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The rising and development of school-age children are very important as it provides lots of learning opportunities. During the time of school age, the children are surrounded by various activities. Therefore, it gives them the energy to read and think of any activities. During the school-age time, children are having lots of energy to learn as many activities as they can. Hence, parents find it very awesome in providing education to them. There are several cbse affiliated schools in howrah that provide excellent guidelines to their children from the beginning of the education. In this blog, we will discuss the rising and development of school-age children for the best benefits of their education.

The rising and development of school age children


Make fun learning process

During the school-age of children, their mind always generates with games, fun, and many more. Hence, we need to provide education in such a way that gives them enjoyment, relaxation, and fun. It is the prime responsibility of the teachers to provide the fun learning process to their children for having better growth and opportunities. During the fun learning process, children easily learn the topic and method of education. It also helps the teachers to teach them better prospects. Get the top faculty member from the best cbse school howrah that provides an excellent fun learning process for the children.

Give them applaud

Giving applaud and encouragement to your children will benefit them in the future. It is the best tips for good parenting that provides applaud, encouragement, and motivation to their children. The children always find their parents as role models to them and therefore they always try to become like their parents. Therefore, proper feedback, applaud, and encouragement makes your child happy and gives enthusiasm. Such applaud will also give them the energy to continue their learning for the better benefits in the future.

Engage in art activities

The school provides various learning methods to improve the knowledge of their child. The school has several processes of learning that give the proper growth and builds a structure for their children. Some of the best school in howrah engages their students with several art activities. The reasons behind the lessons of art activities are providing impacts on their student growth and knowledge. It also helps them to become more creative and also improve the decision-making process. Hence, it is also the responsibility of the parents to continue such education for a better impact on their child’s life.

Hence, these are some of the important methods of the rising and development of school-age children that enrich the benefits and the success of their education. There are several ways to improve our child by implement such methods and give them a unique fun learning process. If we provide a unique based learning process during school age, our child will catch them most faster and better. It is also to understand that school and its faculty members also play an important role in raising and developing the children with the different learning-based format. Therefore, before providing the admission it is important to make the list of cbse school in howrah that provides better education and fun learning methods for school-age children.

Homework is one of the most important aspects of the education system of child life. It helps in improving the knowledge of a child. There are several advantages of homework a student must gain during their schooling age. Therefore, it is very important to put a homework habit on a regular basis for the children. It is a kind of responsibility that every parent must take in advance to complete it. This habit will make the child gain more knowledge, understanding, and also score more marks in the exam. Completion of homework is strictly mandatory in some of the cbse school in howrah because it makes students stronger in the future. However, today we will discuss some of the successful habits for children to complete homework on time and how it powerfully impacts the knowledge.

Successful habits for children to complete homework on time

Follow school task with proper due date

It is important to keep the track record of every school activity and given task. The prime reason behind the tracking is to make your child updated with other classmates. Hence, if a teacher provides any homework or assignment then try to submit it within or before the due date. Do not let your child finish it after the due date or else their hard work will not be appreciable by the teacher.  It is because the teachers need to continue their syllabus with the rest of the students. Therefore, try to follow the school task properly within the given due date.

Schedule time for homework

It is the responsibility of the parents to fix a proper schedule for their children’s school homework. If it’s necessary then take a suggestion from your child regarding their study plan. It is because sometimes our child finds very tired and irritates from the regular burden of studies. Hence, create a proper schedule for their homework that gives them benefit in the future. It’s comes under one of the most successful habits for children to complete homework on time.

Provide knowledge and advantages of homework

If we need to enrich the habit of homework into the child then we need to provide them certain lessons regarding the knowledge and advantages of homework. Well, homework provides valuable knowledge regarding the subject and topic. It especially helps in improving the subject you are weakest. The proper homework will also help in understanding the pattern of questions and improve in scoring more marks in the exam. The faculty members of cbse school in howrah district provides valuable knowledge of homework and its benefits. Therefore, completion of every homework and assignment is mandatory in such schools.

Set up a proper plan between study and health

We are aware of the facts and burden of study in our child daily life. However, we need to continue this study with proper plans and also keep our health in mind. The study becomes a competition and everyone wants to win the race in the field. We shall not forget about our health and therefore we need to keep in mind that we cannot with the race without having proper health. Therefore, it is important to make a proper plan of study and other daily life works. Also, try to maintain the proper balance between study and health for better success and achievement in the future. Every top 10 school in howrah has provides the best plan to balance student life between study and health.

