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The purpose of Schools is to build the better environment and provide the various facilities for better education. Here are the list of school facilities from the top cbse school in howrah.

Libraries: One of the most important areas of top cbse school in howrah is a library because what you cannot find on the website and other resources, you can simply find within the walls of a library. Impressive Books, Fiction & Non-fiction, newspaper, magazine, Comics, Literatures etc. The number of books Inspired students in studying and make full use of libraries. The more interesting books will increase the volume of students and love for the books. Make good use of Internet facilities for research and Projects. Recruit a highly qualified person as a librarian who has a depth knowledge of books. A library should looks Hi-Tech in order to make I ease for the students.

school facilities

Computer Lab:The importance of the computers and its feature is increasing rapidly. Students are learning computers at an alarming rate, their minds are open to the computer technologies hardware and software. Top cbse schools in howrah have modern generations of computers with Internet connectivity. The computers have hi-graphics and unlimited features which make a Hi- technology Lab. These influence students to learn computers more and more.

Modern Classroom: The innovation of the technology also update the education systems across India. Every Best CBSE Schools are Installed LED or Projectors in order to make a smart class. These features increase the motive of Educations in India.

E-Learning: The utilisation of E-learning facilities in school are well adopt by the top CBSE school in howrah. The students can easily be able to access the study material of particular classes and managed to perform in schools.

Teachers & Co-teachers: This is the most unique and prime features of our school having one Prime teacher and Co-teacher for each and every subjects. This features also implies to the Libraries,  Laboratory, Computer lab. This features is mainly to resist the back benchers gossiping and to avoid the bad activities in the middle of the classes.

Science Lab: The top cbse school in howrah provides the best lab equipment for the safety of the students. The entire experiments should be performed under the guidance of a trained Lab Assistant / teacher to ensure the lab safety regulations in the school. We have 3 basic lab sections: Physics / Chemistry / Biology.

Kindergarten Activities:The kindergarten has well built with a wide-room and variant features for kids. The kids can study, play and do others activities. It has a long play area fully covered as per the safety measurements of kids. These features will increase the interest of young kids in education.

Sports: The top cbse school in howrah is Inborn in organizing sports activities and co-curricular activities in their Schools. A School is the place whichcreates different format of sports for their students. These will increase the skills of students in their schools. The following organising sports are: Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Race tracks, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, yoga, Gymnastics, table tennis Etc. It helps to develop various facets of the personality development of the students. Also it enable the personality development and physical fitness of the students.

Auditorium:We have the most latest and modernize techniques of Auditorium. Each month we organized many important events based on studies, non-studies, Scientific, technical events.

Overall development: Apart from studies, our school also initiates the overall development of one students in Dancing, Acting, Organizing events, Anchoring, Sports etc. We also focus on organizing some events which spread the valuable message to the students in developing self-esteem upon them.

Medical Room: Our schools have the at most priorities about the health of each one of the students. We facilitates the top medical facilities in terms of any unavoidable circumstances. We have well equipped health unit members associated with “Apollo”.

Transport: We have the wide transport facilities in school across Kolkata/Howrah. It provide door-to-door pick-up and drop facilities. Our transport has fully safe and well responsible towards child.

Apps: Top cbse school in howrah has its own Mobile App in order to communicate with their Students and Parents. The Mobile App has full access of students and parents. The students can get the detail information about school classes, faculties, schedules and many more. The parents can also regulate the features from App like attendance, Classes information, extra curriculum activities and faculty members etc. This will lead todiscipline of Students for its Educational Future.

E-Learning in school is effective and powerful with the new digital changes with new techniques. It provide relevant information in an easy mode with it’s smart feature. It provides the best ability and different source to learning method that implement among the learners. The online learning format is best suited to all of us. Whether, It’s Child, students, Man, Women. The learning method is 24X7 and people can learn anywhere and anytime. This brings a huge changes in learning method of our current generation. The relevant information can be accessed anywhere or at any corner, and shared anywhere. E-Learning has made education so fun and easy for all of us. We all can learn at glance and could distribute in any circumstances. There are different types of e learning in best school in Howrah, that help in remembering knowledge for a longer time. Let have a look up in different types of e learning.

types of e-learning


Types of e learning :

Complete Online Class:

This form is completely online classes and the sources of educations comes through web browsers. The best part of Online Classes is that, they can learnwith the new access at any time with their own pace, within the particular time. No matter if it’s traffic issues, bad weather conditions, or any unavoidable circumstances. You do not need to travel anywhere for your education, neither you have to attend the training Centers. All you can sit at your home and get your educations and training.


Computer Based Learning:

This form of leaning method is offline on computers. This type of classic training worked unexceptional before the birth of the Internet. It allows all aspirants to learn at their own speed and while doing so the entire training process is trackedon the computer, and accordingly we assign theprogress of training. The trainer can also track the entire training process of learners. To act this type of learning process one need various tools and elements to provide the education.


