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We are undoubtedly in a pandemic situation where living is nothing but magic, bless, and wisdom. We surround with so many infected pollutions, material, and viruses that put this entire world into a threat zone. In such cases, COVID-19 puts the majority of the child into stress and depressed mode. Children are completely in a different zone and schedule that they are not aware of it. The children are bound to boycott outside places, junk foods, and many more. It makes them more inactive in certain stages. Hence, it is the responsibility of parents to look after their child in this pandemic situation. Parents can simply avoid by making their child busy in any activities that give them fun and knowledge.  There are several best school in howrah that provide online learning classes to the students to avoid the pandemic cause in the future.

COVID-19 A pandemic for Child

Therefore, it is also our responsibility to re-make this world into a zone of living and discuss the ideas of getting your children out of the stress zone.

Quality Conversation with your kids

During the age of 10-20 years, A child loves to do various activities that make them more energetic and enthusiastic towards his/her life. But, during the pandemic situation, our child is seating at home and keeps waiting for their days to get normal. In such case your child could become silent and get depressed. Therefore, it is our responsibility to have a valid conversation with your child on a regular basis. Try to get involved with your child at a certain time.  Such activities could make your child happier than before.

There are several activities you can do to make your child happy. Start asking “How was his day?” “What are their hobbies?” “What makes them happy the most?” “Watch carton with them” “Help in making their hobbies come true” “Play with your kids” and others. Well, these are some basic criteria you need to apply to avoid your child’s pandemic situation. There are several other better cbse school in howrah district that connects online with their parents and child to avoid any circumstances.

Indulge your child with various tools and activities

It is the best time when you can teach your child with various tools and activities. Such activities are very essential in their daily life and also it provides them various out knowledge. It is very important to have that knowledge apart from being just bookies. Books can give you various knowledge but it is also important to have some outer knowledge that will help in making your life more actives such as being hygienic, arrange their books, decorate their own room, help in cooking and many more.

There are several schools that provide co-curriculum activities and brings out knowledge to your child by having various experience. Therefore, provide school admission in howrah that creates such knowledge to your child.

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” is completely associates with your child and also with parents. During this COVID-19, A pandemic situation for the child, School authorities join the child and gives epidemic knowledge to more cautions and avoid pandemic situations. Therefore, It is one of the preferred schools for parents. Hence, provide cbse school admission in howrah for the better future of your child.

COVID-19 has put some major impact in the world that everyone is aware of its facts. All the Schools. Colleges and offices of the city are shut down due to its effects. Government are taking major initiative actions on a daily basis to control and defeat the COVID-19. Like lockdown, proper sanitization, clean hygienic process, maintaining social distance are one of them.  It has also put some major impacts on students of cbse school in howrah district. They won’t be able to update their study and learning process. Students are also getting anguish by locking themselves for a large number of days. But, it is the important equipment to break the COVID-19, and therefore, we are requesting all of you to follow the process of lockdown given by the central government of India. Let’s find out the Impact and remedies of COVID-19 on students due to COVID-19.

impact and remedies of COVID-19

Global effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 has been confirmed to have spread in around 200 countries, areas, or territories with cases. The total number of confirmed cases globally 21,60,207 and the mortality rate is around 146,088. Few major countries affected in Coronavirus are the USA, China, Spain, Italy, and some other part of the European countries where the situation is out of control. China with an alarming total of 84,180 cases of infection and a mortality rate is around 4642 and Italy with 1,72,434 cases of infection and a mortality rate of 22,747. USA with an alarming total of 665,330 cases of infection and a mortality rate is around 30,384. Also, Spain with an alarming total of 188,068 cases of infection, and a mortality rate is around 19,478. The overview cases on COVID-19 in India with 23077 with confirmed cases and the mortality rate is 718.

The graphs are still increasing and that has enough reason to become the new nightmare of the town. As the spread closes in on a pandemic, it has become more prudent than ever that we make a conscious effort in fighting ourselves against it.

