the class. This will give the clearance about the class and understanding method of students what you taught them. This is the best way to keep students engaged in classrooms while study.

Encouragement Questions:

Teachers should intake a habit of asking encourage questions in the middle of their classes. The questions could be relates to the subjects of the classes in CBSE School in Howrah. This activity will clear and ensure the students problems and also helps in open minds, Also the activity will clear the doubts regarding the subjects that was taught.

This makes the classroom sessions more interesting. This development will helps them to judge the lessons better. By asking questions and receiving answers, students can get a deep interest in the particular subject.

Best teaching Style:

Most of the CBSE School in Howrah  applies best teaching style in a classroom, which gives a positive feedback. Regular classes would start creates boredom among students. The students will slowly start losing their interest into the classes. In order to avoid the boredom teachers should teach in the best style they can. Mix the fun in the middle of the classes by some activities, Interesting questions, Jokes etc. So it is better to mix the teaching styles often to avoid the boredom and makes them a better learning experience in future.

Indoor Games:

This is one of the best and pro-active ways to teach students as they would always excited to indulgein a gaming experience. The combinations of teaching and gaming is the best tricks to keep them engage in a study. At the end of the particular classes teacher should organize one small game for every students. This will make them for energetic and active for the next classes also. Games such as education bingo and other educational games can be included to enhance their memory.

To improve the vocabulary students should involve with vocabulary games such as ‘sentence race’ ‘Jumble paragraph’ etc. Creativity games, team work and competition games are the others games to keep them engage in learning.

School Application

Advanced technology to the classroom will make the students engaging to their study.

An educational application with different facilities will make them interesting in learning more. This will also remove the boredom from the classroom. Such application will provide best educational video, motivational video, puzzle games and all other interesting activities keep them engage in studies.

The educational system in the CBSE board is the most significant terms. It’s Education system consists of primary, secondary, and senior secondary grades. The proper education under CBSE board allows children to not just learn and prepare for the future, but also lays the foundation for a great career ahead. Importance of School impliesas its work hard and innovatively towards increasing the standard of education in our country. There are several school in Howrah maintain its best performance the field of Education, that makes it people best choices school in Howrah:

CBSE School in Howrah

Popular in Locality:

CBSE is one of the most preferred boards in Howrah. It follows the curriculum activities along with its additional subject matter. The CBSE syllabus is well structured, Well demand and highly predictable. The board conducts two examination: One with AISSE (CLASS-X) and AISSCE (CLASS-XII).


Maintain Regularity:

CBSE schools are spread across all over India. The pattern of study, Syllabus and books are same in every states. This is quite accessible for every Government employees who are having transfer job. They could shift to any corner of the places and resume their studies from middle.


Well Structure:

CBSE is based on NCERT and the syllabus of CBSE is quite easier in compare to other boards. It has a no. of subjects based on class 10th and 12th. The subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Biology based on Science. History, Geography and Civics are based on Social Science. Other General Subjects are English, Hindi, Sanskrit (Optional).


Build Confidence:

CBSE helps in building confidence to each and every aspirants with it’s studies and Co curriculum activities. The number of co curriculum activities boost confidence and help in developing personality. Importance of school is that it’s giving opportunity to every students to innovate their skills and build confidence accordingly.


Social Activities:

CBSE schools always give importance to social activities. Some of the school in Howrah inspire by putting lot of efforts in Co curriculum activities or Co Scholastic activities and finally they tried to put some valuable message or Conclusion across city. This social work is very much appreciable across people that made it’s one of the school in howrah like “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”. They organised various Social activities like Awareness of Population, Road Safety, Clean Movement, Pollution Control Activities and many more. This activities gives valuable messages across the city.



CBSE spread all across the Country and maintain its chain system while it’s education, curriculum activities, events, annual functions. Every activities is as important as it could be. These activities play a major role in every students of CBSE. It helps them in growing gradually, increase confidence, make them a better person, better career maker, Bright students. CBSE made its every activities in an unite way. It always believe in Team Work. The team work plays an important role in all these activities, Without having better team work one cannot compete it’s role.

