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There are two types of student presents in the classroom. One with their best activeness always raised their hand up in the classroom and others who hesitate to raise a hand, low voice, less interaction, and no participation. Such kids are innovative in their knowledge, skills, and perceptions but unable to add their voices due to their inactiveness. Hence, it is the responsibility of the teachers to conduct such actions that could express their skills. However, education is giving a direction towards the virtual classroom and hence, it is a great opportunity for such a child to show their talent and skills. The virtual learning method is one of the greatest platforms that could make student access to improve because there will be no barriers in such cases. In this blog, we will discuss how to improve child lessons in a virtual classroom that improve their growth and development.

How to improve child lessons in a virtual classroom

Make the students feel valued

The very first basic step to improve your child’s lessons in an online classroom is by giving them proper value. A child might feel bored of attending online classes due to a long period of isolation. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teachers to implement certain strategies that could bring their students to feel energetic while attending online classes. Get the best experience of virtual learning classes in one of the best CBSE affiliated school in Howrah with top faculty members. Here are some of the solution mention below:

  • Make sure to take their names while attending classes.
  • Try to read and understand their interest.
  • Try to encourage their work.

Set goals and help them to reach

Due to the long online classes, a child might get distracted from their original goals. Hence, parents and teachers must influence their children in achieving their goals. Here are some of the best way to help them reach goals as mentioned below:

  • Give them the best learning methods.
  • Assign regular tasks or assignments.
  • Check the assignments on a regular basis.
  • Give them positive feedback and keep motivating them.

Make proper use of technology

Modern education basically depends on innovative technology. Technology is one of the biggest things that helps teachers to give proper education and knowledge to the students. Similarly, the students also find lots of valuable information with the use of proper technology. Some of the best methods of technology are as follows:

  • Get the proper explanation of various information.
  • Get information quicker.
  • Prepare multiple solutions to the problem.
  • Acquire various tools for the best ideas and information.

Using Chatbox for better communication

As we discussed above, some of the inactive and shy nature students will never raise their hand in any circumstances. Such things will make them discouraged, unable to achieve goals, and feature a lack of knowledge in the future. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teachers to make them active by applying several methods in the future. Try to make proper use of chatbox that help them in making one-to-one communication and help them in solving all the problems. We can experience the methods in one of the best CBSE school in Howrah that helps in solving problems, maintain the best relationship with students, and also help them in achieving goals.

Be positive with your student

It is very important to be positive with the students. The prime reason behind the positivity is to make them feel relax and motivated. Due to the excess of online classes with an isolation period, our child might suffer some serious depressions and anxieties. Therefore, give them proper attention, valued their work, and make them feel happy for having proper regulation. Every top 10 school in Howrah is making their students calm and relax with various fun learning classes. Such actions will surely be going to make changes with their students.

Hence, these are some of the best ways to understand how to improve child lessons in a virtual classroom that improve their growth and development. We are also expecting that every school and its administrative members play a significant role in making changes to their child. Such changes will only be possible by giving the best virtual learning classes. Therefore, get CBSE school admission in Howrah that formulate the students in the best shape for achieving goals and objectives.

The exam is one of the most important aspects that bring the depth knowledge of the student. It also evaluates the ability of learning of the students. Therefore, exams are very important to find out the real skills, knowledge, and understanding of the students. However, due to several reasons, our students caught doing cheating while attempting the exam. It is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to prevent the term cheating by implementing several strategies. A parent needs to provide discipline and warns them about cheating. A teacher also needs to provide the best guidance and knowledge to prevent cheating. Hence, encourage our child in the 5 best ways to prevent students from cheating on exams. Let’s discuss these things in detail.

5 best ways to prevent students from cheating on exams

Teach Honesty to your Child

We need several strategies to prevent cheating in the examination room. Therefore, let’s implement valid plans and strategies that could help in making your child better. Try to teach them honesty that brings a positive environment in the exam room. However, the lesson of honesty also brings responsibility to our child. It makes them well responsible citizens in the future. Honesty is a good thing that brings the best discipline to your child. There are several CBSE board school in Howrah provide best knowledge and guidance that bring the honesty inside your child to prevent the cheating on the exam.