Impact of COVID-19

The most prime impact of COVID-19 on students is their study and lifestyle. Students won’t be able to find the proper method of study. The aspirants who were preparing for government exams also not been able to update their study pattern. The number of doubts is also increasing on a daily basis. The schools of english medium school in howrah will hopefully resume from July 2020.

Remedies of COVID-19

The ultimate remedy of COVID-19 is the lockdown method. We all need to follow the process of lockdown to defeat COVID-19. We also need to find out the remedies of COVID-19 on the study. The best remedy for this problem is the proper use of technology. Using technology can solve the problem of students to some extent. The school’s authority can open the live classes with faculty members decisions. Fixed the schedule of proper live classes with students. This is the best technique of learning a process where students will find themselves certain live. Therefore, “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” comes under the top 10 school in howrah initiate the live classes with the following remedies.

These are the impact and remedies of COVID-19 on students. If you are finding your child facing some subjective problem then provide them admission in cbse school in howrah that gives proper guidance and the best approach to in-built the growth of the students.

Covid-19 is properly known as Coronavirus. The World health organization (WHO) describes the COVID-19 as “CO-Corona”  “VI-Virus” “D-Disease” and “19- Year 2019”. The virus is first surfaced in Wuhan, China and later this dangerous monster spread all across the universe. The virus has following family extensive to cause as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), novel coronavirus (nCoV). The novel coronavirus (nCov) is newly preserve into the Human body system. Initially, such viruses used to spread around animals. This is the prime reason the virus makes it more dangerous and becomes the new nightmare of the town. Every best school in howrah has taken a very serious step by shutting down the school until the Covid-19 doesn’t exist.

Covid-19 The new nightmare of the town

The virus inputs major and major impact on the human body function and destroy it all over. This virus is so dangerous that it spread rapidly among the human body in the entire world. It mainly affects the old age and children of society. Therefore, the government of India has decided to lock down the entire nation for the next 21 days to prevent the COVID-19 from all of us.

Covid-19 is under the research process for Doctors and Scientists. So far there is no such official medicine that can prevent Covid-19 entirely. According to the WHO Soon or later, The vaccine is coming soon that can permanently solve the issues of Covid-19. It can take a few months or years to discover. Therefore, it is our responsibility to follow the instruction of the Government and WHO.

Global effects of COVID-19

Coronavirus has been confirmed to have spread in 196 countries, areas or territories with cases. The two major countries affected i.e. China and Italy where the situation is out of control. China with an alarming total of 81,767 cases of infection and a mortality rate is 3283 and Italy with 63927 cases of infection and a mortality rate of 6077. The graphs are still increasing and that has enough reason to become the new nightmare of the town. As the spread closes in on a pandemic, it has become more prudent than ever that we make a conscious effort in fighting ourselves against it.

What Makes COVID-19 Dangerous

The reason behind the Covid-19 become so dangerous is because it spread rapidly across the human body. The virus is the swing in the Air and can affect largely to the human body by its contacts. What makes it truly devious is that it is spread through the minimum interaction of human actions such as physical contact with the respiratory process. If an infected person is sneezing or coughing or touching a surface that has caught these infected droplets. It can spread the disease or virus to the other person by its simple touch.

Common Symptoms of the Virus

The common symptoms of the existence of Covid-19 is a person will having a cold, fever and sneeze at its early stages. The symptom is very much similar to the common cold. Later this virus will spread more inside the human body that could show shortness of breath, vomiting. Therefore, Every english medium school in howrah request everybody including parents and children to stay safe at your place. Do not go outside unless it comes under the emergency position.

Preventive Measures to Stay Safe

Maintain a Six-foot distance from people who cough. This is because the droplets carry the virus and could land in the mouth or noses of a passerby. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you don’t wash your hand, Wear a mask for all the time, Use a tissue while coughing and sneezing, wash your hand often regularly for at least 20 seconds, Use alcohol-based sanitizers. And lastly, stay lockdown at your home. The world is fighting with the Coronavirus and later we will defeat the new nightmare of the town.