Hence, these are some of the successful habits for children to complete homework on time. If we can put such a habit then it can provide some positive impact on our childhood education. One of the most valid ways to improve the homework system of a child is also by providing the list of cbse school in howrah that provides the best guidelines and educational methods to our child.

The importance of being independent carries many positive aspects. It helps in building your child’s confidence and other development. It creates a different structure of growth and skills inside your child. As of now, your child may be dependent on you but in the future, they need to independent with their own growth, skills, and plan. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide complete guidance to your child in order to become independent. However, good schooling with the best faculties also creates huge differences in the development of the child. There are several cbse affiliated schools in howrah regulate the discipline and culture that creates child independent on their thinking and create a self attitude. Today we will discuss how to make your child independent so that they can apply their brain and create the best problem-solving method.

How to make your child independent

Learn Decision-making process

Decision-making process is one of the most important segments that make your child independent from others. It helps in growing your child by implementing the method of problem-solving. Give them knowledge of taking the right decision based on the situation and timing. This process makes a person responsible in the future. Therefore, we need to give proper knowledge to our child in the decision-making process. It is also good to provide some practical experience to your child based on some situation of the decision-making process. This practice is just to experience how your child improves themselves on skills and development. There are several top 10 schools in howrah that allow their student to implement different decisions based on the stimulation of the situation. It also helps them in being an independent person in the future.

Encourage your child

Encouragement is the prime mantra of getting success for every work. During the school-age, most of the child depends on the encouragement of their parents. It happens because parents are role models for them. They grow to start watching them and therefore child loves their support. Teachers are also role models for students. Therefore, students also expect some support and encouragement from their teachers. If we keep appreciating our child on their work then their energy level and the level of confidence will also improve to let them become independent.

There are several ways the parents and teachers can encourage their children. Therefore, take a step back from the given work and let your child finish it off by themselves. Keep support your child and watch them complete their work, assignment, and project by themselves. If we keep encouraging our children, we can see the changes in their energy of work. The faculty member of cbse school howrah gives encouragement to the student on every activity so that they can be developed and also become independent in every work.

Give them responsibility

If you want your child to be independent then give them some responsibility. Such responsibilities would be to finish the homework, clean the room, clean the computer desk, arrange books, etc. It is good to provide such work as it helps them in improving responsibility and become responsible people in the future.

Hence, these are some of the important steps that manage how to make your child independent from others. Staying at a positive environment and keeping a good education with proper school is also important in making your child independent. Therefore, provide cbse school admission in howrah that provides the complete structure on growing your child to become an independent citizen in the future.

We are in a pandemic phase where the majority of the people are based on the Internet and online technology. Due to the pandemic condition of Covid-19, the entire phase of work, businesses, and education change. This is the biggest change we can ever see in the history of causes. Nowadays, people need to be very much aware of their work and social culture and hence social distancing is one of them. We are resuming our work with the help of online and social distancing. Therefore, the education system also initiates online learning classes all over the world. There is some of the list of cbse school in howrah, also initiated into the process of online classes while maintaining proper social distance. In this blog, we will discuss some of the important steps to build an online classroom culture during the lockdown phase.

Steps to build an online classroom culture during the lockdown

Important steps to build an online classroom

Create Classroom Culture

Before the creation of online classroom certain things we need to keep in our mind. Such as design your rooms like a proper classroom because it impacts students. Maintain proper culture and discipline so that students do not whisper and cheers during the classes. Try to maintain the flow of education with serious and relevant notes. It makes students concentrate on the classes and also encourages them to learn something new. A howrah cbse school that provides the best culture and heritage of providing education with the best faculty members of all the time.

Maintain a proper schedule of work

We understand that while at home we feel lazy to work and step up for certain activities. Therefore, we need to be very serious about our work culture. Hence, try to be proactive with your personal work. Maintain school time at your place. Try to create your environment in such a way as you followed it before. If we create our culture and environments like school and office then it will become habituate to all of us. Such steps also make our students active and learn the valuation of time properly.