Audio Classroom:

The Audio forms of classes are based on both Online and Offline formats. The Audio based on classes are available in online format where learners can learn instantly. The offline based on classes are also available for computer based learners who learn through CD- ROMS and other electronics devices. The Audio Classes are helps in remembering the education for a long duration.


Video Classroom:

It is an online forms of classes through which learners can learn the training right from the Home or at any comfort place. This looks almost like a traditional classroom, but the difference is that you don’t need to visit any Schools, Colleges, or any Coaching Institute for your Education. One can login from any places and join the training Classes. This types of e learning classes are also known as synchronous process where Learner and trainer can interact directly at the time of Classes.Web conference, Video conference are part of this techniques. The best way to saveyour money and time at one stop.


Mobile E-Learning:

Nowadays Mobile e-learning is a top pick of e-learning in the world. In this form of learning, all you need to access your Mobile to learn the Learning method, No matter anywhere or anytime you can simply learn through Off-line or On-line process. Mobile learning are also allows students to Interact, meet, and learn with their synchronize method.

In this type of learning method, both the instructor and learners interact with each other and share their own methods, prospectsin either offline or online mode.

Finally, We learn the types and significance of E-Learning that provide us a digital learning process. In order to provide the same digitized learning to your Childs, Give them Admission in best school in Howrah which has a complete Digital Based Teaching System like “Sudhir Memorial Institite Liluah” .

SMIL inspires students to create the highest grandest vision for their lives and empowers them to believe in themselves and to know that they have the power to become who they believe themselves to be.

Every parent along with students are quite curious and wonder about his / her procedure of cbse school admission in howrah. Some of them are nervous or some of them are not. Putting these major issues in image “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” best howrah school for admission find a conclusion with the admission form should be standardized so that it will be easy for the parents to read and fill it accordingly without any difficulty. Online form filling process of cbse school admission howrah subject to simplification for the parents and students.

Admission guide howrah school

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” Best school in howrah provides facility to customize school admission in Howrah form. Our form Includesfew sections.

-Visit our School for Enquiry, fill up the Enquiry form and collect the Application Form 16th September 2019 onwards.

-Submit the Application form along with required documents mentioned below.

-An interview will be scheduled with the parent along with the child. That will notify to the parents Via Email/ SMS/Phone Call

-Once the interview done with parents and children one confirmed notification will be deliver to School.


Our school has an options to define date of birth criteria. It is useful for Juniors admissions in Nursery / KG where there is guidelines for date of birth during selection of the students. Form can be customized instantly and admission process will be activated in a short span of time.Let’s find out the details below.


  1. Admission Procedure :
  • The list of selected candidates will be Notifiedat the Registrar Office and on the School website of “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”.
  • The Admission procedure will notify to the parents of the selected candidates along with the fee slip. It is mandatory for the parents to be present and complete the admission formalities.
  • it is mandatory to submit the Original Transfer Certificate from the last school attended.
  • Fees once paid at the time of admission is non refundable, except the Caution Money in case of withdrawal.



Age Criteria:

Class Age Date as on:-
Toddlers If the child is 2 + 31st March 2020
Infant If the child is 2 + 31st March 2020
Infant-I If the child is 3 + 31st March 2020
Infant-II If the child is 4 + 31st March 2020
Class-I If the child is 5 + 31st March 2020
Class-II If the child is 6 + 31st March 2020
Class-III If the child is 7 + 31st March 2020
Class-IV If the child is 8 + 31st March 2020
Class-V If the child is 9 + 31st March 2020
Class-VI If the child is 10 + 31st March 2020
Class-VII If the child is 11 + 31st March 2020
Class-VIII If the child is 12 + 31st March 2020
Class-IX If the child is 13 + 31st March 2020
Class-X If the child is 14 + 31st March 2020
Class-XI If the child is 15 + 31st March 2020
Class-XII If the child is 16 + 31st March 2020


Documents Required for CBSE school admission Howrah:

  1. Three copy photo of student (Passport/Stamp size)
  1. Birth Certificate Photocopy
  1. Both Parents Photo-id Card Photocopy
  1. Both parent one copy photo each
  1. Address proof photocopy
  1. Vaccination/Immunization card photo copy (Only for infant, Prep-1, Prep-2)
  1. Mock Test/Pre Board result photocopy (Only for class 11)
  1. One Photocopy of Transfer Certificate

Teacher and student relationship is the most respectful and powerful relationship in our life.  After our parents, teacher plays an essential and efficient role in our lives. So, it’s very important for the teachers to cope up with their students and play an important role by teaching them the laws of universe, to make them understand what is right or wrong, to make them sensible and analysis things wisely. So, following are the few points about teacher and students relationship in top CBSE schools in howrah that make you understand how you can become a most trustworthy person to your students.