The growth and development of our child in future depends a lot on what we build today and that includes development of students and best guidance by parents social responsibilities for career, Also Choosing a right career is not only a role of Parents but a school also plays a vital role as well. Hence, it’s very Important for a parents to give admission in top school in howrahwhich provide better guidance for choose a career for a child. Let’s find out how you being a parents help your child in choosing right career for them.

choose a career

Encouragement : From the first day of school, encourage your child to build self strengths, and not focus on any weakness for the best career. One of the leading Educational Institute is the best for admission in school, “Sudhir Memorial Institutes Liluah”, which provide best encouragement in One individual Child.

Better Bonding: Always trust your child in choosing a field of his own choice, so that he can build his natural abilities and passion without being bored.

Routine: To make the better structure of life we must create the best routine. Good job and good career needs good education. In order to get these, Parents must focus on their daily lives so that they could get the good university or colleges to graduate with good marks. Hence, it is important to give a top school in howrah which provide best education for a bright career.

Enhance Discipline Life: To maintain a good academic record you have to build a good habits and Discipline. Hence it is essential that from the Childhood period, you must maintain fixed routine for your child. A good Routine helps in setting discipline and create a best academic result. It also help for choose a career in future.

Life Skills: We believes in building the best life skills so that our would prepared for any challenges and changes in coming future for a career. Hence the Life skills we need to develop in our children are, Better resilience, Ability to do group work, Problem-solving attitude, Better Communication, Good Leadership, Ability to adapt, Will power, Creative thinking, Creative mind, Ability to stay calm, Ability to wait for right turn, Enthusiasm, Best Time management skills, Decision making ability.

Be Supportive: Always support your child to maintain a strong positive self-image, and build self-confidence. Which is very important for choose a career in future. Supportive and having an open conversation with your child can build their career more better and brighter being employer and entrepreneurship.

Co-curricular Activities: Co- Curricular activities is a key root of any social development. By focusing on improving these scenario through education a larger objectives can be achieved. In order to provide the best career guidance to your child “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” is the top school in howrahwhich Encourage your children in co-curricular activities for the best result in future.

One of the most difficult role of becoming a teacher is learning how to Inspire or motivate your students in every aspects of Life. It is also one of the most important responsibilities of a teachers apart from just teaching. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” (SMIL) one of the best howrah CBSE school plays an important role in Motivating students. The teachers of SMIL play a big role in inspiring like Education, Co curriculum activities, Co Scholastic activities, Sports or Moral Values etc.. The motivational activities are not just limited to those activities but it also inspired in many growing activities like Personality Development or Growing sectors also inspired to depressed students in a successive way.

motivating students

There are various risk factors lying in between the Motivational activities. If you can’t be able to deliberate the proper motivational speech students will not retain or participate in your Motivational activities. There are various reasons a students may be unmotivated. For e.g: Poor Speech, Lack of content, Students not finding interest in subjects. In order to avoid such circumstances a teacher should implement such motivational activities which entertain students in a major way and search the weakness of students where they actually lack behind.

Here are 4 effective ways to Motivating your students about learning:

Explain Briefly: Some Students are very intelligent and brilliant in every task they perform and some of them are not intelligent and poor in every task, don’t understand the lesson or the assignment. Teachers should focus and spend more time explaining the weak topics, using a creative and interesting method to it.

Encourage Students: Students are always expecting more from teachers like approval and positive reinforcement, and are more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if they feel their work is being appreciated and valued at best. We should encourage open communication and free thinking with our students so they can speak freely and give innovative and creative ideas. Be a Great Motivator. We proud to announce that some list of cbse school in howrah Praise their students wisely. Recognize their talent and contribution for each and every activities they perform. This praise for students can lead a long way to success.