Provide special guidance

Unlike regular classes online classes are different. The student might face various challenges while attempting online classes on a regular basis. Such as no internet access, slow networking, electricity problem, Technical issues with laptop or computer, and many more. Therefore, we need to provide special guidance or extra classes for the student who faced such problems and challenges during the online classes. Such a gesture from the teacher will help the student to become equal and balance with others. Also, teachers need to understand the problem of the student and help them accordingly. The faculty members of the cbse board school in howrah gives special attention to their child during the lockdown and online classes.

Hence, these are some of the important steps to build an online classroom culture during the lockdown phase. This is one of the major steps taken by the government to provide safe and secure to the child during Covid-19. Therefore, it is also our prime motto to make student Stay Safe and Stay Healthy during Covid-19. There are the top 10 schools in howrah that initiate the process of online classes with a great approach and responsibility to bring education to the student with proper growth and development.

The world is transforming from its traditional methods to modern methods. We can see several modern approaches bring an opportunity to embrace the work into the new methods. If we can focus then we can notice the businesses, trading, import & export, industry, IT, and medical changes from its traditional method to modern method. Similarly, the educational field is also welcome the modern approach by replacing the traditional approach. Education is the most important aspect of our life. It makes a person knowledgeable and intelligent that can implement their intelligence into the working culture for the best growth.  Join the school that is cbse affiliated schools in howrah because it brings the best opportunity to embrace the child skill using 21st generational methods. Therefore, today we will discuss how we empowering the child using 21st generation skills. Let’s discuss it!

Empowering the child using 21st generation skills

Method of empowering the child

The prime method to empowering the 21st generation skill is to encourage and develop the faculties, administrators, Smart classrooms, modern educational methods, and different strategies. It also brings the curiosity inside the child for the method of technology. We can see some changes inside the child by the proper implementation of 21st generation skills Like Learning development and Innovation skills. Let’s see how the 21st generation skill empowers our modern child.

Early Education

To empower the best growth and skills in our child we need to provide the best early education. It is important to provide education from the early age of the child. Hence, provide admission in some of the fun learning and top cbse schools in howrah. The prime reason behind the early education is to function them properly and understand modern education methods. If we give modern education from an early age, then we can see the best development of skills and innovation in our child.

Child focus

To bring the empowerment in the child try to give prime focus to your child. Try to read their mind, observe their like and dislike, read their depth of knowledge, find hobbies, and many more. If we notice such things in the proper way then we can easily focus on our child. It is also important to provide the best school that features the modern educational system for your child’s growth in the modern 21st generation.

Cooperative culture

Being parents or teachers, it is always important to be cooperative and polite with your child. It is also important to understand that every child is not the same in knowledge and skills. The statistics must be up and down. Therefore, we need to be polite with all child’s especially weaker ones. Try to be cooperative and motivated with the students. Also, try to give some extra classes and knowledge for the best empowerment.

Skill faculty

There are several parents who always focus on the good and skillful faculties rather than infrastructure and administrators.  In such cases, we understand “How talented faculty is important to all of us”. It is the teacher who will provide us all the knowledge with its methods. All this technologies is useless without the proper implementation of a teacher’s learning method. Hence, always find the best school that provides top faculty members those who implement the right education to your child. One of the best school in howrah that has the top faculties provides an unlimited number of geniuses all the time using a modern educational approach.

Evaluate the skills

Every child has certain skills inside their mind. Hence, it is important to recognize such skills of your child. We must understand that everyone has certain skills that have been created by god. Therefore, if we can recognize the skills then it’s perfect to evaluate the skills for the growth of your child. We can definitely see big changes inside our child after implementing the right skills at the right time.

Hence, these are some important methods that bring out different ways to empowering the child using 21st generation skills. Hope we apply such methods for the real growth of our child. Also, get the top list of cbse school in howrah that provides the latest education method for our child development and empowerment.

Developing the right mindset is very crucial for every child. It must be possibly initiated from the early school-age of their time. A proper mindset has its own benefits. It gives proper development, growth, skill improvement, and happy life to your child. Therefore, it is important to provide the best guideline to your child in order to receive the proper mindset. It can be possible in two ways. First, parents need to provide the best guidance, and second, you need a perfect school that provides a better mindset with their several curriculum methods and technique. Hence, cbse school admission in howrah would be the best option for your child development.  However, we will also find the best method of how the curriculum improves the mindset of the student. Let’s find out.

