What are Some Essential Safety Precautions During Rainy Season ?

Monsoon is loved by people of every ages – whether younger generation, kids or the old ones. Why do we love monsoon ? It may be because of the perfect temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold, and gentle breeze that is always blowing, and may be you just like the sound and smell of the rain that makes you want to cook or sleep.

The Power of Imagination: How Students Invent Their Own Stories

It is imperative to encourage imaginative kids for your child’s creativity. Kids need a place to let their ideas flow as freely as possible. To promote a space where your kids can let their imagination run and create beautiful things out of that.. For CBSE school admission in Howrah, visit the website and enrol your child’s name.

How to develop reading habits in young children?

By following these tips and incorporating them into your daily routine, you can foster a lifelong love for reading in your young children. Remember, patience and consistency are key. Encourage their curiosity, make reading enjoyable, and provide a supportive environment. Through your guidance and nurturing, you will empower your children to become lifelong readers and learners.

Five Best Strategies to Achieve Classroom Discipline

Do you think that silence looming over in the classroom and blank faces all across the desks are the classroom discipline? No, it’s not, the classroom discipline is a complex concept especially with its layer of subjectivity.

Tips on How You Can Make a Better Report Card

There are many types of students seen in every school; some are intelligent while some are weak. And for some reason, it is seen that their report cards vary. Basically, report cards depend on schools’ progress and how the teachers teach in the class and also depend on the school environment. So, you must ensure… Continue reading Tips on How You Can Make a Better Report Card

How having a hobby helps in a child’s development

In conclusion, having a hobby has many benefits for children’s development. So, why would not you opt for cbse school admission in Howrah? It will be the best option for to opt for best English medium school in Howrah which provides social and emotional support.

Diwali Decoration Ideas That Could Excite Your Child

Every child gets excited after hearing about the Diwali festival. It is a festival of light and happiness. Just like the Diwali light, how beautiful it will be to see your child’s face brightened with a ray of happiness. Each and every kid eagerly waits for this festival every year. This time, schools are closed… Continue reading Diwali Decoration Ideas That Could Excite Your Child

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