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The Importance of Robotics in Future is quite significant in Educational culture. It plays an important role to inflate in future. Some of the listed top school in Howrah, Introduced the Robotics terms in schools to improvised the skills and knowledge of a students. We SMIL briefly focus on the future skills of students. In order to discover the uniqueness we implies different techniques and skills for the development of students which result best in future for the students, Also let them become more creative in future.

Finding the best result of Robotics in Schools could be:

One can be a creative thinker, Engaged in social work, Prepare for the technology and update it accordingly, Get the ideas of programming skills in order to complete these bots of work, Great team work, and Fun and Incredible thoughts.

Rapidly advancing technology is a way of life today. We are in the middle of a technological renaissance and being technologically educated or updated is the need of the hour.Keeping that in mind a seminar was conducted on 17th January,2019 in One of the Top school in Howrah organized by MACTRON, a Robotics training institute from Howrah. The term ‘Robotics’ in itself being interesting naturally dragged the curiosity of the students.The speaker initiated the discussion with a warm interactive session. Surprising us with their previous knowledge on ‘Robotics’ few of the students responded very spontaneously. Concepts of Artificial intelligence(AI) & Machine Language seemed greek to the students while the speaker threw light on those. The students were shown VDO clippings of robots working in factories, medical surgeries, food processing,expeditions of NASA etc.

Top School Robotics

Altogether it was an interesting session which kept the students captivated throughout. Apparently it seemed that their overwhelming responses made it interesting for the organizers as well. In their feedback the students mentioned that they keenly anticipate that such informative sessions would be conducted in the school in the near future.

Importance of exercise is endless. Almost every individual in this world is well aware of the fact that exercise is significant in daily life. However, there are many people who do not have an exact idea about what exercise can actually do for them. The human body is designed and has evolved to be active on a regular basis. It is designed to move and if people do not remain active for a very long time, they are likely to develop a number of health problems.

Importance of Exercise and Good Health

Good health is very important for an individual because a person who is in good health serves as an inspiration for the others and is always the best choice for all forms of strenuous mental and physical activities. Healthy people are able to sleep better and this further helps them in improving their overall wellness while reducing stress. Healthy people are always in good mood and this gives them an improved sense of well-being. They always feel more relaxed and better than the ones who are not in possession of good health. Healthy people always tend to stay away from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. This is because they have reduced stress levels and they are very good at coping up with frustration. Keeping healthy and fit can also help in reducing the affects of aging. Getting admission into the best CBSE school in Howrah requires getting fit and healthy which further helps in serving as a responsible student in India.

Benefits of physical activity

There are a number of benefits of daily exercise and fitness maintenance and they are as follows:

Exercise Helps in Increasing Energy Levels

Physical exercise helps in improving the efficiency and the strength of the cardiovascular systems which enables an individual in getting more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. This enables students to have extra energy for enjoying fun stuff in their lives.

Exercise Helps in Improving Muscle Strength

If students stay active and keep their joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles flexible, it allows them to avoid injuries and in moving more easily. Strong ligaments and joints help in reducing the chances of lower back and joint pain in students which further helps in improving their performance at school.

physical Activity Helps in Maintaining Healthy Weight

Students who are a little obese and are unable to concentrate on their studies because of constant hunger and craving for food should always try and exercise on a regular basis. This is because exercise helps in maintaining healthy weight which improves the overall well-being of a student. So, if you are looking forward to getting admitted in the best CBSE school in Howrah region, it is important for you to exercise on a regular basis.

How Much should a Student Exercise Daily?

As per the American College of Sports Medicine, adults between 19 and 64 years of age should exercise on a regular basis in order to stay healthy. Students should try and get minimum 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises every week.

Exercising is always good for a student’s life because it gets the heart rate up and offers enough pleasure enabling students to get healthier day by day.

Learning occurs in all areas as the child passes from childhood to adulthood. Play is the language of childhood that provides enjoyment and recreation. Much before the burden of academics is imposed on children; playful activities allow a child to explore the world around them. These activities allow parent-child bonding and involve spontaneous actions. Thus, play performs an extremely crucial role in the healthy development of a child by making them active and cognitive.