How curriculum improves the mindset of the student

Importance of Curriculum

Curriculum always plays an important role in the child’s mind. It provides mental support and attracts the student in various conditions. The curriculum method provides numerous experiences and techniques to learn. Hence, we can implement such experience and techniques in real life. Now we will understand how curriculum improves the mindset of the student in real life.

Praising effort

The praising effort gives huge energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement to the student. Being a student, it is very tough to handle so many different situations at one time. Such as attending school, joining coaching, Preparing for competitive exams, swimming classes, dance class, painting class, drama, and many more. Such pressure makes students get tired and exhausted and divert from their goal.  Therefore, it is important to make a small list and limit your child’s goal for the best finishing. Also, provide limitless praise and support to your child. Such praise makes your child happy and feels special. The praising efforts also make your child more creative and improve ideas in different situations. The list of best cbse school howrah makes listing methods for your child a better goal and achievement. The children will be able to learn better with less number of objectives.

Convert mistakes as an opportunity

It is quite common to commit mistakes as humans. Hence, committing a mistake is a part of our life but it is also important to learn a lesson from such mistakes. It is possible to convert mistakes as an opportunity. Therefore, we need to learn a valuable lesson from our mistakes and work on them properly. Sometimes a repeated number of mistakes could create frustration, anxiety, and mental pressure on your child. Hence, being a parent or teacher always support your child in such a condition. Help them in solving the problem and try to give them proper advise on solving such a problem. This is one of the best ways to guide your child in developing the right mindset.


It is a special treatment for the student’s great hard work and achievement. It is very tough to score high marks in the exam, topper in sports, drama, events, function, and in other curriculums. The new generation makes the student more vast, competitive, and limitless but somewhere it also makes them tired and expressionless. Hence, provide ultimate happiness on your child’s achievement. They may not be top at the list but provide special hugs and happiness for their next step in the future. Such support gives a huge impact on your child. List of the top cbse schools in howrah always provides special treatment to their student for more growth and development.

Hence, these are some of the important methods of how curriculum improves the mindset of the student. We wish a great future for all the children by implementing such methods. Also, provide the best cbse board school in howrah that has a great impact and different learning methods to improve the mindset of their student.

By the growing competition and advanced study, the students are facing stress and anxiety. This is quite common to describe and express because education is carrying various challenges in common. Therefore, we need to understand and balance the situation that makes student stress and anxiety. There are several cbse board school in howrah that provides excellent guidance with the best positive environment. In this blog, we will discuss how to deal with stress and anxiety from Biology, Humanities, and Arts? Let discuss.

Nowadays, we explored the biology of stress within the context of global human migration. The focus was to experience the individual story of a migrant as well as the global scale of migration. The method of research is to diverse media in an art exhibition, in-person speeches by refugees, and documentaries about immigrant students, and then, to let students choose an example they connect with. Next stage is to proceed to research relying on primary stress and anxiety evidence from biology, humanities, and the arts.

How to deal with stress and anxiety from Biology, Humanities, and Arts

Learning Outcomes

There are several learning outcomes for the child that demonstrated the following rise of stress and anxiety from the following:

The physiology of the stress response under acute conditions (adaptation to anxiety) and chronic conditions (physical and mental dysfunction).

Applying a biological framework of stress to understand specific stories of human migration and including multiple disciplines in the analysis.

Engaging a global challenge with the mindset of a Researcher making connections between self and the world one lives in.

In reference to some of the cbse school in howrah faculties say:

“Because the majority of student groups that visit in our school, it is often difficult to see how they take what they experienced and make deeper connections with their classroom curriculum. This was not the case with the other students belongs to the best cbse school in howrah with top management, discipline, and proper culture, as I was blown away by the very timely and relevant correlations they made between the physiological effects of migration and mental health.”

National Geographic Education

Submitting the lesson plan about stress and human migration as a capstone project to the National Geographic Educator Certification program helped by providing additional criteria to assess learning, to describe the interdisciplinary nature of the project, and to refine based on feedback from educators. Some highlights include:

Measurement of Scales and Perspectives

As an example, the examination of anxiety and stress statistics is growing in the world and in terms of adults and adolescents indicated how national, global, and developmental scales can be used. The study of anxiety in terms of the biology of the stress response explored at three scales (organ, cellular, and subcellular). It can also provide a biological perspective while the use of immigrant documentaries and art exhibits to explore the individual nature of anxiety associated with human migration can provide an anthropological and artistic perspective.

