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Reading is essential, indispensable and crucial. It bears immense impact on your child’s emotional and intellectual development. Parents also have a huge role on how swiftly their child learns to read. It’s their foremost duty to encourage their child to read. Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, Howrah CBSE school being considered as one of the top CBSE affiliated school in Howrah advises parents to take measurable steps to upgrade their child’s reading.

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Here are six essential tips to improve your child’s reading:

A timetable for everything: It is advised to set a regular time to read to your children. Studies have shown that well organized reading out loud to your children will yield noteworthy gains in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and the deciphering of words. It will increase their inclination towards reading.

Engage your child with wide varieties of readingIt is often helpful when a wide variety of something is placed in front you. Similarly introduce your child to wide varieties of reading activities. Make them read menus, roadside signs, weather reports and newspapers. Likewise always provide them with something to read in their spare time

Educate yourself with your child’s progressInvolve yourself with your child’s reading habit. Check their regular progress. Ask them about their reading experience.

Induce a library habitParents are asked to induce a habit of visiting library, in their child. Library increases the passion for reading. Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, Howrah CBSE school a top CBSE affiliated school in Howrah, has a library containing more than 5000 books and about 4000 books are added every year.

 Look for reading issuesTeachers may not address your child’s reading problem individually. Parents need to come forward in this matter. They must comprehend any issue that their child may face while reading. Create a habit of looking into dictionaries if there is any problem regarding vocabulary.

Show keenness for your child’s readingAs a parent your reaction towards your child’s reading habit is towering. Never show a negative attitude towards them. If you show eagerness towards their reading habit, they will be more encouraged to read, which is important.

 Your child’s mental stability is way more important than their grades. Reading good books, newspaper will not only keep them from being pressurized to achieve good grades but will also allow them to visualize the world with their  thoughts and ideas.

Parental involvement is often construed as a keystone in a child’s education. Parental involvement is fringed with proper behavior, regular attendance and commendable attitude; being involved, shows your mindfulness about his or her education. Children appreciate the involvement.  They are able to perceive immense amount of support the parent shows through their involvement. A child’s academic journey becomes much easier when the parents stay involved. Likewise parents have a clear view of their child’s education.  Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, Howrah Best CBSE school encourages parental involvement to a healthy level.

Howrah best cbse school

Now the question arrives why get involved?

Involvement does not synonymies interference. As a parent, one should realize the value of their involvement in their child’s life. Involvement caters for the social need of a child.

Benefit for the parents Like the child, parents also are not deprived of benefit from getting involved in their child’s life. Here are few added benefits a parent can get through their involvement in their child’s education.

 1)  Increase your interaction with your child- Interacting with your child is one of greatest concern of parenting. But if one is able to do that then it will definitely be of great aid. Just ask your child how was his/her day? What did he/she learn today? Show them that you can understand their thoughts and feelings make them feel comfortable to talk to you. Once a child perceives that he/she can trust you, then it will be much easier for parents to participate in their educational pursuit in a fun way.

 2)  Your perception about the school improves- Howrah best CBSE school encourages to parents they should have a clear perception about the school. When they start interacting with their child, they get to know more about the school, which is a requirement nowadays. They have a good understanding of the teachers and the school curriculum.

Benefit for the child Children tend to attain good scores and be more driven when parents are involved. Parental involvement provides them with the desired attention and praise.  Let’s ponder into some aid a child could get through parental involvement.

 Learns Discipline – Discipline is no longer a factor of worry as long as parental involvement is provided at healthy level. They tends to comprehend organization and instructions properly.

Higher level of dedication– A child tends to fill up an empty state with things he/she sees. So if a child views dedication from their parents, they will try to imitate the same. Later that imitation turns into real deal. They become much more engaged with their study.

Conclusion requires only one thing to highlight-If you really invest a part of life towards your child’s future, you will not be disappointed. It will bear good results.