Change your learning pattern

Learning pattern is one of the most important things that provide various ideas to the child. Most of the students unable to perform well in exams because of no plan and pattern for exams. Hence, this leads our child to start cheating on exams. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide the best schedule and guidance with the unique learning pattern. The learning pattern will also give the best ideas, knowledge, and improve skills to your child.

Review the Exam pattern

One of the prime reasons for arising cheating is because our child is unable to implement proper strategies before the exam. Therefore, they would not be able to perform and score the highest marks in the exam. It leads them to start cheating on exams. Hence, give them appropriate learning methods, exam tips, and most importantly review the exam pattern. We can understand and clear our views by the exam pattern. We can also be able to get the ideas of the exam and accordingly we can perform in the exam.

Create Anti-cheating term

To make aware of the cheating, some of the best school creates anti-cheating terms and policy. In this rule, we will understand certain rules and regulations of exams and the penalty of doing cheating on exams. The rules must be very strict that it should be applied to any students while caught doing the cheating. Such rules and regulations will also enhance your child to stay away from the cheating policy. Some of the best CBSE school Howrah initiate the anti-cheating terms to make them aware of cheating the child.

Daily Revision Plan

A revision plan is one of the best ways to prevent cheating tricks. Therefore, we must implement the daily revision plan that brings confidence in your child. Hence, complete your child’s syllabus and start doing practice. There are several advantages of daily revision. It improves the knowledge, confidence, clear doubts, and removes all fears of the exam. Once you get to prepare for the exam then no one can resist you from scoring higher marks. Every school in Howrah performs these practice sessions for your child’s growth and development.

Hence, we understand the 5 best ways to prevent students from cheating on exams. Hence, we need to understand that if a child is not having well preparation and plans then they can divert to the tricks of cheating. Therefore, apply for admission in CBSE school in Howrah that provides excellent learning methods, guidance, and discipline methods that prevent the policy of cheating on exams.

With the rising standard level of education, our students start feeling pressure while obtaining the marks. Meanwhile, our parents also start increasing their expectations towards our child. This expectation provides a lot of stress to our child for obtaining more marks. We might think that in the generation of technology, modern education plays a significant role in increasing the standard of our child and it makes it a lot easier for our child to score high marks. However, the excess level of stress, schedule, and work drag them into an isolation circumstance. Therefore, we need to rethink the strategies of child improvement and also need to implement proper planning on how to improve your child’s boost for the best grade. Let’s discuss this in detail.

tips to improve child boost for best grade

Attend all the Classes

If you want to see your child improving in all subjects then ask them to attend all the classes frequently. However, just attending the classes would not be enough to achieve good grades. Therefore, it is very important to show focus and improve the concentration level inside the classroom. This will help your child to understand the topic of every subject and also influence your child to score high marks. Several CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah provide the best classes and also features the doubt sessions for your child’s best understanding.

Show Interest in all the Subjects

Attending all the classes would not be enough to score good grades in the school. Therefore, your child needs to show some valid interest in learning all the subjects. There are several ways we can learn the subjects but most importantly it is good to show some interest in the subjects for the best result in the future. Therefore, implement some of the best methods or motivational actions for improving the interest in all the subjects.

Apply Unique learning Methods

It is always important to apply unique learning methods to improve good grades. Such learning methods would be in various ways. Such as fun learning method, point learning method, read louder, understand deeper, and so on. Hence, apply such a learning method that is helpful in remembering the syllabus in detail. The faculty member of several Howrah CBSE school implements unique learning methods that help in rising the growth, development, and skill of the child.

Ask for Help

We can’t be genius in every subject and it is quite common to have a doubt on any subjects. However, problems are good because we can be able to learn the problems more deeply and also good for knowledge. Therefore, always make sure to ask for advice or help from teachers, friends, parents for the best doubt clearance. Get more special tips of learning from one of the top 10 school in Howrah and shows some uniqueness and quality upon your child.

Practice Daily

If you want your child to improve the grades in school then daily practice is one of the most important things to do. It shows a lot of improvement in your child’s knowledge. Writing is one of the most important techniques that show the best quality of revision. Hence, take a notepad for the best result and benefits in the future and practice daily.

Hence, these are some of the important tips that show how to improve your child’s boost for the best grade. Therefore, it is good to apply those techniques and methods for the best result in the future. Some of the schools help in improvising your child’s growth and skills by implementing those techniques and methods mentioned above. Hence, provide admission in CBSE school in Howrah that gives excellent guidance, discipline, and best learning methods to improve your child’s grade.