Assessment and The National Geographic Learning Framework


An attitude is a sense of curiosity. The students searching for data from primary research literature about anxiety. Such as the journal, Biological Psychiatry. About environmental conditions such as human migration. Such as migration data portal, and about global initiatives of organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization.


It is a perception of observation. The students analyzing data from primary research literature about anxiety (local and global distribution statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health; correlation with measurable effects on the human body from scientific journals such as Nature Neuroscience), and about environmental conditions such as human migration (statistics from the global human migration data portal and, effects of human migration on biological parameters). Several, top 10 school in howrah, features that growing skills can reduce mental stress. Therefore, it is important to provide proper knowledge and education to the student to avoid stress and anxiety.


Knowledge creates the journey of human and help in developing them. It is also the best way to deal with the stress and anxiety of students. The student examining primary research literature about how people from different cultures interact. Like interactions between African Americans and Caucasians.

Hence, we noted the important methods on how to deal with stress and anxiety from Biology, Humanities, and Arts?  According to the list of cbse school in howrah, if we provide good guidance to the student then reduction of stress and anxiety is also possible. Hence, the extent use of primary research literature, scales, and perspectives are used. It can also be adjusted to provide a differentiated learning environment.

During the modern education system, it is important for a teacher to provide modern skills and technology to the students. The prime reason for the implementation of such methods is also to improvise the education system. Such a method is also helpful in improving the skills, growth, and other development of the student. Therefore, teachers must train themselves to provide such education to the students. We can experience the formulae of such patterns in the best school in howrah, where faculties implement such methods to improvise child 4 C’s. Today, we will discuss the importance of 4 C’s to succeed in the school and workplace.

Importance of 4 C’s to succeed in the school and workplace

Types of 4 C’s Skill

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
Critical thinking

It is one of the most important skills to improve the brain of the student. Critical thinking helps in practicing to solve the problem. In addition, it also provides the best problem-solution methods out of the various problems. Hence, it not only developing the mind but also helps in discovering how to discover the facts and figure out a problem. The prime approach of critical thinking is to improve the concentration power of your child even in the most critical condition.


The best creativity is to thinking in the most unique way to submit the work. The creativity is a style to complete the work in the most exceptional finish ever a person can imagine. In the process of creativity, a student can find several processes to solve a particular problem. It allows the student to embrace their inner skills and strength for better planning and prospects. There are several cbse school in howrah district that encourage their students for being the best creative person in their educational career.


Collaboration teaches how to work in a group of people to complete a particular work. In the process of collaboration, people have a common specific goal to finish work. The process of collaboration teaches the importance of teamwork and unity. This is the best way a student knows how to learn and solve the problem.


Communication is one of the most important part in developing skills. Through the process of communication, a student learns how to communicate with person, how to interact with a person, how to be social with a person, and how to improve knowledge and problem-solving method for a person.

How do Four C‘s succeed students in the classroom and workplace?

In the above description, we understand the details of 4 C’s and its skill. Now, we will try to understand How the Four C’s succeed students in the classroom and workplace.

By the implementation of 4 C’s, we understand that Critical thinking helps in improving the brain and also improves how to improve the problem-solving method. By the implementation of creativity, we can figure out the creativeness of a student to embrace the types of problem-solving methods. The collaboration will teach you the importance of unity and teamwork. It also helps in teaching how to work in a group of people for a big project. Proper communication teaches you the method of communicating from one person. It also helps in developing the skills and development. Some of the top schools in howrah implement these 4 C’s to develop their student.

Hence, we understand the importance of 4 C’s to succeed in the school and workplace.  If we provide these methods in our child then we can experience some of the biggest advantages in our child’s behavior. Therefore, we will also provide the best list of cbse school in howrah that has the unique ability to develop the student by the method of 4 C’s skills.

The development of education always carries its importance and needs special attention in society. Through the proper educational development, the students can be able to improve their knowledge and become more aware of the social and personal goals. It is good to know that our education system has developed its function and become more popular with its smart technology. Several cbse board school in howrah implement the method of technology to develop the education system of the students. In this blog, we will discuss the development of students based on their education system.