Parenthood is not only about how you bring up your child, but also about how you help him/her to do what he/she is best at. It is very important for parents to identify the talent of your kids and help them live their dreams. You might think how you can find out the best aptitude of your child, Right? You just need to follow some simple steps and you will come to know what your child likes to do the most. Furthermore, once you identify the talent of your child, Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah is there to offer its assistance and bring out the best from your child’s character. It is considered as the top CBSE schools Howrah  with all amenities necessary for children.

Here are four simple ways that you can follow in order to ensure your child gets a chance to pursue their dreams and excel in it.

  1. Keep looking for the talent: It is not necessary that you will catch your child’s talent at once. You need to keep a watch on their actions to find out their interests. Some kids keep whispering melodies at a stage where they don’t yet even know how to speak. Such habits may belong to someone who wants to make a career in singing. The extra-curricular activities of Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah are considered to make efforts to bring out the hidden talent of its students.
  2. Strengthen the talent: Only identifying the talent is not enough to enable the child to make the best of their interest. It is important for you to look whether he/she is working on improving it. Being parents you must ensure your children learn more and more to improve their talents to reach at the top. You can also rely on the teachers of Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah as they make equal efforts in making sure that talented students keep on improving every minute.
  3. Make resources available: When you know clearly that your child is interested in something specific, you should see to it that the required resources are made available to them. If your child is interested in painting, make sure a canvas and colors are bought for them to help work on their talent. The top CBSE schools Howrah, has drawing teachers that are well-qualified and can help the children to become skilled painters.
  4. Encourage your child: Most of the parents stress very much on academics. They expect a child’s best friend to be those school books. Some don’t care about what their children are interested in. According to them, only studious children are successful in life. Of course, studying is important but other talents like singing, dancing, painting, acting, etc. have also gained momentum in recent times. Hence, parents need to show their child that they are happy with what their child wants to achieve in life. Parent’s input in their child’s persuasion of dreams will make the child even happier.

There are many people who are of the view that listening is basically an automatic procedure. To an extent, it is true because it is very difficult to shut out noise that you find around you. However, effective listening is all about processing different sounds and responding to the sounds appropriately. Effective listening stands as one of the most important skills for learning and it is one of the most crucial things that you need for developing your child. Imbibing listening skills in students of different levels is something that is religiously practiced in the CBSE board schools in Howrah .

The Benefits of Teaching Listening Skills to Students

There are a large number of benefits of teaching listening skills to students. If a student learns to listen very well, he or she will be better at collecting, analyzing, storing and repossessing required information. Students who have good listening skills usually gain the ability of using information in making intuitive leaps required for understanding the things that they are taught at school. Students with good listening skills are also found to be good at their communication and language skills and they are quite strong at expressing their ideas, seeking clarifications and sharing their thought procedures. This has them gaining an increased interest in learning activities helping them consolidate their knowledge effectively. There are even some social advantages that students can fetch from their improved listening skills. Such students feel included in activities and this improves their self-esteem and self-confidence.  Students with great listening skills are able to gain good pleasure from different social activities and they also feel that they can get involved with others very easily.

How Can You Be of Good Help?

The schools engaged in providing modern education to students should always try out some methods that can help them in imbibing good listening skills in their students. Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, one of the CBSE board schools in Howrah takes on a number of activities for improving the listening skills of its students. These activities include playing games related to sound as these can help students in associating sound with meaning. They make use of rhyming games and songs to helps students learning almost anything from brushing their teeth to counting. Students can also be encouraged to listen carefully by taking them for sound walks. This way students are offered the scope of exploring the world with more than simple sight. Other activities that can be used for improving the listening skills of the students include playing different types of verbal word games and allowing the students to imitate the things or the people they find around themselves.


Sometimes, teachers and parents get infuriated when they find their students or their children not listening to then. This is not a child’s or a student’s problem, it is because he or she is completely absorbed into doing something that he or she is not able to respond. This means that a listening skill of the student or the child needs to be improved.

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