Stress is one of the most common things for our kids. It is not limited to kids but it can happen to anyone at several stages. Most of our child facing stress due to the excess pressure of education, journey, and learning extra skills. These things make your child confuse and create lots of stress. Hence, it is very important to take great care of your child. However, we also need to search for the reason for stress and provide better solutions to relieve the stress from our kids. There are several schools having poor management skills and that creates huge stress and anxieties in our child’s educational life. Therefore, get associate with such school that having the best academic management and also reduce the stress of our child. Today, we will discuss how do we relieve stress for kids best future.

How do we relieve stress for kids

Motivate your child for achieving the goals

Motivation is one of the biggest methods that bring back all the energy for achieving the goals. Therefore, keep approaching your child towards the goals to achieve. Make sure to limit or short your goals because it is easy to achieve. However, the maximum number of goals could be confusing and the child will start losing his confidence by watching the number of goals to complete. Therefore, motivate your child by different motivational methods and encourage them for the best success and achievement. Some of the best CBSE board school in Howrah provide a huge contribution to leading the child at its best.

Support your child during their failure

It is quite common to be imperfect because we cannot be masters at every stage. Similarly, our child might be facing failure and being imperfect in certain stages. Therefore, support your child in that particular condition. Your child basically needed that support, especially from the parents. The faculty member would also provide support to the child in such condition and help them to become perfect. Join the most top CBSE schools in Howrah that has the best faculty background and excellent academic management that bring the best education for your child.

Let them live their life for a certain time

Starting from morning to evening, our child regularly focusing on their study, completing homework, learning extra skills like a computer, dance, drawing, singing, and many more. This would probably make their life miserable, bored, stressful, and create anxieties. Therefore, give them space in their life and also allow certain time of break after every class. Sometimes let them play their own games, hobbies, and many more. This would probably make them happy and relax from their daily routine.

Reward your child for the best achievement

You do not need to provide chocolate or cakes for every task. Sometimes your child needs your best supportive word that makes them proud of their hard work. Our child always wanted to get attention from the parents and also expect the best feedback from their parents or teachers. Therefore, encourage and reward them to do their best in the future. The list of the best school in Howrah provides huge contributions and support to improve your child’s growth, skills, and development.

Provide healthy food and good sleep

Due to daily excessive schedule, our child starts getting tired by the end of the day. Therefore, they start to feel sleepy and also affect their studies. Hence, to energize them properly make a healthy routine for your child that provide the best food, good sleep, and less amount of task on a daily basis. Such a schedule will also help your child to focus and learn effectively.

Hence, these are the best methods that show how do we relieve stress for the kids best future. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to provide good guidance for our child’s benefit. These methods will also help in relieving the stress of our child. However, we also need good faculties and the best academic culture for the best growth. Hence, provide school admission in Howrah that has the best ability to make your child the best future with its unique learning process.

Giving lessons and knowledge is one of the biggest challenges for teachers. Therefore, every teacher needs to be very unique and creative while giving knowledge to the students. By giving more attention and providing ideas one can create last impressions in the student educational life. This is the time to innovate the knowledge and growth of the students. A teacher is an icon of the student life that gives proper hope and rays for their students. Therefore, get ready to accept the challenges and spread knowledge among others. Today, we will discuss the 5 best and creative learning methods in the classroom for the child’s proper growth, knowledge, and success.

5 best and creative learning methods in the classroom

Creative Learning Methods

Creativity can be defined or understood as one of the most unique ways to express your innovative ideas. It makes you different and the most unique person from others. Therefore, it is important to be creative by the mind because it can give you the best lessons in your life. Hence, make sure to get the learning methods that are good for your businesses. Every school desire to provide the best faculties that could bring unique and creative learning methods for your child. However, get connect to the CBSE school in Howrah district that brings the best learning methods for your child.

Audio & Video Methods

Showing uniqueness and creativity could provide the edge to the career of the teacher. There are several methods of learning that provide excellent learning methods such as Audio & Video learning methods. This is one of the most creative learning methods that bring energy to the students to learn more. Audio and Video learning methods bring the best and smart learning methods. Some of the students do not desire to visit school or traffic. Such students can easily attend the classes without facing any problem.