Morning School is an integral part of the school’s schedule. It gives special benefits to the students in the educational journey. It also helps in inculcating moral values in students. Morning school is important for a child’s development. The best CBSE school howrah regularly conducts morning assembly for students to instil discipline in them. Some of the benefits of Morning School for students:

  • Develop a feeling of being united.
  • Understanding the school in a better way.
  • Learn valuable lessons.
  • Confidence building.
  • Rewarding achievers to encourage them to perform better.
  • Understanding the ups and downs of schools and solving out the problems.
  • Prepare for Different Competitive exams like Bank | SSC | Railway | IIT | NEET etc.

Benefits of Morning School

Planned Management & development

The best school in howrah has a well-planned morning assembly. It is accompanied by morning prayer, national anthem, speech, news, the thought of the day, acknowledgement of achievers and address by the school’s management.

Morning schools inspire our students with the life teachings method. It facilitates mental and spiritual development. We believe in the value of education that gives an integral value to our curriculum activities.

Basically, Morning school has various planned management ship and development process for students. This makes us one of the best morning schools in Howrah. Thus, if you want to develop your child holistically, then send him to english medium school in howrah.

Be disciplined and learn a valuable lesson

Our children are future of the Nation thus the morning school provides some important things in school, Perform Yoga and Exercise, maintains the best routine, gives valuable lessons, etc. It is the first step towards a good future in the school. According to the scientist, philosopher and doctors Wake up early in the morning is good for your health and for your mind.

Do you ever realize why the school going child is healthier, happy and their capacity to capture things is greater than those who do not wake up earlier?  Because they wake up early in the morning for their school. You can see several well-known personalities that are famous for their creativity and work are wake-up early in the morning. Almost 3rd generation ago the people were healthier, intelligent and strong because of the regularity of their good habits.

Importance of Morning School

The Importance of morning school is important in several aspects. It makes the student feel fresh, energetic with positive vibes in the mind and body. School life is the initial stage of every child. Thus, morning school must be good for all children, because it teaches several important lessons and it also good for health and mind. Morning school impacts the best sunlight effects and they will get proper morning sunlight energy which is important for everyone but after 11 am in this era this sunlight may be harmful to children.

Government and competitive exams preparations

Nowadays students getting prepare for government competitive exams starting from class 10th, Unlike traditional method students starting for their exams 2-3 years ago. Such a practice makes them so perfect and confident in a span of 3 years that gives the best result so far. These students prefer Morning School because it gives you plenty of timing for preparation after school. Such Competitive exams are Bank|SSC|Railway|IIT-JEE|NEET etc. The CBSE school in howrah district provide the best guidance for competitive exams in the related stream like Science/Arts/Commerce.

Thus we realize the benefits of Morning school and it impacts a student’s life. Morning school in howrah makes us feel fresh in the morning. The prayer of morning school is the pillar of freshness. It gives us all the time freshness during the morning. Therefore, It is good if they are starting the day with prayers.

We all are similar to attending classes, making notes and study. However, making notes is not just the ultimate goal of it. We need to get involved with our learning techniques as well. Therefore, Memorizing techniques for students is mandatory in every exam. The english medium school in howrah always notes the state of mind to remember what you studied the time you wanted to remember it. We face day-to-day problem on various memorizing techniques (i.e. an answer for a question). Let’s discuss some 5 memorization techniques for students.

Memorization Techniques For Students

Relaxation of mind

The first technique you should use to remember the notes you studied during the exam is to relax your mind and body. Take a simultaneous break and take a deep breath to help you access your entire mind and body. This process impact in cbse school in howrah district that gives you the best result on your memorizing techniques. Let’s find out some other points to help you relax:

Use old gadgets:- Most of the students get new pens, a pencil, rulers, an eraser, a geometry-box… Etc.) to solve exams with. Using old gadgets can give your mind in a better state of relaxation. You will feel relax and comfortable while writing by using the same gadgets you were using. This process will help you in preparing yourself better also getting extra gadgets for unavoidable circumstances.