Usefulness of Play for babies and children-

Though there is no clear definition to the word ‘Play’ it can be defined as an activity that allows the child to be free and innovative. As the child develops, he or she should be encouraged to participate in activities where the child gets a scope to indulge in games. Activities that involve I.Q or mind sharpening games help in the development of sensory, motor as well as social emotional experiences. Montessori houses are seen emphasizing on play during the formative years of a child. Regular challenging of oneself through brain games helps a child to train their memory and concentration. It is through games and activities; the child learns creativity along with problem-solving skill and learns how to thwart emotional problems.

Benefits of play for both the child and the adult-

Play is often considered a contrasting with the idea of work. It is considered as something insignificant that children indulge into. However, the concept of fun and games is changing and is gaining more and more importance with the passing times. Children flourish with creative play and are very significant in the learning process. Play contents comprise of visual-timer sets, dolls, emotion cards and other brain-stimulating set-ups. These items allow the child to increase the scope of imagination and help them identify emotions and feelings.

Psychological effects of play-

In the growing phase a child passes through various stages of development. The growing child when comes in contact with the toys, learns how things work. Toys help to build up the motor senses and as a result the child learns to co-operate with others. They learn to develop their dexterity and a child at the age of 1 or 2 learns to grab and nibble with these items of play. Not only the child but an adolescent too gains immensely from the play activities. Like the Montessori has activities developed for the growing brain similarly the schools also try to incorporate sports in their regular activities for the growing adolescent.

Why to incorporate play in classrooms?

In the recent times of heavy academic burden the classrooms are losing the fun and creativity. Erosion of fun activities and declined opportunities of children to stay active can have serious health effects. It is extremely necessary for adolescents and adults to take out time to play. Since students don’t have ample time to devote because of their busy schedules, schools should provide healthy and playful atmosphere. Classrooms and school activities must incorporate occasions where learning would take place with interactive sessions.

One of the Top CBSE School in Howrah is Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah. It is this school that combines studies with activities. The school highly believes that only textual information is not enough for an all-round development of a child. Quality education along with co-curricular activities is what makes the school the best amongst the rest of the schools. The school provides a house of activities under the spectrum of in-house activities by its PanchMukhiSiksha and hosts Sports Events as well as Annual functions periodically. It has a great infrastructure with special amenities like Gymnasium, Swimming pool and auditoriums for the overall development of the child. Thus, SMIL provides a platform for students to grow intellectually, morally and physically.

Presently it has been noticed in every household that children do not like to go outside. Generally, they like to play inside with their gaming consoles. They keep themselves engaged by watching cartoons on TV.

It is very much important to make them experience the outside world properly. TV or video games are not the only way to play or have fun. Especially the preschoolers must learn the habit of playing outside. Or else they would know the outer world only in a limited way.

For their healthy growth and all round development, kids must play outside. The prime responsibility of the parents is to look after whether their kids are playing outside or not.

In many schools there is a practice of decreasing recess time in a view to give more academic training. On the contrary, several researches say that children who go outside scores more marks than kids who don’t get involved in outdoor games. Research also specifies that children who only stay at house will never be active. Due to sitting back at home, their obesity rate also grows rapidly.

Playing with sandboxes, painting outdoors, collecting leaves will let the kids know about practical skills. This process will not only provide lot of amusement but also make them active.

Spending time at outside helps to make the kid social, mentally fit, physically active and academically brilliant.

It is never late to make your child play outside:-

If your child does not play outside, then it is the right time to stand up and fold your sleeves. Take initiatives by adopting several measures such as- make them a map to find treasures, plant a flower garden to look after by them. Or you can go for a hike. Have a swimming session with your child. It will not only provide physical fitness but also you can spend a quality time with him.

Do you know?

Having contact with nature can reduce stress and lead to fewer sickness. Kids, who help in gardening in school or home, have healthier habits of eating food and they pay more attention in scientific learning. It is also noticed in the research that children who are involved with nature can be mentally alert and play better with other peer member.

What study says?

According to a study, playing in a natural environment improves co-ordination. An active child gives better concentration, and shows improved result in academics. It also helps in gaining more knowledge and developing better understanding. It also makes a child physically strong and improves the communication, self confidence, self reliance and social skills.

Important benefits-

Some other important benefits of playing outside the classroom are- It builds respect for other living being of nature, helps to excel leadership quality, reduces anxiety, increases vocabulary and it also improves listening skills in a child

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah offers a huge playground in a view to make its students avail the benefits of playing outside. SMI aims for overall development of its students. That is why it is considered as the Best CBSE School in Howrah.


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