Care: Sometime an extra concern and a better care inspire other. Faculty Members of “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” cbse school of howrah Showing a better care and concern that helps in motivating students to learn. This valuable things makes and lets them know that the teacher is appreciable and reliable.

Get them Involved in activities: We remember the classis classes of 80’s-90’s . We appreciate the learning techniques of that era also but with the innovation of technology, the learning system of the “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” has changed. Like the structure of our class changed that makes it best english medium school in howrah. Techniques of teaching through games and discussions instead of speech, lectures, debate class, visual aids, Study with Flowchart & diagrams and videos. You can even show a motivational movie that attracts students with different scene, entertaining method that effectively motivate with certain topic or theme. Your physical classroom should never be boring “never ever”, Use different entertaining activities that mention above or one can use posters of different topic,projects and decorate seasonal themes for your classroom, and create a calm environment.

Every parent along with students are quite curious and wonder about his / her procedure of cbse school admission in howrah. Some of them are nervous or some of them are not. Putting these major issues in image “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” best howrah school for admission find a conclusion with the admission form should be standardized so that it will be easy for the parents to read and fill it accordingly without any difficulty. Online form filling process of cbse school admission howrah subject to simplification for the parents and students.

Admission guide howrah school

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” Best school in howrah provides facility to customize school admission in Howrah form. Our form Includesfew sections.

-Visit our School for Enquiry, fill up the Enquiry form and collect the Application Form 16th September 2019 onwards.

-Submit the Application form along with required documents mentioned below.

-An interview will be scheduled with the parent along with the child. That will notify to the parents Via Email/ SMS/Phone Call

-Once the interview done with parents and children one confirmed notification will be deliver to School.


Our school has an options to define date of birth criteria. It is useful for Juniors admissions in Nursery / KG where there is guidelines for date of birth during selection of the students. Form can be customized instantly and admission process will be activated in a short span of time.Let’s find out the details below.


  1. Admission Procedure :
  • The list of selected candidates will be Notifiedat the Registrar Office and on the School website of “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”.
  • The Admission procedure will notify to the parents of the selected candidates along with the fee slip. It is mandatory for the parents to be present and complete the admission formalities.
  • it is mandatory to submit the Original Transfer Certificate from the last school attended.
  • Fees once paid at the time of admission is non refundable, except the Caution Money in case of withdrawal.



Age Criteria:

Class Age Date as on:-
Toddlers If the child is 2 + 31st March 2020
Infant If the child is 2 + 31st March 2020
Infant-I If the child is 3 + 31st March 2020
Infant-II If the child is 4 + 31st March 2020
Class-I If the child is 5 + 31st March 2020
Class-II If the child is 6 + 31st March 2020
Class-III If the child is 7 + 31st March 2020
Class-IV If the child is 8 + 31st March 2020
Class-V If the child is 9 + 31st March 2020
Class-VI If the child is 10 + 31st March 2020
Class-VII If the child is 11 + 31st March 2020
Class-VIII If the child is 12 + 31st March 2020
Class-IX If the child is 13 + 31st March 2020
Class-X If the child is 14 + 31st March 2020
Class-XI If the child is 15 + 31st March 2020
Class-XII If the child is 16 + 31st March 2020


Documents Required for CBSE school admission Howrah:

  1. Three copy photo of student (Passport/Stamp size)
  1. Birth Certificate Photocopy
  1. Both Parents Photo-id Card Photocopy
  1. Both parent one copy photo each
  1. Address proof photocopy
  1. Vaccination/Immunization card photo copy (Only for infant, Prep-1, Prep-2)
  1. Mock Test/Pre Board result photocopy (Only for class 11)
  1. One Photocopy of Transfer Certificate

This is to announce the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has done big changes in educational systems of Class 10th & 12th. The Date Sheet and Exam pattern and questions pattern are going to be change in coming CBSE board school exam 2020. As, per new exam pattern, The CBSE is make implement to the School based / Internal assessment. The focus of Objective Question paper would be higher compare to the last year. Also, CBSE would like to hike the registration and examination fees for students in coming Board Exam.