Remember the worst-case scenario:- If you are reading or learning a certain topic always remember the worst-case scenario to select the alternative process of it. The worst-case scenario will give you the best lesson in your exams. This is will also help you in rectifying the mistakes that you shouldn’t repeat in the future. This case will let you prepare to have other plans to solve in your exam, like leaving a space or putting commas for certain notes or questions and return to it when you finish solving the exam question. By applying this option, the best way of memorization will exist in the worst-case scenario.

Link what you study with imagination

For a real vision, link your study and learning techniques with a better vision. This vision will help both your brain’s sides and function well. This can also help you to memorize and retrieve certain topics deeply.

Like the most unlike topic

Most of the time we get irritated with a certain topic that makes us bored, tough and unable to understand from inside. Always cheers on your brain and make your mind fresh before memorizing such topics. Such as watch your favourite TV shows, Web series and eat your favourite food. Now when you are happy and relax get into such topics and start memorizing it. The happiness and relaxation of your mind will give an extra boost in remembering such topics in the exam. The faculties of best cbse school howrah implement the process for perception and growth.

Use colors

This is the most important segments in students life to color the important topic that you study with it. The students usually color the notes to connect the answer to the question and read the most important points to memorizing the answer properly. By doing it so different students apply this technique differently. Some of them use the red color with apple and anything related to it or linking white color with the moon and anything related accordingly. By applying this technique, you can memorize the notes and questions for exams.

Link your study with different books

All subjects have different sources nowadays. Such as books, study material (Any Coaching/Institute) You will get the Apps of the best school in howrah and various online video classes (YouTube).  This technique will help you to increase your knowledge of different topics. You can easily clear your doubts with the help of different sources. By following such memorization techniques for students, they will be able to get into the depth of that subject.

Education is the most valuable and experimental learning. Our journey of education starts from Pre-School to Toddlers, Matriculation, Intermediate and finally comes to end in Graduation and Post-graduation. We learn different things at a different level that gives us a true lesson of Education. This implies to the empowerment in many ways. Education has the power to destroy ignorance, poverty, and make individuals balanced and responsible for their career choices. In educational life, the most supreme thing is to get the level of confidence from the mind of a body. We basically experienced a tensed situation mostly when we are unable to solve the problem and since we find the solution, we find the relaxation in our mind. This is called the Power of mental health in Education. Some listed school in howrah describe the outcome of mental health in education.

Mental health in Education

Understand the basic education for Calm Mind

This is the first rule of any education is to understand the basic of education. The basic education will increase the power of understanding in education. It also increases the level of concentration and focuses on your child. Every top 10 school in howrah follows the basic things of every subject/topics to understand the deep level of their mind and power. The more knowledge of basics will also enhance your education more strong in the future. Therefore, It is very important to follow the basic education part that can control the mind to keep calm in the future.

Stress-free due to availability of education

Education is expanding broadly. Nowadays learning everything is possible with the availability of different educational apps and tools.  Today, due to the prevalence of online learning we are able to access topics or doubts in a much less linear format and solve it quickly.  Hence, it gives the best mental satisfaction and relaxation too. This method implies the best school in howrah that provides the power of mental health in education. The learning process is not just limited to the School/Classes only. Does it go with different education like How to Cook? How to ride a bicycle? How to play cards? Once, we get the solution we find a stress free from our mind.

You can learn many topics for free, from the YouTube channel. It is a free education and results in the best among classes. Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, all you need an Internet to access it.

Make Social Responsibility

The majority of people who suffer from mental health issues tend to spend a lot of time on their own, in an isolated environment; it is a trap in their own mind. Therefore, to make your child social provides cbse school admission in howrah that gives the best education and guidance. The technical term for this is “rumination” where they think about things chronically to the point of overthinking – in part, this is because they don’t have a very “busy” life.

The social benefit of education, therefore, is to get your child out of their own head and into the outside world. It leads to more personal social interactions that lead to a sense of less isolation and there’s a commonality between people (in the sense they are all studying the same course) that bonds and unites.