Development of students based on its education system

What is Educational Development?

Educational development is an activity to enriched the continuous growth and development of the aspirants, and the continuous evolution of teaching and learning methods. The education carries both theory and practical, the education provides you the discipline and a profession and both with clarity and uncertainty.

Educational development is a process to initiate and respond to change among students. It also allows your kids to take social responsibility for on boarding and mentoring new developments. The proper development methods also promote the faculty members to boost their learning performance at its best. Every best school in howrah provides the top educators to respond to the high quality of education. The school authority is also promoting the scholarship for students for better educational development.

What is the process to develop students?

There are several processes to develop students through the educational system.

Best faculty member

The faculty member always plays an important role in developing students through their educational system. The good faculty also provides excellent learning method that gives proper knowledge to the students. This is the best way to guide and direct your student through several approaches.

Smart classroom

Nowadays, several educational institutes also implies smart classroom through the implantation of several technologies. The technology is also developing students in several formats. It provides attraction with its different educational methods. It also encourages students to learn more and more. Some of the top cbse schools in howrah implies the smart classroom to motivate students.


Every bright student deserves a scholarship to lead their education more prominent with better accuracy. Therefore, every top school provides the scholarship facility so that students could improve and approach more towards the education to get special treatment from the school.


A student needs a good planner that can provide them a successful plan and supports towards their education. A good planner always provides and guide you for the best changes in your courses and career. Hence, parents always prefer to provide admission to such schools that provide the best guidelines and planners for their child benefits. Therefore, provide cbse school admission in howrah that provides excellent faculties with a good plan for the child.


Mentorship comes in forms of teachers to provide a successful path and motivate students to grow and develop their skills more. A good mentor also encourages and motivates students and reform energy. It develop other sources towards their educational development.

Hence, these are some of the information and important steps to the development of students based on its education system. If we can apply these steps on students we can also develop their growth and education.

We experience several times that students do late homework or classwork given by the school or private tutors. There may be several reasons for the late work of the students. One of the reasons is less concentration, unmotivated, Mobile gaming, enjoying television, and others. Most of the time students are paying less attention and make it casual to their homework and classwork. It is also one of the major drawbacks most of the students are taking inside. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the parents to look into the matter of completing work on time and sometimes the teacher also needs to deal with it personally. An interesting thing we can experience regarding late work in the best cbse affiliated school in howrah. We will discuss the details on how to deal with late work students in their school or home.

How to deal with late work students

Important steps to deal with late work students

Restrict time

It is one of the possible solutions to complete student work on time by restricting the time limit. Being a teacher, make sure to provide a sufficient amount of time to complete their homework, assignments, project. It is also important to restrict the time limit of their student. However, putting pressure to complete it pre-maturely will put a bad impact on the student. Therefore, try to be very clear about the restriction. By providing the restriction, students will keep in mind about their homework and suppose to get completely within the given deadline or before. It is one of the best practices by the cbse school in howrah and therefore we can experience the growth in such schools.

Parent meeting

Being a teacher, we must provide educational growth and status to our parents. It is important because parents must be aware of the student status and reports of being active. Therefore, the school faculties must provide a weekly or monthly report card to the parents of the child. By the time of doing it, we can experience that students are taking their work seriously to avoid personal parents meeting with teachers. They start working on time and finish it off. They also maintain the proper culture, discipline, and behavior inside the classroom, and many more.

No submission

This would the extreme action taken by the faculties of any school. To make homework effective and serious, set an alarm of deadlines, and make strict decisions to not submit homework, assignment, and project. By not accepting the submission, the student will take things very seriously from the next time and would try to submit work on time.

Submit the work in progress

It is one of the new methods that come on the digital online educational platform. The Google classroom allows the student to submit their work while they are still working on some projects or assignments. By doing the submission, teachers can be able to see how far a student work on the project or assignment. We can submit the project by the time of deadline and accordingly the teacher can input the marks or remark. This is one of the best practice implement by the top cbse schools in howrah.

Hence, these are some of the important steps on how to deal with late work students in their school or home. By the implementation of such methods, we can easily improve the student’s condition on completing work on time. It is also important to provide cbse school admission in howrah that carries the best discipline, guideline, education, faculties, and social behavior among students.

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