Listen to the Students

The best teacher always learns and listen to the students and their problem. It is quite common to listen to the depth of the knowledge of a student. Such a step will make you one of the best teachers from others. It is always good to listen because it can provide you with several lessons to learn. However, listening to the students could also solve the problem of the students in the biggest way. Some of the authorities of the schools are very impressive that provide the best guidance by listening to the problems of the students. The CBSE school Howrah is one of the schools that bring such feedbacks for the students.

Motivational Learning

Motivation always brings positive energies into the life of the human being. Hence, it is always good to motivate and influence others. The motivation will also bring the energy of working more. Therefore, a teacher must motivate and approach your child for a particular task performing. It also brings the boost and confidence to work and finish the endpoint.

Provide Classes at Several Environment

Sometimes, it looks very bored to see conducting classes at the same location for years and years. Somehow, it makes students bored and suffered. It also might not bring proper concentration level on the study of the students. Hence, the unique teacher will bring some changes in providing learning methods outside the school premises. It also brings fresh changes, energy, and environmental changes in the environment. Get connected to the best school in Howrah that provides the best learning culture with a different atmosphere.

Hence, these are some of the 5 best and creative learning methods in the classroom for the child’s proper growth, knowledge, and success. We expect every teacher to follow the techniques that can bring changes to individual students. There is an opportunity to get CBSE school admission in Howrah that brings all these special learning methods and techniques.

Covid-19 is one of the biggest fear of 2020 that brings lots of stress, anxieties, and depression. This becomes a nightmare for almost every person existing in the World. All these lockdowns, rising cases of Covid, use of mask, sanitizers, social distancing are part of Covid-19. However, we manage to cross 2020 with several treatments, precautions, and safeties. The pandemic causes are slowly decreasing but still, we need to deal with Covid-19 and therefore, do not take things casually but take proper actions against it. Our children are still feeling unsafe due to pandemic causes and therefore, it is the responsibility of our parents to provide proper guidance on such cases. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss 5 ways to support your kids during the covid-19 outbreak for breaking the chain of fear.

5 ways to support your kids during Covid-19 outbreak

Create Proper Schedule

The Covid-19 pandemic brings lots of changes to the life of human beings. Hence, our mind got distracted, suffered, and critical due to the case of covid. Therefore, we can see several changes come to introduce in our daily life. Such as online education, Work from home, etc. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide a proper schedule to your child during such pandemic time. Your child might get bored sitting inside the home. Therefore, make a proper routine for them that makes them feel happy and continue their education.

Alert about their activities

We can observe that our children feel bored, frustrated, and curious about everything. The prime reason behind this habit is pandemic Covid-19 that locks them inside the home and doesn’t allow them to visit outside. In such cases, children might start doing several unusual activities that could harm them or anybody inside the home. Therefore, make sure to observe their activities and give the best guidance to make them calm.

Be friendly with your Child

Being friendly is one of the significant things we can do for our child. It makes our child happy, improves better relationships, growth, and development. Our child, always expect a better relationship with their parents. It makes them safe and relaxes. Therefore, during the pandemic cause try to be friendly with our children and do not shout at them unnecessarily. However, the faculty members of the best CBSE school in Howrah district provide special guidance and behave friendly with our child under certain spaces.

Spend quality time with your Child

This is prime time when we can spend some of the best moments and spend quality time with our family and child. However, this will make us close with each other and improve relations with friends and family. The quality time will bring energy and also motivate them to be innovative. This will also make them away from being freak out about anything. According to some of the best schools, Most of the child face safest under the shade of their parents and good teachers. Therefore, bring into the best CBSE school Howrah that provides several techniques to support your kids during pandemics.

Be Calm and Positive

The most important and crucial thing to do during pandemic Covid-19 is to stay calm and think positively. It is the best way to make yourself and your family stronger. Such action will bring motivation to the kids. Therefore, try to enjoy staying with your Family and Child that make all of us calm and positive. Most of the school in Howrah provide special guidance to both the parents and children to stay safe and not being panic. This would be the best opportunity for your child to grow.

Hence, these are some of the different 5 ways to support your kids during the covid-19 outbreak for breaking the chain of fear. This chain can only be broken during the presence of good parenting and the best support of school faculties. Therefore, get the best CBSE school admission in Howrah that provides special guidance to your child to outbreak the covid-19.