  • Get to know the students by name as quickly as possible-

Before the mid break (summer vacation) try to learn the names of every students along with knowing their interests, hobbies, passion etc. It will give you an easy access to know about them and the students too will also appreciate the fact.

  • Use positive comments when appropriate-

Appreciate all the little things your student is trying to do. Encourage them and guide them. Approach them with positive comments and try to make them believe and recognize their potential.

  • Be passion and enthusiastic while teaching

While teaching, if you enthusiastic about your content or subjects, then students will surely going to gain interest in your content which will lead to a great and energetic teaching sessions. Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, believes that through this process students can learn and memorize their chapter more easily.

  • Try to avoid to use of threats and punishments-

Students make mistakes and that’s a valid point. Being a good teacher, you need to control the situation more professionally. You can use time-out procedure rather giving them punishment. This will make you understand what they want and you can figure it out.

  • Have a positive attitude while teaching-

Everyone had their own personal life and have their own personal problems, but before you enter into the class, make sure that you left all your personal problems outside the classroom. Make sure that your students may not face any trouble regarding your mood swings or about your personal life. It gives a negative impact to the student which can also make you their hated teacher.

  • Treat them with respect-

You can’t earn respect, unless you know how to give respect. Students learn what they see from their elder ones. So, teacher should treat every student equally. Top CBSE Schools in Howrah believe that every student should be treated equally and wisely.  You need to manage both student and situation carefully.

  • To know about some personal things about students

It is necessary to know what your students like in extra-curricular activities apart from studying. Go and visit when your students while they are playing, participate in that game and talk to them about their interests and passions, even if you two don’t share the same interests. Encourage them.

  • Adopt story telling into lessons-

Students always love to learn lessons, if they are taught by employing the method of interesting story telling. It helps the students to relate and they visualize things and gets connect with the circumstances more easily.

  • Provide structure-

Teacher should provide structure to the student. This gives the students a healthy and positive attitude towards the classroom.

  • Conduct a values analysis discussion about some current events or topic

Before proceeding in this activity, you need to maintain and follow some rules. When you approach them with the topic, make sure that everyone are listening, paying proper attention and everyone should give their personal opinion.

Teaching is an art, and usually we find teachers resorting to the traditional method of classroom lectures; which can bore the students. Eventually the students resort to day dreaming, bird watching from the class, counting the minutes to the bell and so on. This is when you being a teacher, can use some effective methods, to keep the child interested rather than the usual shouting and punishments in class. There is a CBSE school Howrah namely Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah has adopted innovative teaching methods to impart knowledge to its students.

Some of these tips from CBSE school Howrah, can help you keep your students engaged in class, as they learn the day’s lesson.

Firstly, be honest, friendly and firm. No student wants an Adolf Hitler as their teacher, but rather a person on whom they can rely upon for help. See that the work assigned is to their level, simple addition cannot be given to class eight students it will bore them easily, or give them problems on permutations and combinations it will make them lose interest. Rather give them topics such as problems on mensuration, time and speed, and Pythagoras Theorem.

Secondly, connect what you teach with real life. This is especially applied in the case of teaching socially deprived children. For a playschool teacher, always teach them each alphabet with an example of an object in real life. For example instead of teach D for dinosaur, teach them D for dog. Teach them things which they can relate to their culture. You cannot teach Indian children about Halloween because that is celebrated in western countries not in India. Link their routines with learning. For example the concept of body parts can also taught by discussing daily routine activities such as washing hands, bathing, and brushing of teeth.

Thirdly, give them choices. Allow them to form groups, and choose a topic to work on. This will keep their interest, bring out their leadership skills, and help them to understand the concept of team work, as they work for the same topic.  Let them work at their own pace.

Fourthly, use methods of audio-visual learning. Nothing is better than audio-visual learning, as this captures the attention of students. This can be from movies to even puppet shows, and small skits. Play school students can be taught morals and manners, by narrating story with flash cards. For primary to middle school children, puppet shows can be arranged to teach them about health and hygiene, such as importance to keep your environment clean.

Fifthly, learn and use their interests and fascinations. If a student in your class is interested in cars the Physics teacher can use this and tell about how simple machines and levers are important in the case of making and repairs of cars.

Last but not the least; do not use the same teaching method everyday. Once the students get used to the teaching method they will get tired and resort to methods of portraying their disinterest in the topic. Therefore, best way is to mix up your teaching methods.

Using these six tips, a teacher will not only have the attention of his students, but will also be able to keep them engaged in their work. Because to learn something, needs proper concentration, which can never be gained by disinterest in the subject in CBSE school Howrah.

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