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Now that examination season is on, the students might be getting some anxiety or panic-attacks. Yes, we know, it’s quite a fearful phase and no matter what we say, no article can take away that fear. But overcoming from this fear is an important thing, if you really want to get good marks in your examination.  You heard us right, if you can overcome these panic attacks, then we are sure you can overcome any problem in your life. And let us remind you first and foremost that your examination marks are not going to decide your future. The only person who can build your future is actually only you.  The Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah offers some important tips which will help you to overcome exam fear. It is regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in Howrah for its unique teaching methods. Lets us follow the tips:


  • PREPARATION BEFORE EXAM – Well, everyone prepares before their exam, but what we mean is every day you need to pay attention during class hours. Listen whatever your teacher is telling you, because that’s where you finish half of your work. Go through your books carefully and note down whatever you feel is important.
  • GOING THOROGHLY THROUGH YOUR SYLLABUS- Take a look that you complete every chapter before you start yourself preparing for your exams. If you have already completed the chapter beforehand then take out the notes, because it will ultimately save your time and energy.
  • GO THROUGH ALL THE TOPICS AND PRACTICE- Once you go through all the topics, you will start recalling all them. You will get a fair amount of idea about the topic that you have a strong grip on.
  • TAKE REST- Once you get to know what your topics are, and learned them, take some rest, go for a walk, drink water, breathe fresh air or watch educational channels. You can even try meditating for a while. This helps in relaxation of the mind.
  • GO THROUGH THE TOPICS WHICH ARE LEFT- Studying for a long time or keeping awake till late night will not help you and it will make you sick because a proper sleep is also required. So complete the left out topics, and once you are done with them, go through the whole syllabus again. This will be a revision for you.
  • AVOID TALKING TO NEGATIVE PEOPLE- Negative people are unhealthy for our minds. Avoid certain people who aren’t raising your confidence. Your competitive friends might show you how much they have prepared or what you should study. These things need to be ignored at all costs.
  • EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE- The previous nights before the exams are nightmarish. So going to bed early will relax your mind and give you energy to be prepared for the exam day.
  • HAVE HEALTHY BREAKFAST- Have light breakfast before your exam, because empty stomach equals to empty mind. So, eat fruits followed by few snacks and a glass full of fruit juice or milk. Keep dry fruits handy.
  • STAY COOL AND RELAX- Before you enter the exam hall, relax your body, be confident and keep calm. Stay positive and remember your loved ones for your blessings.

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