Goals and Objectives are the most important things that provide the best direction and success to us. Hence, it requires a lot of attention, dedication, and hard work for an individual to get success. It is the responsibility of the parents to rethink their growth and objective for proper development. The mind of a young child easily getting distracted by several actions all around. Thus, it changes the direction of goal and objective of childhood. Let’s implement some of the important things that could help in achieving the goals and objectives of childhood education.

Goals and Objectives of Childhood Education

Improve Socialization

Childhood education is the beginning of knowledge, culture, and growth. It provides various learning opportunities to the children for being social. Early childhood education aims to provide the best learning resources that help in enriched the goals and objectives. The CBSE affiliated school in Howrah aims to bring knowledge to the child for being involved socially. There are several ways of being socially active. Such as get involved with different persons and aims to complete group work with various personalities.

Develop learning

Childhood education has various learning approaches. Therefore, we can provide a different learning approach to improve their growth and development. However, kids always feel curious to learn something new that brings the best skills and development for their child. It is important to get innovative learning from one of the top faculties with various reading and writing methods. Join the top CBSE schools in Howrah that bring different learning methods and approach to bring the changes.

Learn to give Respect

Respect is something that can be observed. Showing respect for everyone is also one of the biggest goals and objectives that bring various perceptions towards achieving success. Therefore, it is important to conduct a good relationship with the child. If they observe the positive and respectful relationship between parents and teachers, they will simply try to follow the footstep of parents and teachers. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of parents and teachers to show respect to others in the presence of the child. Provide different techniques of respecting elders, friends, and all others to the child in different methods. It is very important for school kids and toddlers to learn the same things for the best growth and development. The faculty member of the best CBSE school in Howrah provides special lessons that show how to respect others.

Physical development

Another goals and objective of childhood education are to understand the importance of being healthy i.e. physically and mentally. However, both are important and play a significant role in their own way. The physical development help in gathering energy to achieve your goals and objective. The mental development will make you stronger towards achieving goals and objectives.

Building Gross-motor Skill

Motor skill development is very important and it brings the biggest opportunity to provide learning, development, growth, skills, and several other knowledge. There are several advantages of motor skills development and therefore, we must provide admission in such schools that can bring the motor skills development in our child from the beginning. Hence, get an opportunity to provide admission in CBSE school in Howrah that brings several motor skills development for their kids that mention below.

  • Tie your own Shoes.
  • Eat by themselves.
  • Wear your own Uniform.
  • Complete your own task.
  • Achieve daily targets.

Hence, these are some of the important goals and objectives of childhood education. We discussed above all points in detail that brings several lessons, goals, and objectives to bring the revolution in childhood education. Get ready to implement these methods on your child for the best result in the future.

Co-curricular activities are an important activity that provides lots of benefits to the student. It is beneficial for future prospects because it helps in improving the growth, skills, and development of the student. It also helps in providing different pieces of knowledge to the aspirants and also capable of making the best decision-making process. The school plays an important role in developing co-curricular activities for the child. It makes your child tougher and mentally stronger. However, during the pandemic situation there schedule, planning, and course of action become different. This makes them different in handling the situation. Therefore, today we will discuss the role & importance of co-curricular activities during pandemic situations.

Importance of Co-curricular activities after the pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic situation is slowly recovering. People are coming into the normal track of their life. However, this situation is not going to be slow down and leave us soon. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide the best co-curricular activities that make them stronger during the post-Covid-19 pandemic situation. Let’s discuss the roles and importance of Co-Curricular activities according to the list of CBSE school in Howrah.

Improve Learning Experience

The curriculum activities are beneficial in terms of providing different learning experiences to the students. The co-curricular activities are large and you can learn various things at one time. Dance, music, singing, reading, drawing, playing, and many more activities are part of the learning experience. Get all these essential qualities from the CBSE board school in Howrah and improve your learning experience for the best benefit in the future.

Moral Values

Your child might lock themselves during the pandemic situation across time. Therefore, it is the best way to develop the moral values of your child with the help of co-curricular methods. The activities of the co-curricular help in providing ethical values, different cultures, religions, events, and many more. The moral values will help in providing discipline and school life. Such lessons are very important in providing lessons, social ethics, motivational skills, and many more.