According to the recent research of the teenager’s human brain, shocking evidence provides by parents. Such evidence possibly explains the irrational, illogical and impulsive behaviour of teenagers. Due to the advanced technology, the medical can scan the live teenage brain to do research about the curiosity and perplexing creatures of a teenage brain. The purpose of the research is to understand the brain of teenagers and regarding their impulsive and egocentric decisions. It may even sometimes lead to risky behaviour. Some of the best cbse school in howrah understand and start taking some initiative actions against it. Apart from parents, it is the role of the teachers to understand them deeply during classes. Let’s read out the different techniques to understand teenagers mind.

Guidance of a teenager brain

To read their mind during dysfunctional:

The brain of one teenager starts growing during teenage. Their minds become more active and develop during the periods. During this time, the child active their brain and starts making a responsible decision, understand consequences, and solve the problem. Even though the brain is almost physically mature but brains part become dysfunctional during such a crucial time. Therefore, most of the information of the teenagers are left with reaching their brains that being processed in the emotional part.

Don’t get exhausted and frustrated on the child:

Due to higher-level processing in the pre-frontal cortex, may result in impulsive, egocentric, and maybe even risky, behaviour. The thinking part of the brain of a teenager is not capable of processing information. Therefore, the responsive technique won’t be able to make responsible decisions. Combine this brain challenge with a teen’s temperament, maturity level, and developmental stage sometimes parents may find this time so exhausting and frustrating. Therefore, it is the responsibilities of the parents to not get react to any actions that lead to any frustration. On such report howrah best cbse school said, This is the time when your kids become creative and emotional. Understand their brain and get interact with it. Support their decision and help in navigating the important challenge.

Get interact with teenagers brain:

This is the vital role of parents and teachers to get interact with teenagers brain. Because, each interaction with a teenager will affect his or her brain positively, It will help the teen make connections in real life. The cbse affiliated school in howrah makes the teenage brain more focused and intentional support and teaching to help form and solidify these hopefully healthy connections. By the report of the teachers,  parents can also benefit and measure from the understanding that there’s much work that can be done while the teenage brain is still under construction and make better and more responsible decisions.

Get communicate and formulate properly:

Sometimes parents/teachers decide how to more effectively communicate with the developing teenage brain. It is good to get communicate with a teenage brain but also important to consider who a child is, and what types of parenting or teaching styles the child is facing. We must understand the nature of who a child is, and how his or her surroundings have impacted him/her. This can help parents and teachers to formulate more effective techniques when facing challenging situations during the teenage years.

The nature of a teenager is fancy and fascinating. The combination of temperament, brain development, personality, maturity level, and social connection is making them more responsible and help in growing. In addition, parents need to consider the teenager’s better education and guidance by impulse them to some educational board.  Therefore, school admission in howrah can positively impact his or her development. It helps in providing healthy communication tools like active listening, reframing, the timing of teaching moments, I-messages, etc. and effective discipline tools that can help the teenagers to enable responsible behaviour in future.

It is a dynamic process of getting change and implies growth among students. Those who attend arts, music, drama, voice and visual arts bring some important messages in society. There are several educational boards are stepping up to bring these changes. The cbse schools are also taking initiative action by spreading wellness programs into physical wellness, emotional wellness, environmental wellness, social wellness.

It has been proven again and again that the benefits of receiving a wellness culture are numerous. Students indulge in different methodologies, social functions, cultural programs, Co-curriculum activity, art activity. It also makes them more talented and responsible citizens in the future.  Such talented students are often recognized for academic achievement, find they are successful in getting elected to class office and are more likely to participate in a math or science fair. These same kids are also more likely to earn recognition for good attendance, to win an award for writing, and often become peer mentors to other students with similar interests. Hence, we bring some brief ideas about wellness programs that initiate in best cbse school howrah.