CBSE board school

Hints of changes in Practical Exams date sheet which will be earlier by this year. The practical examination would likely to be conduct in December, 2019. According to the Recent Exam Pattern shared by class 10th, 12th, of the CBSE board school exam, 20 marks dedicated to the objective type or Multiple Choice Questions. The precise marks allocated to 1 mark for each and every questions in practical exam.

However, the official notification is yet to be announced from CBSE Board.

Based on NCERT most of the subjects, for Class 10 students, like Maths, Science, Physical Education etc. have a partition of 80+20 marks.Where 80 Marks contain questions and 20 Marks contain Practical. There will be no external examiners for Class 10th Practical exam.

However, for Class 12 students, there will be two types of partition – One with 70+30 partition and others subjects with 80+20 Partition . Where 80 Marks contain questions and 20 Marks contain Practical. There will be external examiners for Class 12th Practical exam. External Examiners will be appointed for the practical exams on every respective school. However, the board is yet to decide officially whether external examiners would be appointed by this year or will the exams be assessed internally, though last year the assessment was done externally.

Still after having all sources information we are still waiting for the CBSE to declared officially and implement in such changes for the better prevention in Educational System.

for more information cbse.nic.in

Best School in Howrah

“Our believe is our Success” At SMIL we believe in working extra co-curricular with our students to create them future global and responsible citizens who are not only well educated, but also well shaped and cultured and that made us best School in Howrah.

Co-curricular activities take what students are learning in the classroom and builds them a well competitors and performers in future.

“Sudhir Memorial Institute” a best schools in Howrah, inaugurated the attention Rally on eleventh July, 2019 in across the city to mark the globe Population Day celebrations with nice enthusiasm with nice enthusiasm. It was a campaign in order to raise awareness about global population issues.

Our main moto of organising this campaign is to make citizens to understand that “Excess of anything is bad” ,  Which also impact the Population. Our Little students embrace the organizing activities in a cultural and intensive manner. Well deserves activities had been delivered by the students of SMIL such as: spreading messages in aspects of ill-effects of increasing population through placards, slogan, painting, writing, small skit were held.

Co-curricular values play a very significant role in process of making students well responsive.It makes them learns different values in the modern and up-coming societies of India. For all-round development of personalities of the students co-curricular activities are consider to be very important now-a-days for every schools in Howrah.

We SMIL deeply analysed the importance of co-curricular activities. Basically when a child has had a full day at schools and comes homes tired and hungry, He will then go out for some extra co-curricular activities. This can includes many things and also depending on the child’s interest like: Music, Dancing, Musical Instrument- Guitar-Tabla- Keyboard, Creatives Arts, Language Learning, Events and cultural performance. These clubs and activities encourage our students to take deeper into activities and subject areas that they’re captivated with. Across all the innovation, extra-curricular, or co-curricular activities, our primary goal is to incite passion and provide a fun way for students to discover and embrace the spirit of relentless learning, inner as well as outer the classroom, so they can gain totally different interests, passions and personalities. This makes “Sudhir Memorial Institute” a best school in Howrah. 

The other good thing about extra-curricular activities is that after a day of learning in a classroom, children need to be able to let off steam. Unwinding by doing something creative and fun is a great way to do it.Through these activities, many values can be inculcated profitably. Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the modern school curriculum. They should be made more and more purpose and fruitful as well as value oriented with the democratic base and purposeful pursuit. This can be done, provided children have an opportunity of having living experience of moral life through these activities.

Last but not least We are truly grateful by the little members and teachers for organizing this big events and making the citizens aware with the fact that Population could be a threatening storms in future. We must take an important lessons in order to control the population of India and should focus on rising the India rather than falling the growth and development. “Sudhir Memorial Institute” best school in Howrah can invariably be pleased with our students for creating it best faculty in Howrah and appreciating for taking participation in such a major events once more and once more.


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