Improve Physical and Mental Health

The co-curricular activities belong to several physical and mental activities. It requires both physical and mental efforts to complete a task. Therefore, it is very important to take participate in co-curricular activities for the best fitness from both physical and mental aspects. Therefore, get an associate to the top school in Howrah that provides various “Outdoor” & “Indoors” games to improve the physical and mental health.

Building a long-lasting relationship

The benefits of co-curricular are large in size. It not only provides the best physical and mental health but also teaches the best discipline, culture, and importance of relationship being social. The co-curricular activities usually require more than one person to complete a task. In short, it requires a group of people to come together to complete a task. Therefore, it also helps in building a relationship for long-lasting.

Improve time-management and Organisational Skill

Every work or activity requires a certain time limit to complete a particular task on time. Hence, co-curricular activities will let your child learn about time-management. It is a complete activity of understanding the valuation of time. While our children finishing the task on time, they also improve their organizational skills and make themselves well experience.

Hence, these are some of the role & importance of co-curricular activities during the pandemic situation. If we apply these methods and techniques to our child then we can improve the co-curricular activities of our child at certain stages. However, we also need better guidance from the top school that gives the best learning experience. Get associate to the school admission in Howrah that provides the best learning experience and co-curricular methods for best improvement.

We might be thinking that we were born with a limited set of intelligence that cannot be changed. However, it is totally a wrong concept because anyone can improve the potential of their brain. It requires lots of hard work and dedication to develop the brain. There are several methods to improve the brain for its best development and benefit. Similarly, the child has a certain level of intelligence based on their brain limitation. However, we can implement certain techniques to develop a child’s brain. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide the best guidance that could improve the brain of your child. In this blog, we will discuss 5 simple ways to develop a child’s brain in detail.

5 Simple Ways to Develop Child Brain

The World has various challenges and therefore we need to be very innovative and creative for it. More creativity will influence and better functioning of the brain. Young generation kids are quite innovative because they are dealing with technology since birth. Using of Phone, laptop, desktop in the process makes your child easier to develop a child’s brain. Let’s describe the methods and techniques that develop the child’s brain for the best result in the future.

Playing Games

Sports is a favorite part of our child’s life. Everyone loves playing games including both Indoor and Outdoor. Basically, it refreshes and boosts the child’s brain. Therefore, at least 30 minutes to 1 Hour of the game is very important for the child. It not only refreshes the mind but also helps in performing the task in much better ways. Therefore, provide the best playground and release them free to play their favorite games on a daily basis. Every best CBSE school in Howrah district provides playing areas that include Indoor and Outdoor games for kids to develop.  Playing Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, carom is part of such games.


Morning Exercise is one of the major things that develop the child’s brain in much stronger ways. Exercise not only strengthens the body but also refresh and develop the mind. There are several exercises for the brain that improve the content and quality of the brain. It gives the best benefit to the child and also making the best decision-making process.

Pure Meditation

Pure meditation is another way to strengthen your brain. Do meditation or yoga could give the best power from inside. It gives lots of energy to your brain to perform best during any situation. It also helps in improving the control power of your brain at its best. Hence, meditation is one of the best ways to control your anger, emotion, and wrong decision for the best benefit in the future. There are several top CBSE school in Howrah perform the yoga and meditation class especially to motivate and influence the child brain for the best result.


Music is one of the sweetest and most attractive things on the earth. We all love music and want to be a part of the music for no reason. It is a complete mandatary thing for the human that complete their daily lives. Therefore, always provide the best music to your kids or let them choose or create their own playlist to play. It gives them energy, refreshes their mind, and also influence to work more with some of their motivational songs.


Due to daily study and heavy schedule, our child starts feeling exhausted, boring, and restless. Therefore, we need something that can provide them energetic and refresh their educational life. Travelling is the best things to innovate your passion. It produces lots of entertainment, patience, and refreshment to the brain. We can also learn different things such as knowledge of culture, heritage, food, and lifestyle from travelling. The best CBSE school Howrah provides a golden opportunity to the students for travelling to a different place for knowledge, enjoyment, and refreshment.

Hence, these are some of the important 5 simple ways to develop a child’s brain in detail. These techniques are very useful and healthy for the development of the brain. However, proper brain development requires proper attention of faculties, education, knowledge, and other guidance. Join CBSE school admission in Howrah that provides excellent methods of child brain development for a better future.