Importance of Wellness Programs

Physical Wellness

Being physical fitness is the ultimate happiness for every human being. Physical wellness means to take proper care of your body for better functioning and balance. Overall, It encourages to do the physical activity, take healthy nutrition and proper diet of a human being. It makes the mind stronger and sharper and that makes a person “Healthy Body and Healthy Mind”. It plays a crucial role in making your success from all prospects. A physically fit body helps you keeps your muscles stronger, reducing the risk of diseases and gives more energy to work and fulfil your activity. Therefore, cbse schools promote physical wellness in order to make students more stronger and sharper.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness makes students very responsible. This is one of the significant things every best school in howrah implement. Emotional wellness means to do self-care, stress-free, relaxation and development of inner-self. It has two feelings positive feelings and negative feelings. Therefore, It gives you an ability to understand those feelings and judge accordingly. This will help you in gaining experience and social in all formats. It let you treat well with others and makes you flexible, calm mind and happiness. Emotional wellness makes you a better decision-maker irrespective of your problem.

Environmental Wellness

This inspires you to lead a better lifestyle in a better environment and surrounds. Environmental wellness also inspires you to protect the earth from different hazard situations. This gives a very important message to all of us on how to protect your earth overall. The wellness culture comes from the top cbse school in howrah. The school inspires students to improve environmental wellness simple and results in a more balanced lifestyle. An environmentally aware will let you realize how your daily habits affect the environment positively.

In addition, a solid wellness program will get supporters of howrah city schools even more involved with what the schools are trying to do. Therefore, participate in a special grant program funded by the “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”, best school in howrah all set to improve their wellness programs that enhances their Lifestyle. Since there is really no other way for a large school system to purchase all they need in regards to receiving this grant is a boon for the society.

Hunger is a natural physical sensation, but can be difficult to measure in a massive community. Food insecurity provides a preferred method for weighing food deprivation.

The relationship between food-insecurity and health care needs lies in the core concept of Hunger. Food insecurity is a condition in which regular access to sufficient food is bounded by a shortfall of cash and other resources. When people lack nutritional foods in their diet or skip meals then health problems arise.

Children are the main victims of food insecurity and their health care needs required expensive treatments. Insufficient food consumption in children is accompanied with an array of serious behavior, health and cognitive deficiencies.  Children who suffer from this condition are more likely to be “at-risk” compared to non-food-insecure children.

Poverty, food insecurity, and health care needs all are related to each other in a vicious cycle. Families need to be really careful to cope up with such health problems. Hunger problems can lead to dangerous health issues like psychological anguish, discomfort, illness all of which requires therapy and treatment. That is why, special measures are taken to lighten the problems of adverse food insecurity.

Minors in food-insecure families experience more frequent headaches, colds and stomach aches than children belonging from food-secure households.  In order to relieve them from pain and discomfort, it is necessary to check who fall under the food insecure category and take necessary measures accordingly.

Special health requirements need special health care facilities. As because, children are the country’s assets, the states are seen looking into the matter seriously. A Newer implementation of several programs helps families to know about health insurances and health programs. Sometimes in matters of crisis, additional health therapy and nutritional benefits are also supplied to the needy.

During the growing adolescent years, a child’s requirement of food should be the main concern for any family. It is very necessary to become self-sufficient in health issues so that illness is not generated from one child to another. A school plays a very crucial role in looking after the health needs of a child. Food and education are the two most important aspects that allow an individual to grow. A child spends most of his time at his\her school during the growing years. It is the parent’s responsibility to choose the school correctly to ensure the child’s all-round development. A child is more likely to grow into a healthy individual after receiving the proper facilities.

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah highly concentrates on the matter of full-development of a child. The school has a healthy environment with clean sanitation and hygiene facilities. As a proven leader, it has good quality infrastructure with a canteen that provides healthy and hygienic food. Students of this institution are enrolled in health-checkups camps on a monthly basis. The best CBSE school in Howrah,  makes the students aware about cleanliness with workshops and seminars on personal hygiene and family relations. All these facilities are made available to the young scholars and their parents within flexible and easily affordable fee-structure.

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