The education system has evolved gradually with the rise of its importance. The system evaluates several facts, importance, and the best decision-making process. Therefore, the rise of education has developed gradually with its importance. There are several benefits of education in our society. However, it is also important to know “how rapidly the education system developed?”. Mainly, we humans are the basic reason behind these changes in the evolution of education. According to the knowledge, the evolution of the education system initiates from the Clay Tablets and rise to the Digital Board all over the World. The entire World is applying this biggest change in the evolution of education with various technology. The education system has raised from a traditional to a modern level. Let’s discuss the evolution of the education system from Clay Tablets to Digital Board all over the World.

Evolution of Education System From Clay Tablets to Digital Board

The education system in the Classroom initiate from the School Board in the World. The school is incomplete without its board. It is the mediator that provides knowledge, education, information, and study notes to the students. During the journey of education, we see several changes that appeared among us. CBSE school Howrah brings the best changes and upgrades the methods of education based on technology. Hence, let’s discuss all the details regarding the future of the board.

Clay Tablet

Clay Tablet is the first and ancient board that preserved to secure data and information. The design of the board is based on such a manner that one can easily erase an error or anything with the help of water and write it down. This board is introduced in India around the 11th Century.

Wooden Slate

The wooden slate was earlier introduced in America and Europe during the 18th Century. Usually, this slate was very helpful and useful for the students for education. Usually, during such days teachers provide their education with the help of Slate. One can able to write and remove anything very easily. However, it was very costly at the beginning and difficult for students to afford.


BlackBoard is an up-gradation of wooden slate. It slightly changes the evolution of education and slowly moves towards a modern educational approach. BlackBoard and Wooden Slate are made of the same elements but it’s different in Shape and Size (Vertical and Horizontal). As this board is big in size, therefore it helps major children to acquire knowledge during classes. The blackboard is vertical in size and the wooden slate is horizontal. It was first discovered by James Pillans during the 19th Century. Every educational institute has uses Blackboard across the world and also in India.

Green Board

Another next change in education and its board is the Green Board. It is the new innovation of education that brings the best motivation to the students for learning and developing. The green board is easier for eyes to see and also looked clean while writing. It is introduced in the late 1960s. It is the real mode of modern education across the globe including India.

White Board

Another great adventure for education is Whiteboard. Whiteboard is coming under the advanced learning process. Therefore, all most every School/College/Institute avails the feature of Whiteboard for better education and learning process. It was early discovered in the 1990s across global. Every best CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah having Whiteboard in their classes that making learning effective.

Digital Board

Digital board is the biggest revolutionary changes in the education system in the World. It provides almost all the functions with the most advanced learning functions. Every school that allows the digital board in India is step-up towards the Smart learning process. We can see the digital board in every top 10 school in Howrah for its best knowledge. It runs with the help of software and provides a variant of information to the students at the best formation.

Hence, we discussed the evolution of education, learning pattern, and changes in education. We describe the evolution of the education system from Clay Tablets to Digital Board all over the World and in India. We expect a better and advanced change with the help of technology. Hence, we shall welcome all such changes that bring better development for our child. However, a digital board is not sufficient to make your student productive unless there are any good faculties for it. Therefore, provide admission in CBSE school in Howrah that brings top educators for your child’s education.

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Admission open for the Session 2021-22

SUDHIR MEMORIAL INSTITUTE liluah announces its Admission open for the session 2021-22, providing opportunity to the Students in Howrah for studying in one of the best CBSE School . Get CBSE School Admission in Howrah and connect with the most unique smart classrooms. We at SMIL believe that Academic excellence is desirable but teaching good values is the essence of education. We not only take the task of raising career conscious students but also making them socially responsible and global citizens. We aim to impart holistic education essential for complete growth and development . We also emphasize on co curricular and Extracurricular activities as only formal education is not enough in this present world.

The Admission is only open for limited number of seats as per availability. The selection will be purely merit based and will be done on the basis of written test followed by Personal Interview.

We announce the admission open for the Session 2021-22, from October 2020. The admission is open from Toddlers to Class VIII. The process of admission has been explained below. Parents/ Guardian are requested to follow the given procedure.
Admission in Toddlers to Class-VIII is only for the numbers of seats available and will be strictly based on the merit of the child. Admission will remain open and Forms will be issued for a limited period of time.
“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” has some criteria for admission. To take admission in cbse school in howrah please click on Read More.

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